About Us

Who We Are

iOS Droids is a website that aims to inform, educate, narrate and persuade our readers on the many functions and benefits of putting various iOS and macOS devices. From how-to guides to notorious tricks and tips, we aim to do the best research possible to arm you with the best applications and alternatives for your iPhone and iPad.

Our work mainly focuses on Apple Inc.’s consumer technology and its comprehension by users. Using these devices can be hard enough but we want to push our readers to maximize and optimise the use they can get out of their technology. At the end of the day, we wish to be your go-to for all the technical knowledge and information you could possibly ever need.

The content present on iOS Droids is meant to educate our readers and to share with them our passions. The information we provide is meant to help you channel your creativity and to step up your game, be it a hobby or a profession. The information you seek is right here and we take this job of ours seriously.

From commonly known information to the countless tricks of the industry, we always wish to provide solution-based content to our readers. iOS Droids acts as a safe haven not only for tech mavericks but also for those who simply find themselves with an iPhone as a birthday present. All devices are not built equal but your ability to make use of its functions to the maximum can help it aid you in a new way.

We at iOS Droids truly believe that technology has the power to change our lives for the better, so why would anyone want to be left behind? Take the step and join us in exploring the colourful, albeit overwhelming, world of Apple Inc. technology and systems.

iOS Droids caters to a wide variety of readers; from amateurs to tech-enthusiasts. From new scoop in the industry to alternatives you never knew existed, we bring only the best of the best to you. No one wishes to be left behind, so jump on the bandwagon and let us explore a world of endless new possibilities.

At the end of the day, the aim of iOS Droids is to solve your complex technology-related problems while helping you get the best out of your device. We tailor our content to fit the needs of the reader and are always open to suggestions and criticisms from them. We do this for our readers and we shall continue to evolve and thrive for them.

Our Vision

With a passion and a curiosity for technology and everything to do with it combined into one, we bring a new perspective to the field. The vision of this website is to reach a wide variety of audiences with our helpful and comprehensive content on iOS and macOS devices. As consumers first, we understand the hijinks and the many issues that could pop up while using a design, or even when simply setting up.

Our vision has always been to create a large database for an online resource library that can be accessed with ease. We aim to educate you and help you better your lives by incorporating technology into them. There is no noble cause that to educate and to do so online helps make it more obtainable.

While we all wish that we could find all the support we require with our devices in the support pages, customer care centres and stores; this often is not the case. The content we publish takes a real-time perspective to the devices and the endless issues that could possibly pop up at any moment in time.

We wish to grow a community of tech-heads to enthusiasts and create a space to share and flourish on our road to accomplishing technology literacy. From new devices, applications to ones that fit your budget, iOS Droids always keeps in mind the underlining rule of always being practical and pragmatic.

Since day one, our vision has always been and continues to remain, to educate our readers on iOS and macOS devices. They can be tricky but the world they allow you to access is unbeatable and incredibly convenient. With a bit of curiosity and loads of imagination, we shall venture into a world of the digital workforce.

Many other such online resources exist but what we hope sets us apart is our mission to bring technology literacy to everyone. Technology has time and again proven its capabilities of taking things to the next level. We could all benefit from a world where technology can solve a problem in the blink of an eye.

Our Mission

Our goal from day one has always been to provide the best quality content while keeping it completely authentic. Putting complicated tech stuff out there is simply not enough when you take a look at the demographic that uses it. We aim to provide elaborate guides and manuals on how to navigate a technology-dominated world like ours.

Anyone who believes that the iOS ecosystem stops at the iPhone and the iPad is often flabbergasted to fins the numerous other devices such as smartwatches, Apple televisions and even a completely digitalised photo frame.

We tend to keep our content as simplified as possible to reach a wide range of demographic who visit our website to look for help. The approach was taken by iOS Droids mainly consists of a DIY approach to help you get a grip of the problem on your own. Be it for a hobby, for work or simply to set up a device for grandma, we hope you find the help you need right here.

All in all, our mission is to make technology fun and accessible. Only through the consumers can technology grow, they dictate the need of the market. The fundamental mission is to ensure that our content can be deciphered adequately and that we can make your day easier and make you more technology literate.