13 Best Free Games for Mac Worth Trying(5 Types)

Are you excited and thrilled to know all about the best free games for Macbook found on the market? If Yes! Then, Alright! Come let’s know together with the free Mac games without much hustle!

We’ve decided to concentrate on games that are either completely free or at the very least free-to-play. As we all know, microtransactions are steadily eroding gamers’ interest in their games.

Everyone’s favorite pastime these days is playing video games in their spare time. If you see you too know that every person is accosted to variants to games out in the market. 

Some people favor adventure games, while others prefer puzzles, racing, or other forms of games. And, a game is usually something that can be played on any gadgets you own. For example, you can opt for playing games on your smartphone or tablet. It can be played on iOS or other operating systems. 

Is Gaming on a Mac a Smooth Experience?

Yes, without a doubt! However, there were certain disadvantages. Macs are not designed for gaming since they place a greater emphasis on machine optimization than pure physical capacity. 

Most Macs can only be updated in terms of memory and hardware, with CPUs and graphics cards, which are crucial for video games, being the exception.

With macOS Catalina and the new MacBook Pro 2018, Apple has introduced gaming mode in Mac to some extent. Gradually, if you see you can believe that Apple Corporates are primarily seeking to give attention to the gaming mode sensationally. A well-configured Mac will, in any case, provide a superb gaming experience.

So, come let’s know one by one game with ease.

List of 13 Best Free Games for MacBook


Before you go ahead with the blog, you need to understand that to know the best free games for Mac, you need to classify the games into five categories.

Yes, you are right! To understand the free games, you need to classify them according to your preferences and likes. This is because some people like to play racing games, while others enjoy card games.

So, what I did was I classified the games for your convenience. Come let’s scroll down and look one by one.

Shooter in the First Person Games

Counter Strike- Global Offensive

Classification: Shooter

Requirements for the System:

The operating system should be 10.11, 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor inserted. While 2 GB RAM should be loaded. And, ATI Radeon should be HD 2400 and the NVIDIA 8600M or much higher with 15 GB hard drive space inside it.

I question that you probably won’t have even known about the Counter Strike-Global  Offensive game progressively. Even though how much you are a fan or crazy for gaming.  However, today I will say to you that the Counter-Offensive game is presently one of the most popular games on the Earth.

Also, as and when electronic sports seem to increase its popularity in the world, this game eventually reached many heights. Yes! You will be much surprised to know the awards linked with this game. However, in the early times, it was not available in the free version to its users.

In 2018, the game was reintroduced as a free-to-play title. Thousands of additional players have joined the bandwagon since then. In addition, the game’s developers have continued to add new features.

While playing this game you will find two options being given on the screen. The first one is to play as a terrorist and the other way is to play as a counter-terrorist. Still, the only goal regardless of the choice you opt, you are to counterfort your opposite team.

Also, you will find various modes being given to you while you play the game. For instance, you can choose among the Competitive mode, Deathmatch,  or any other modes you wish to play. This game can be played with an enormous number of individuals all at once.

And, as it can be played with lots of people all around, it gained popularity with time. But, you need to be cautious as this game is not that easy. You will need to move ahead step-by-step. So, start with the Ranked Matches first and then climb up. 

Also, you get an option of constructing the road maps of your own, and adding the self-made maps to your datasheet as and when you move forward. Also, though the path is cautious, still every effort put into will be fruitful with the level you move up. 

Bottom Line: The final word of this game is that it is a free-to-play game with a lot of content.

Download Counter Strike


Classification: Hero Shooter

Requirements for the System

Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz. Slam: 6 GB RAM. GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7950. Operating system: Windows 8/10 64-digit (most recent Service Pack). STO: 30 GB accessible space.

Paladins is a fantastic substitute for Overwatch if you haven’t been able to play it on your Mac. It’s comparable to Overwatch in that it combines first-person shooting, tactics, and team play. 

It is more influenced by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive than any other competitive multiplayer shooter. This game allows you to choose your friend you ought to move with the level. Such choices can be like damage, flank, front line, and support appearing on the page. 

The game has a graphical style that is similar to Overwatch’s, yet it has enough unique ideas to avoid being labeled a clone. A multitude of match types is available in the game. There are four types of matches available with you in the game. These include Siege, Onslaught, Team Deathmatch, and Ranked matches. 

However, I recommend playing Siege if you genuinely want to grasp the heart of Paladins. If you need a description of this game then you can assume that you will be given two teams distinctively. And, each team will have five members, and you all will fight for only one goal, i.e. to take the control of the map. 

Though it seems to be easy, still, it will require a lot of mind on it. The heroes you select have a variety of playstyles and skills. As a result, you’ll have to try out different personalities to see what works best for you and your team.

Bottom Line: At last, you can conclude that it is a type of game which gives you the pleasure of playing as long as you wish. It’s pretty exhilarating and exciting.

Download Paladins


Classifications: Shooter

Requirements for the System:

On the PC, Intel HD 4000; Intel Iris Pro 5200. Processor: 3.3 GHz Core i3-3225. 4GB RAM is the maximum amount of memory that may be installed on a computer. Windows 7/8/10 with 64-bit is required. And, Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave will also work.

If you see it all around you will get to know that Fortnite is a type of game that serves the most iconic and reluctant features it. It is one of the newest games out on the market. It’s a free PvP game where you and 99 other players compete against one other.

To help you stay the last player, you’ll need to find weapons, shields, and resources that are randomly placed. The longer you live, the smaller the playing field becomes, compelling you to engage in combat rather than camp in an isolated location.

There are many adventures to be had in this game, as well as friendly players to play with. In Fortnite, there are three main game types to choose from:

  • Save the World, 
  • Fortnite Battle Royale, and 
  • Fortnite Creative are some of the games available.

All three game modes received positive feedback. Battle Royale has become the most popular of the three, attracting hundreds of millions of players from all over the world.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is a PvP game that may be played alone or with up to 100 other players. That is, you and 99 other players can compete in a race. You and the other 99 players must collect guns, tools, objects, and even vehicles while fighting and eliminating other players.

Bottom Line: The conclusion is that this game’s creative mode is both free and fun.

Download Fornite

Online Battle Arena for Multiplayer (MOBA)

Legends of League

Classifications: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Requirements of the System:

OS 10.10 with a 3 GHz processor is required. It should be with SSE2 compatibility. And, 2 GB RAM  is required. Still, 4 GB is strongly suggested for playing games. NVIDIA GeForce with 8600M GT graphics card inside it. ATI Radeon HD with 2600 or faster graphics card inside it. And, 5 GB hard drive space is required.

Have you played Pokemon Unite, the new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Pokemon game? Still, you should know that a number of games were competed to give the present MOBAs in time. 

As if you see you can now assume that the League of Legends is one of such games in the present time. Every description of this game would fall short of all it has to offer.

Yet, it’s quite simple and easy to go steps. In this game, you are assigned to different and distinct teams, and each of the teams is proportionately divided into five members each. So, the only goal is that you are required to fight against your opponents as you do in other like games.

As move forward steps by step by destroying the team of opponents. However, you will get choices to choose among the 130 champions all around. And, these 130 champions are further classified into three sub-heads, including backstory, powers, and attributes.

You must plot against the opponents, just like in any other MOBA. You must select what your character’s role will be before choosing a champion. There will be given five different heads to choose from. Support, wizard, warrior, and tank options are available. 

Know your job and pick a champion who can counteract the opponents. Though this game seems easy, still you also cannot deny the reality that it too teaches you several things at once and the path is not that easy. Understanding how different strategies and champions operate will take a long time. 

There are several game types to choose from, including Classic 33 or 55, Hexakill, and Dominion, all of which have an enormous number of maps.

Additionally, as the game is updated frequently, new champions, maps, and game styles are constantly added. There are many alternatives to choose from. And, I feel you won’t get a bit bored playing the game. Of course!

Bottom Line: The conclusion line of this game is that it is a completely this is a free-to-play game with a huge prize pool.

Download MOBA


Classification: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Requirements of the System:

OS 10.9 with Intel Dual-Core Processor inside it, Storage with 4 GB RAM, and, NVIDIA GeForce 320M with a Radeon HD 2400. Also, it will require Intel HD 3000 or a better version of it. With 15 GB hard drive space and NVIDIA GeForce should be 320M. And, the Radeon HD 2400 with Intel HD 3000 or greater like that.

Defense Of The Ancients (DOTA) is a very famous game.  It is a Warcraft III-based strategy game. This game was usually built by its lovable fans. The fans enjoyed the game so they decided to build a full-fledged sequel of the game worldwide. Furthermore, DOTA 2 is a big influencer in most MOBAs.

While DOTA 2 follows the same core ideas as League of Legends, the game has its quirks. You must form a team with other players to travel to the opponents’ section and destroy the Ancient, which is akin to the Nexus in League of Legends.

In this game, you get an opportunity of choosing from among 100 distinctive heroes. And, each of these tends to have different talents and playing skills on their own. Furthermore, unlike League of Legends, there is no in-game grinding required to acquire different heroes. 

These characters have been available since the beginning of the game. Now, as a result, you get the full power of choosing the heroes you desire to play the game as a lead. As you progress through the game, you will earn experience points that you can spend to purchase stuff, enhance your hero, and customize your character. 

Because it is a free game, the producers regularly update it with new features such as battle passes and loot boxes. And, with this, you can take off your feet to a new step and thereby head to DOTA 2 quest with much fun. 

Although the game itself is not beginner-friendly, the player community is kind to newcomers. As a result, you can rest assured that you will not be left behind when you begin your first game of DOTA 2.

Bottom Line: The conclusion is that it is a generous free-to-play game.

Download Dota 2

Games of Real-Time Strategy

StarCraft II

Classifications: It’s a real-time strategy/strategic game.

Requirements of the System:

OS 10.12 is required with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor to it. And, a 4 GB RAM with NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M inside it. ATI Radeon HD with 4670 or greater should be inside it. It also requires 30 GB of hard drive space inside it. And, NVIDIA GeForce GT with 640M or ATI Radeon HD with 4670 or better update is required as far as concerned.

Anytime a person talks about a game that comes with a lot of strategies, StarCraft II  is also opted by the gamer. It is something that influenced the people a lot. Even though this game was launched in 2010, it is still excellent. 

This game was rated with positive customer ratings and also very quickly became one of the best strategy games in real and modern times. This game comes in several enhanced modes. There’s a lot to uncover in this game, from an award-winning story to cop and a slick multiplayer option. 

The Terrans are the focus of the main tale, while the Zergs and Protoss are the centers of the two expansion packs. The game isn’t entirely free, though. You can instead play the main storyline, Wings of Liberty, for free. There’s also ranked and unranked multiplayer for you to try. 

After 10 victories against the AI or in unranked missions, the ranked mode will be unlocked. Even a decade after its release, StarCraft II boasts some of the best strategy gameplay available. 

Despite its age, the gameplay and story are still snappy and enjoyable, with many storylines to choose from. Once you start to play a level, you will get various levels free of cost. And, as this game is a lot of fun, you must try it once. Also, I suggest using a proper USB cable and Bluetooth if possible and must be equipped with a keyboard and mouse.

Bottom Line: The final line of this game is that it comes with a free-to-play version and is also much fun to play with.

Download Starcraft 2 

0 A.D.

Classifications: Strategy

Requirements of the System:

Intel-based Mac with OS 10.9, 2006 or later.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Age of Empires II if you’re a casual gamer. It is a game that mostly focused on strategy-based levels. These games required a lot of mindsets. And, thereby, it paved the way for real-time games with much influence. Age of Empires II influenced 0 A.D. as well, though it began as a mod for the game.

This game earned a lot of attention and thereby it paved the way for the standalone games at once. Of course, there are parallels because the game is based on Age of Empires. You can build your empire by gathering resources and focusing on combat, technology, or research.

Your adversaries’ perceptions of you will be shaped by how you expand your empire. If you focus on research and trade, for example, your empire will be perceived as one that has valuable resources and values diplomacy. 

You can experiment with these categories, especially since there are 13 to select from. By creating an account in this game, you can play with different unknown people all around the place. And, once you understand the game, you can play with a single player and the opponents would be the AI. The emphasis points, armies, and playstyles of each culture and player differ.

To be at the top, you’ll need to strategize and modify your army and resources. This game comes in a free version and it also has exciting offers for its players. There’s a lot of replayability here, especially considering how many different ways you may approach the game.

Bottom Line: The final line is that it is a completely free game.

Download 0AD

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG)

Path of Exile

Classifications: Adventure Game

Requirements of the System:

OS 10.13, Intel Core i7 processor 2.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, ATI Radeon Pro 450 graphics card, 40 GB hard drive.

Diablo III garnered mixed reviews when it was launched in 2012, owing to its attempt to modify the formula that made Diablo II so popular. Since then, fans have been clamoring for a better MMORPG that captures the essence of the genre. Path of Exile was released in 2013.

Path of Exile drew a large number of players right away since it offered a premium gaming experience for free while maintaining the serious atmosphere and narrative that fantasy RPGs are known for. 

The makers are also regularly updating the game, adding new characters, maps, and events to keep players interested.

The plot of the game is intriguing. The player takes control of an exile who has been transported to Wraeclast, a devastated realm teeming with old gods and creatures. You can opt from the seven divisions given to you. 

The basic goal is to develop your exile into one of the most powerful warriors possible as they attempt to redeem themselves and return to their homeland. 

Path of Exile was never meant to be a casual game. Prepare yourself for some of the hardest and strategy-intensive fightings you’ll encounter in a dark fantasy game if you decide to play it.

On playing the game it will see that the game perception is the same as in the Diablo series. Path of Exile, in my opinion, has refined the formula that made Diablo such a popular game. If you enjoy gaming, you should give this one a shot.

Bottom Line: The final line is that it has much-awaited features with it and comes under best steam games for Mac.

Download Path of Exile

World of Warcraft

Classifications: MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) 

Requirements of the System:

macOS X 10.12 or later is required. Dedicated graphics card with 2GB video memory Intel Core i5-750M 4GB RAM.

Blizzard Entertainment is recognized for creating excellent MMORPGs, and World of Warcraft is another of its properties that have grown in popularity over time. The game was first released in 2004 and has since been updated with new events, expansions, and material to stay current in a crowded field.

The primary goal is for players to create their characters and journey across the world of Azeroth. You will be given two alternatives to choose from. One you will get to play a lead player or you can choose to play as a thrid-party. Also, you get to talk to other players live to discuss the levels. 

The game wants you to form alliances with other players and explore the huge world it has to offer. You can also compete with other players for better loot and experience points by playing against them. 

You can earn in-game currency by completing objectives, and with this currency, you can upgrade your equipment to better fit your playstyle. Factions such as the Alliance and the Horde are available to join.

You’ll have to complete faction-specific tasks and fight the other faction if you choose to join either of them.  There are various levels to play, but, up to the twenty levels, you can play without any cost. This provides you with an overview of the game and includes a substantial quantity of stuff to consume.

Bottom Line: The bottom line is that it allows the players to create their characters and journey across the world of Azeroth.

Download World of Warcraft

Lord of the Rings Online

Classifications: Action

Requirements of the System:

macOS x 10.7.5 or later. Intel Core i5 processor. 2GB RAM. Intel HD Graphics 3000.

Lord of the Rings Online is the final MMORPG on my list. Every person who loves playing will enjoy this a lot. And, is similar to Tolkien’s and so for those who love Tolkien, it will give them a vast realm. 

While there are other games based on the same theme, I believe the internet component of this game is worthwhile. The majority of the game’s general layout is comparable to that of other MMORPGs. You can make your character and engage with the vast online universe. 

Participate in various quests to earn experience points and in-game cash. You can use them to level up your character and customize them to your preferences. There is one significant distinction here. There is no health point system in the game. You have morale instead.

Joining feasts, resting, indulging in musical events, and displaying your terrible war cry before mowing down your enemy can all help to boost morale.  You are “defeated,” not killed if your morale approaches zero. The levels of the game are classified into various groups, and every group has its different and unique quest. 

These quests can be completed independently or as part of a broader story. There are numerous tasks and stories to be discovered. And, every story needs to be updated, and as such every story is classified into distinct Volumes. 

So, I suggest, you first need to understand the game. For this, you need to start to play the game once. Its rich lore and gameplay mechanics may grow on you.

Bottom Line: The final line of this game is that it is completely thrilling and everyone will enjoy this exciting game.

Download Lord of the Rings Online

Eve Online 

Classifications: Space Simulation, Multiplayer

Requirements of the System:

OS Windows with 7 SP1 64-bit in it. The Intel Dual Core with @ 2.0 GHz is required. And, AMD Dual-Core with @ 2.0 GHz Processor inside it. 4 GB of memory or more. Free space up to 23 GB. The AMD Radeon with 5450 and NVIDIA GeForce with 420 or greater video cards inside it. And, it must have at least 1024 MB VRAM in it. ADSL connection.

Eve Online is a type of game suitable for the Mac OS since the older days. The game’s macOS version, however, was not up to par previously, and as a result, it hasn’t attracted a significant fanbase. 

However, subsequent improvements and the transition to 64-bit software for Mac have made Eve Online a viable option for Mac users.

It is quite a huge and fanatic game that tends to give its players access to the world of the galaxy or other planetary tour-like feeling.  As a result, you get an opportunity of exploring the world and start your trading with much-awaited battles in space feel alike.

The game starts in a fairytale and fantasy world alike. And, you will be given four different choices to choose from. Together combining with a range of trading skills, and combating other relevant styles. Yes, you are also will require to choose a decent ship to enter into the space and enjoy exploring the world.

The length of the time period of the game is quite long, and thus, you can carry out all your trading or other activities you want. Learning the game isn’t easy. The game’s system requirements are also quite high, so make sure your Mac can handle it before signing up.

Bottom Line: The bottom line of this game is that it is an enormous and remarkable game.

Download EVE Online

Card-Based Strategy Games


Classifications: Strategy-Based Game

Requirements of the System: 

OS 10.12 with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor inside it. And, 2 GB RAM with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT is required. Also, ATI Radeon HD with 2600 Pro and 3 GB hard drive space is required

Playing card games is one of your favorite pastimes. Hearthstone is the finest game for you. It is a digital set-up card game. And, this game is on the concept of the World of Warcraft, which is an amazing and thrilling game. Hearthstone has a straightforward UI that makes it simple to play. 

In this game, you need to draw out three to four randomly from a deck of 30 cards each in a single match. Some of the cards include names like weapons, spells, minions, and many other cards of a similar kind. SO, what you need to do is you need to deplete your enemy before the opposite party tends to deplete your one.

Most Blizzard games are, in general, free to play and entertaining. Hearthstone, on the other hand, is completely safe to play and can be played with a single account on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Bottom Line: The final line is that it is a completely free game.

Download Hearthstone

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Classifications: Collectible Cards

Requirements of the System:

OS X 10.8 or later is required. And, Intel Core with 2 Duo processors is required. 2GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce with 8600M GT or with some better graphics card will be better.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends, like Hearthstone, is a card-based strategy game that uses the same core mechanics as other 1v1 turn-based card games. 

The Elder Scrolls: Legends, on the other hand, is based on characters from the Elder Scroll universe, unlike Hearthstone, which is based on characters from the World of Warcraft realm. 

As a result, if you’ve played any Elder Scrolls game, you’ll be familiar with the majority of the cards in the game.

Though, the game is free of cost, but, still, does require you to purchase some built-in apps transactions or other trading activities to upgrade your deck of cards instantly. It has a variety of game modes that allow players to play alone versus an AI or against other players in real-time.

Bottom Line: The final word of this game is that it is a free-to-play game with a lot of content.

Download Elder Scrolls



1. Can I play Games on a Mac? 

Ans. Macs use the same components as any other computer. They’re essentially an Intel x86 computer with a different operating system and a fancy chassis. This implies that gaming on a Mac isn’t limited by hardware.

2. Can I play a game on a MacBook Pro 2021?

Ans. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the greatest Apple notebook for gaming, thanks to its Intel CPU and discrete AMD GPU. For this, it will be better if you look for installing Windows operating system. And, thereby, you can easily play your loved games and get the benefit of your hardware to the fullest. 

3. Is Apple a Mac or a Windows company?

Ans. This is because Macs use the Mac OS X operating system whereas PCs use the Windows operating system. There are also hardware distinctions in that Macs are only made by Apple, whereas PCs are made by a variety of firms.

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Final Words


This is my selection of the finest free Mac games. Even though the catalog has shrunk, there are still some fantastic games to be found. 

Still, I hope you must have enjoyed reading the blog. Also, you now easily make choices for the best free Mac games you desire to play for a while.

Are there any more best MacBook games that you’ve particularly enjoyed? Please give your feedback and comment on do you enjoyed the blog?

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