Top 5 File Manager Apps for iPhone Worth Trying

Are you looking for best file manager apps for iPhone? If yes then you are at the right place. In this article, we have provided the list of Best File Managers Apps for iPhone.

Although the iPhone has its very own in-built file manager, many iPhone users report dissatisfaction with its limitations. Not to worry, countless file managing apps for iPhone exist for a reason. The file managing apps mentioned in this list go above and beyond simply existing to manage files and come with additional features you cannot resist.

5 Best File Manager Apps for iPhone



1. Documents by Readdle

Documents is a flexible and reliable third-party file managing app for your iPhone. This app also comes with the facilities to let the users access their Apple Music Library along with the cloud and the files and the photographs on there. It uniquely also supports .ZIP files which is a rare file format to be compatible with.

Documents by Readdle can be used for free but it consists of in-app purchases to push what is already a brilliant file managing app to another level. A Documents subscription is also available at $49.99; the difference between the two is that the free version offers 50MB a day for VPN browsing.


  • Allows the user to read and annotate PDF files
  • Listen to audio and view images and videos
  • Productivity features
  • Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
  • Creation of FTP servers
  • In-built VPN web browser
  • Wi-Fi transfer to import files
  • Drag and drop feature to manage files
  • Archive features
  • Feature to password-protect documents
  • Zip/unzip files

2. FileApp

FileApp is an excellent file managing app for iPhone that comes with a lightweight interface, clutter-free design. Its best feature is its ability to automatically organize your files by date, size, type and any other criteria possible. FileApp is available to all iPhone users for free.


  • Allows users to create new images, files and audios
  • Allows the user to read and annotate PDFs, playback all sorts of media files
  • Transfer files from different devices
  • Transfer over HTTP, FTP and Wi-Fi
  • Custom username and password
  • Create protected files with Touch ID
  • USB file sharing
  • Supports numerous file formats including HTML, iWork and MS Office and media formats as well
  • In-built photo editor


  • No cloud integration

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3. File Manager and Browser

This file managing app is best for those who require a simple and more visual app for their purposes. But simply because it is a basic app does not mean that it lacks the features the other hold. From importing files to reading them, Files Manager and Browser can do them all. Users can avail of File Manager and Browser for free or for a paid subscription of $1.99 per month.


  • Visual UI
  • Wi-Fi transfer and importing
  • In-built web browser
  • Password-protection for the whole app rather than individual files
  • Integration with multiple cloud accounts including iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Integration with the in-built iPhone files app
  • File and folder encryption

4. FE File Explorer

Another excellent file manager for the iPhone, the File Explorer has a good user interface and an integrated PDF viewer. It supports numerous file formats and allows the user to read, listen to music and surf the web through its browser. It allows the user to password protect the files with Touch ID.

The thing that sets File Explorer apart is its ability to connect with network drives including Linux, Windows, Time Capsule, FTP, STP and so many more. While the free version is a good one, the paid subscription allows the user to access more than one device. The subscription also supports video formats XVID, MKV, AVI.


  • Supports Microsoft, PowerPoint, Microsoft, Excell, Microsoft Office, iWork and more
  • iTunes USB file sharing, Wi-Fi transfer sharing and FTP sharing
  • automatically sorts files by type, name, size and date
  • in-built search feature and share menu
  • carries out file operations
  • integrated music player; supports APE, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, WAV and MP3
  • Reads playlist files M3U and CUE
  • Supports images in the file format of PNG, JPG, GIF, NEF, ARW, DNG and CR2
  • Supports videos in the format of MP4 and MOV
  • Access to USB drives and SD cards

5. File Hub

File Hub touts an extensive list of cloud and drive integration features and has an excellently intuitive user interface. It supports all the basic file formats including formats of audio and videos and it allows the user to listen to music, read and annotate PDFs and more.

File Hub integrates with unique cloud services such as Yandex, SugarSync and Baidu Cloud apart from the usual iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. This file managing app can be used for free but the app also offers a File Hub Pro version and also a one-time in-app purchase for additional features.


  • iTunes, Wi-Fi, FTP and SFTP sharing
  • WebDAV and SMB support
  • Searching, compressing and sorting features
  • Audio and video playlist management
  • Access restriction
  • Password protection, Touch ID


  • Does not consist of an extension for a storage provider; the user cannot import files from other apps.
  • No in-built web browser

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1. How much does the subscription to Documents cost?

Ans. The subscription to documents is $49.99 per annum.

2. Which file manager app for iPhone automatically sorts files by type?

Ans. Both FileApp and File Explorer have the ability to sort the files by type, name, size and more. Apart from that FileApp also keeps track of the recently opened files to make it easier for the users.

3. Which file manager apps for iPhone would you recommend that supports countless file formats?

Ans. The list of file formats supported by FE File Explorer seems unending. This file manager supports numerous file, audio and video formats.

4. Can I password protect my files on these file manager apps for iPhone?

Ans. The file manager apps on this list allow the user to password protect or use Touch ID to encrypt the files on the app. File Manager and Browser takes it one step ahead to allow the user to password protect the entire app for limited access.

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File Managing Apps are a saving grace for when your iPhone is overflowing with numerous files and other media. The in-built iPhone file manager might not be enough but these third-party file manager apps step up to the challenge. The features they tout are attractive and who can resist?

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