How Old is My iPhone? 3 Ways to Find Out

How can tell someone how long it’s been since bought the iPhone? or conversely how to find out how old is my iPhone? – seems to be a common question that many iPhone users have.

Don’t get too worked up if you’re the one trying to figure out how old your iPhone is. So, keep reading the blog further and know about the simple steps you need to follow to figure out how old is my iPhone since I bought the same. 

In such a case, you’d like to estimate how much you’d get in exchange for an old iPhone. So, without wasting more time, get into the blog and slide over to know how to see how old your iPhone is or how to find how old is my iPhone at the earliest.

Advantages of Finding how Old is my iPhone

When you’re trying to sell your old iPhone, get a new iPhone, or buy a used iPhone, knowing the age of your iPhone will come in handy. Perhaps, you never know at what time you’d need such details of your iPhone. 

Conversely, it is seen that knowing how long it’s been since I bought the iPhone is quite useful in several situations for instance the most common usage is when you seek to buy a new iPhone.

Knowing your iPhone’s age, manufacturing date, and warranty information is crucial when it comes time to sell your iPhone. Determining the age of your iPhone is also useful in a variety of other situations, such as determining the value of your old iPhone when selling or exchanging it for a new one.

Best Trick and Tip on How can you know How Old is your iPhone


Obtain the serial number before determining the age or figure out how to check how old is my iPhone or how old your iPhone is at the earliest. 

  1. First, you need to go to Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Now, click on the About icon.
  4. Now, finally, you are on the Serial Number section which you can easily use for knowing the age of your iPhone.

If you see obtaining the serial number is quite simple and easy to get, and anyone can easily find it. Now, let’s see how old an iPhone is by taking down the serial number of your iPhone.

Top 3 Methods of checking How old is my iPhone

At times it is seen that the question of how old is my iPhone is most frequently asked by the users of the iPhone at increasing.

Though, if you see it the other way, there are times when the user of the iPhone is holding back to know how old your iPhone is especially when they are about to buy or sell the old bought iPhone for a long time back.

So, with this article, you will get a brief knowledge of how you can very easily determine the age of your iPhone or the manufacturing date on the other. Here, I will be showing you how Here, I’ll show you how to find out how old your iPhone is most interestingly with three prominent solutions.

Method 1: Go to the “Check Coverage” page on Apple’s Website


In the first method, you will get to know that the age of your iPhone can be checked easily by visiting the warranty status of your iPhone through the Apple support page browser. This Support page is especially used to determine and estimate the age of your iPhone device.

It is an Apple subdomain that allows people to check the details of their iPhones. However, you’ll need a serial number for this. So, for determining the age of your iPhone you simply need to plunge into the right steps using the Apple Check Coverage:

  1. First, go to the Check Coverage Website now.
  2. Now, you’ll be prompted to input your iPhone’s serial number.
  3. After you have typed the serial number that you have found in the previous steps, you will be taken to the page where you will be asked to enter the code of your device in the blank box.
  4. Then, you need to move to the Continue tab list, appearing from the menu down list.
  5. Now, finally, you will be taken to the new webpage, and in that, you are required to click on the Continue tab.

In that section or so-called page, you will be directed to all your details and information regarding the device, including the support page and warranty details attached to it. You may view the warranty expiration date with warranty time. You can determine the precise age of your iPhone using this date.

Method 2: Using the Apple Support App


The Apple Support application is an app launched by the Apple Associates for helping the users of the iPhone to communicate and provide customer support assistance for reporting any found defects.

However, conversely, you can see that the execution of the method is quite simple and can be used in knowing and forecasting how old your iPhone is. For using the Apple Support page, plunge into the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you are required to download the application named Apple Support App by going to the Apple App Store page.
    Download Apple Support App from here
  2. After that, directly go and log in to the section of the iPhone to find and click on the Apple Support application on your device.
  3. Now, you are required to click on the option Device Details appearing on the drop-down list of the taskbar to find all the details relating to the device.
  4. Here, for instance, if your device is less than one year old, the Coverage Info section will be directed to show an expiration date relating to the device by default.
  5. Now, you need to assume and used that specific expiration date to check the age of your iPhone.

However, if the Coverage Info does not include a date, proceed to the next method.

Method 3: Using Chipmunk Klantenservice


Chipmunk Klantenservice is a service provided by Chipmunk. Let’s move on to the final technique. To examine the iPhone’s age, model, and other information, we’ll use a third-party website called “Chipmunk Klantenservice.”

  1. First, take a note of the serial number in your phone’s settings.
  2. After that, go to the Chipmunk Klantenservice website and paste or enter your serial number.

Now, at last, when you click the “Show the information” button, a page will appear with information such as your phone’s name, model, age, and other technical data.



1. Can I know how old is my iPhone?

Ans. Yes, you certainly can. There are three methods for determining the age of any iPhone model.

2. Suggest a way for finding how old is my iPhone? 

Ans. It is very simple to know how old is your iPhone, perhaps you only need to visit and log in to the Apple Coverage page of the iPhone.

3. How can I figure out how old my iPhone 7 is?

Ans. Contradictory it is seen that the serial number bearing to the iPhone can help you in knowing how old is my iPhone. It comprises both the letters and numbered list.  

Further, this alphanumeric serial number reveals some significant information relating to the iPhone like its manufacturing date, the time and location of the manufacturer, and also, the model number. 

However, to determine the date and the year of manufacturing only the first four characters of the serial number are preferred.

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Final Words


So, finally, I conclude the blog on how old is my iPhone can be known easily. Check the age of my iPhone using the methods listed above.

When your iPhone is activated, you can use this to check the warranty status and other information. We hope you found this post useful.

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