How to Add Words to iPhone Dictionary? ( Best Way)

Are you sick of your Apple iPhone or iPad fixing words for you automatically? This annoyance will go away if you figure out how to add frequently used words to the device’s auto-correct dictionary.

There are a few methods for adding new terms to the dictionary. Check out this tutorial and find out how to add words to iPhone dictionary easily and without much hassle.

What is the Dictionary on the iPhone?

The Auto-Correction and predictive text capabilities on iOS are made to assist users in staying away from this kind of annoyance. Your errors can be intelligently corrected with the Auto-Correction tool.

Additionally, you may type and finish complete sentences with predictive text with just a few touches. Based on your previous discussions and writing style, you can see options for the words and phrases you would presumably type text while you type.

The predictive text currently supports more than 20 major languages, and Apple is expanding the list of supported languages.

How to Add Words to iPhone Dictionary?


Apple, fortunately, has an answer for iPhone users: Text Replacement. The Text Replacement feature on your iPhone allows you to manually add any frequently used words to its vocabulary if you’re continually frustrated by your iPhone incorrectly “correcting” you as you type.

Here are the five easy steps for using Text Replacement to increase the vocabulary on your iPhone and know how to add words to iPhone dictionary quickly:

  1. First, on the home screen of your iPhone, tap the gear symbol. Your device’s settings menu will appear.
  2. In the next step, pick General from the menu. The menu for General Settings will then be displayed.
  3. After that, access the Keyboard. Scroll down a little and press “Keyboard” to get the Keyboard Settings option from the General Settings menu.
  4. Now, verify that these are turned on when you access the Keyboard Settings menu: Auto Correction, Spelling Check, and Shortcut for “.”
  5. Then, select “Text Replacement” or “Add Shortcut.” The iOS version on your iPhone will determine this.
  6. After that, to add a new word, click “Edit” or the “Plus” sign.
  7. Now, the “Phrase” box is where you should enter the new term. The “shortcut” box can be left blank. When you’re finished, click “Save.”

Finished. Your entered word is visible and usable without interference from autocorrect.

Other Ways to Add Words to iPhone Dictionary 

  1. Opening any App Browser 

Due to how simple and quick it is, this choice is advised. By following these instructions, you can add words to the dictionary as you type.

  1. In the first step, in any app, enter the word, then press “Spacebar.” As expected, the term is automatically corrected.
  2. In the next step, when you hit “Backspace,” a bubble with the auto-corrected word will appear above the word. Tap the word that it matches on the list.
  3. Now, the word is included in the iOS keyboard dictionary. Never again will you need to spellcheck the word.
  4. After that, go to “Settings” > “Reset” > “Reset Keyboard Vocabulary” if you ever want to remove any terms you’ve added to the keyboard dictionary.

2. Adding a Name to Contacts.

The iPhone dictionary is updated when a name is added to Contacts. For instance, when a specific name is in your contacts, Autocorrect will not try to make a change to the spelling you’ve written. However, it will provide you with some suggestions in case you are typing the name incorrectly or in the wrong spelling. 

3. Use Word in the Safari Search Field.

In the Safari search box, enter Word. Another approach to adding words to the iPhone dictionary is through a search in Safari. When you search a word, iOS Autocorrect learns new words and their proper spelling.

4. Create a shortcut

It is possible to train Autocorrect to understand the word. You should take the actions outlined in the section below if you wish to build a shortcut:

  1. You should start by going to Settings.
  2. You should then proceed to General.
  3. Then, you ought to select Keyboard.
  4. Go to Text Replacement next.
  5. Next, click the Plus sign, then type the desired word in the Phrase area while leaving the Shortcut field empty.

Once you’ve completed the aforementioned steps, Autocorrect won’t make inaccurate iPhone spelling suggestions anymore. Further, you can use the misspelling as a shortcut key for correctly spelling the term, in case you have the habit of misspelling the word often. This all can be done only when Autocorrect is enabled. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can you add or make remove specific terms from the dictionary of your device?   

Ans. But, significantly it is seen that with the iOS device this can be done very easily. By selecting Reset under Settings > General, you can reset your keyboard dictionary. Because of this, you will be initially prompted to enter and type the password’s login credentials evenly.

When you enter it, a notification notifying you that it will “erase all custom words you’ve written on the keyboard” will appear. Now, for deleting the terms, you need to press and type the “Reset Dictionary.”

2. How can I change the terms in the dictionary of the iOS device?  

Ans. Autocorrect may start to correct words you do not want to be changed if you start to accept more incorrect errors than you wish. To edit the iPhone dictionary during such a situation, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

3. How does the iPhone add suggested words?

Ans. Predictive text usage is a smart move. Select Predictive from the Keyboard Settings menu. Predictive is another option under Settings > General > Keyboard.

4. Can words in an iPhone’s autocorrect be changed?

Ans. You cannot modify the content on iOS since the autocorrect feature uses a dictionary, so once you learn a term, you know it forever.

For example, the Autocorrect settings on the iPhone keep you telling to type the word tea though you might be thinking to type the word you wish or click on your mind. This is usually due to the words that you are using frequently.  

5. How do I make my iPhone have a personalized dictionary?

Ans. Your iPhone or iPad should now be in the Settings app. After that, press General. Then, tap Dictionary after scrobbling down. At last, select one or more dictionaries by tapping on them. It will begin to download.

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Final Words


All OK, mate!

Thus, if you see that the Apple ID you have saved in the application will automatically make the dictionary and the shortcuts synced across all other Apple devices. As a result of this, the Mac, iPad, iPod, and all other iPhones will significantly sync the terms and shortcuts you have saved on the app.

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