How to Block Adult Websites on My iPhone?(7 Easy Methods)

It can be quite scary for having publically coming adult content on the main screen before the kids and other family members are present in the room. However, the main logic behind coming the adult content coming on the screen is the malware factor behind such that leads to the viral content ending up on the screen.

Referring to this, a common question that gets raised is how “how to block adult websites on my iPhone?” to avoid such viral content coming up on the screen. In this article, we’ll go over six distinct approaches.

However, depending on your requirements and other needs, you can decide which one suits you the best and thus use the same accordingly for getting a full-fledged guide to how to block certain websites on iPhone easily and effectively in much precisely.

How to Block Adult Websites on My iPhone?


Here, I will discuss one by one approach to knowing how to block specific websites on iPhone. Below are the rundown instructions kindly use whatever suits you the most.

Method 1: Use iPhone Settings to Block Adult Websites

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Go to Screen Time.
  • Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions and then click on Content Restrictions.
  • Now, go to Web Content.
  • Now, select Limit Adult Websites.

This is how you block adult websites on your iPhone.

Method 2: The Google SafeSearch Setting.

Firstly, for enabling Google Safe Search, you ought to filter out explicit or unsuitable content whether it may be your videos or photos appearing in Google Search or something else. It is seen as the most suitable approach for preventing any porn content from playing on your smartphone.

Further, it works most suitably as a line of protection against any harmful content. Also, you need to know that each web application ought to have an on or off slider or switch within itself.

And, if you know how to configure it, it will automatically prevent your phones from accessing porn content or data may be videos, photos, or even websites appearing either on the Play Store application or the Google Chrome browser. Thus, for the execution of this approach you will be seeing two alternatives which are further discussed below:

  1. Firstly, for this, you will be required to directly configure Google as Your Search Engine. And, for this, you need to check and ensure that the Google browser is marked as a default search engine on your settings page of the device.
  2. Secondly, you will be required or automated to open the Google application on your smartphone and slide over the screen to press the gear symbol appearing to enable SafeSearch. Further, under the SafeSearch filters you will be required to scroll down to the “Search Settings”  bar and click on the “Filter explicit results”  icon.

So, complete the above instructions for activating the said option on all the devices you operate and enable the SafeSearch within every periodical period.

Method 3: Look for Switching to Open DNS.

In the second approach, you will be required to look for opening the Open DNS mode for blocking the porn-related content website. However, you need to be aware of this that the internet connectivity uses the ISP’s DNS when you use it.

Further, as a result of this, all the traffic coming to the route will be taken to that path to the main servers, which will in turn block all the porn-related content appearing on the screen by replacing the current DNS to reverting Open DNS.

Also, look for the Open DNS Family Shield IP addresses which are marked as, and As a result of this, all the tasteless, porn-related, and other content will be directly erased and blocked by the service provider. Additionally, it also blocks all fraudulent websites and other types of viruses.

Method 4: Apply Restrictions on the Google Play Store Application.

In this approach, you will get to know that porn-related content can be easily blocked on the Google Play Store application both safe for your children and yourself also. For this, you will be required to tap on the Parental Control Panel bar from the Google Play Store menu visible on the screen.

After that, you will be directed to enable the function key, and then you need to set up the PIN or other login credentials for preventing any stuff-related content that you are not interested in visible on the screen. Also, if you are looking to prevent your kids from watching porn-related content you can set the age limit as well for several other categories.

Method 5: Obtain an iPhone VPN App and Install it.

Install a VPN app to use as an alternative to your iPhone’s anti-blocking filters if you have an iPhone and are concerned about privacy. A crucial tool in this regard is a VPN app.

Using a VPN will enable you to unblock websites without the need for a firewall or anti-blocking filter because it will encrypt your data and shield it from prying eyes.

Method 6: Download a Free Antivirus Application.

An antivirus app is an ideal option if you don’t care about privacy yet want to stay safe from infection. Typically, a free anti-phishing tool is a wise choice.

If you do use an antivirus program, make sure to turn on the “track all online traffic” function because doing so will assist to protect your data and stop malware from taking over your iPhone.

Method 7: Use an Anti-Blocking Filter.

On their iPhones, many users employ anti-blocking filters to get around restrictions on adult websites. By recognizing and blocking particular content types, these filters are helpful. Finding a filter that works well for you is crucial because updating these filters might take a lot of effort.

Adults can use a variety of additional methods to visit unblocked websites on their iPhones without having to worry about malware or privacy concerns if they do not have an anti-blocking filter installed.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. On my iPhone, how can I block advertisements in Safari?

Ans. You must configure an ad blocker program to disable advertisements in Safari for iPhone. Once there, select Content Blockers under Settings > Safari.

For this, you will be directed to go to the settings page and then click on the Safari application, and then be directed to the Block Pop-ups menu to quickly disable all the pop-ups appearing in the Safari browser.

2. How can I configure parental controls for Safari on my iPhone?

Ans. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps > Content Restrictions > Web Content to enable parental controls for Safari. Look under Allowed Apps and turn off Safari to entirely disable it.

3. On my iPhone, how can I lock apps?

Ans. Navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps on your iPhone to lock apps. To conceal an app, deactivate its switch.

4. How can I set up parental restrictions on my iPhone’s safari?

Ans. Select “General” in the Settings app to enable parental controls for Safari on iPhone. Select “Restrictions” from the list at the bottom, then click “Enable Restrictions.” 

A request to create a passcode will be made. You can decide which features to prohibit after creating a passcode. Turn the switch adjacent to “Safari” to the “ON” position to limit Safari.

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Final Words


When it comes to using top-notch technologies, Apple not only scores much higher but also ranks top on the list. By adding a feature that lets customers block adult websites on their phones, they have done something even more creative with their most recent iPhone update.

This is a great technique for parents or other adult caregivers to prevent their kids from accessing harmful material and to keep them safe. Given both the advantages and disadvantages of Apple’s new iPhone, it is clear that this function will unquestionably be useful to a large number of users.

However, a lot of people are still opposed to the thought of parents or other adult guardians using a phone to block websites.

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