How to Block Emails on iPhone (6 Methods)

Are you here to know how to block emails on iPhone quickly and without much hassle? But, anyway, you will be surprised to hear that you are on the right track! Without a doubt! Going inside the blog will certainly solve all your puzzles mind! 

Life is too short to be receiving emails from people who are trying to sell you something you don’t want or who believe they must irritate or annoy you. 

Thankfully, Apple agrees, as there is now a feature in iOS that allows you to block specific people, and it only takes a few seconds to set up. So, let’s dive down to the blog and know all about how to block an email address on iPhone!

When a Sender’s Email is Blocked, What Happens?

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Until you delete them, all prior emails sent from a blocked email address remain in your primary inbox. The modifications are synced across all devices, whether you block an email address on your iPhone or another device.

When you do so, however, you will no longer get fresh messages from it since your mailing provider will send it to the junk or spam folder or block it from reaching you. The sender, on the other hand, has a hard time figuring out that you’ve blocked them.

They may, however, receive a reply email informing them that their message was lost in the spam folder or that it was not sent.

6 Pro Ways to Block Emails on iPhone


You will find several ways out there all around how to stop unwanted emails on iPhone. But, I know very well not none of the blogs must have provided you with the right solution you are seeking for. So, why not? You now know how to block unwanted emails on iPhone with six simple and easy ways.

You will find several ways out there that allow you to know how to block emails on iPhone with one click. Still, I’d suggest trying to work out first with your Phone’s settings and thereby move to other third-party or providers of the apps for blocking the mails.

Method1: Using Phone Settings


Phone Settings is one of the easy and inherited methods in your smartphones. Sometimes, just a click on the buttons can solve your tricky questions. So, come let’s complete this method first.

Using the iPhone’s settings, you may block undesirable email senders. Not only can you block someone’s email address via the Settings app, but you can also prevent them from phoning or sending you an SMS. 

This solution, however, only works with email addresses in your iPhone’s contact list. It’s useful if you want to prevent someone from contacting you through any of the media mentioned previously.

However, before you make up your mind to block the email address of any person, you first need to see whether the person to whom you want to block is included in the Contact Card of your phone. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to block their phone number.

Here’s how to use this function on your iPhone or iPad to block an email address:

  1. In the first step, you need to go to your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Secondly, select Mail from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the third step, all the blocks may be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen. Tap on Blocked.
  4. Now, you need to add a new item by tapping Add New.
  5. Finally, you need to choose the person you want to block. 

That concludes our discussion. And, you are done with one of the first methods of how to block email texts on iPhone with just one click away!

However, you also need to note that as and when you require to unblock the address. You will need to just swipe the contact left and tap Unblock to unlock it.

Method 2: Using Apple Mail


This is another way of blocking the mail you wish. Here, I have underlined the steps that are required to be followed for blocking all the emails you desire through the Apple Mail app.

Open the Apple Mail App

In the first step, look for opening the Apple Mail app on your phone. It has a blue folder icon as its icon. However, to open the Apple Mail, you need to toggle around the Mail icon on the screen. This can be found near the end of the page of your iPhone or iPad, depending on whatever you have. 

Look for the Person you want to Block

Secondly, take a look at an email from the person you wish to block. This causes the email to be displayed in full-screen mode.

Tabbed on Username for Blocking

Thirdly, the username of the user should be tapped. This usually appears on the top-most page of the screen. Here, you will see two words flashing at the top of the page. These words like To and From usually define the sender and the receiver of the message at a time. 

Together, you will also find the email address of the sender being displayed on the screen. 

Look for the “From”

Next, re-tap the username of the user. It should be next to “From:” on the page. This is visible on the top-most page of the screen. 

Block the Contact

Finally, block this Contact by tapping it. It’s the menu’s second choice. This prevents the user from sending you an email.

That concludes our discussion! And, now you are done with the second method to know how to stop unwanted emails on iPhone.

Method 3: Using Gmail App


Blocking the spam mails with the Gmail app is also one of the ways for removing the junk mails from your phone. Here, I have underlined the steps which are required to be followed for executing the methods easily and without any difficulty:

Open Gmail App

In the first step, look to open Gmail on your device. The Gmail app features an envelope-like icon with a red, blue, yellow, and green “M” on it. So, you need to go to the Home page of your device. And, thereby, you need to click on the Gmail option appearing on the screen.

So, as you open your Gmail app, you can see the inbox page is displayed where you will find the primary inbox, promotions, draft, and sent tabs on it.

Click on the Any of the Email

Secondly, to blacklist a user, tap an email from them. As a result, the message will be shown on the screen together with the mail address of the sender shown on the upper side of the page. 

Tab on the Sender’s Address

Thirdly, tap the sender’s email address across the screen. A pop-up menu with extra options appears when the three dots button is pressed. It’s across from the sender’s name at the top of the page, on the right side of the email message.

Now, make sure you’re tapping the three-dot icon across from the username at the top of the email, not the one in the upper-right corner of the app.

Tab on the Block Button

Finally, block [Sender] by using the [Block] button. In the pop-up menu, it’s the last option. The sender will be added to your blocked list as a result of this action.

That concludes our discussion! And, you are done with one way to know how to block emails on Gmail on iPhone.

Method 4: Using Outlook


This is the third method for quickly removing all your spam mails at once. Come, let’s follow down the steps for deleting and blocking all your text mails with one click away.

Open the Outlook App

Firstly, in a web browser, go to Using the Outlook mobile app for iPhone, there is currently no method to block an email address. 

Access the Outlook App

In the next step, you’ll need to use a web browser to access your Outlook account. So, what you need to do is open the app, and go to the sign-in section of the app. Gradually, you must fill in all your credentials, for instance, your Mail ID and password that you desire to activate your Outlook app.  

Activate the App

Thirdly, activate with a tap. Here, you will see three dots on the corner of the page. Mostly, it is near your profile photo or your account page section. And, on clicking on the three dots, a drop-down list will be shown on the screen.  

Tab on the Settings Option

In the fourth step, look for the Settings icon on the device. In the menu that shows when you tap the icon with three dots, it’s next to an icon that looks like a gear.

Click on the View Button

In the next step, scroll to the bottom and press View the whole list of Outlook options. It’s at the bottom of the drop-down option as a link. This will bring up the Settings menu.

Toggle over the Mail Tab

Now, toggle to the Mail tab appearing on the corner of the device. 

Select the Junk Mail

In the next step, select Junk email. It’s in the middle of the Settings window’s middle column.

Block the Sender

Now, under “Blocked senders and domains,” tap + Add. It’s at the top of the page’s first header. Below the header, tap the blue + Add button.

Click on Return

Now, tap Return after typing an email address. In the line that displays after tapping the “+ Add” button, type the email address you want to block. Then, on your keyboard, press Return. 

Add to the Email Address

This adds the email address to the list of email addresses that have been blacklisted. Below the “Blocked senders and domains” header in the Settings menu, you’ll find a complete list of blocked emails.

Remove the Mails to Forwarding it to Junk

Finally, to remove an email address from the list of prohibited emails, go to the Junk Mail Settings menu and click the trash can icon next to the email address you wish to remove.

That’s all! You are done with another method for knowing how to stop spam emails on iPhone!

Method 5: Apple’s iCloud Mail


Apple iCloud Mail is one more way for blocking all your unwanted text or spam mails to reduce the number of flashing unwanted text in your inbox.

Although blocking a sender from the iPhone’s Mail app is technically feasible, we recommend logging in to your iCloud mail account and blocking iCloud emails from there by following these simple steps:

Log in to iCloud Mail

Firstly, on your computer, log in to your iCloud Mail account.

Tab on Settings Icon

In the second step, go to the settings menu. In the Rules window, select Rules and then Add a Rule.

Type the Address

Now, in the next step, in the “is from” field, type the address you want to block.

Choose Move to Trash

Then, from the “Then” dropdown, choose “Move to Trash and Mark as Read” and click Done.

Transferring to Trash Folder

Finally, any future emails from the address you provided will be automatically transferred to the trash folder and marked as read, so they won’t annoy you.

That’s all! And, you are finally done with one more method for knowing how to block an email on iCloud!

Method 6: Yahoo App


Yahoo is one more way for blocking spam mail on your smartphones. Sometimes, the continuous beeping of emails in your inbox becomes quite frustrating and annoying.

And, thus, you may decide to block the junk and unwanted messages. As a result by blocking you can scroll down and look for important messages without skipping them.

Even though Yahoo has been eclipsed by Google, its iOS email app is one of the most popular in the productivity category, and its stellar rating speaks much about its excellence. 

Yahoo users rarely delete emails since they get 1,000 GB (yes, 1,000 GB) of free cloud storage, but they also don’t appreciate reading spam emails from senders with negative intentions.

On Yahoo’s support website, it describes how to disable email on iPhone, but here’s a quick overview for your convenience:

Sign in to Yahoo Mail

Firstly, on your computer, go to Yahoo Mail and sign in.

Click on Settings

In the second step, select Settings by hovering your mouse over the Settings menu symbol. Blocked Addresses should be selected.

Add Sender’s Address

Now, is the time to add the address you want to block to the list.

Block the Sender

In the final step, the block should be selected for blocking the email addresses of the sender.

That’s all! And, you complete the final methods for knowing how to stop junk email on iPhone.

Pro Alternative to Stop Spam Emails on iPhone?

Provided, the time every individual spends on the Internet and other social media sites, it is becoming quite a big trouble can be said an issue to remove or delete all your spam or unwanted text messages on your phone. And, as a result, your phone keeps continuously beeping creating annoying sounds at times.

However, every problem has its solutions. Just you need to give it some time and understand the exact problem and from where the problem occurs initially. To begin with, it’s fairly straightforward. First, you need to locate all your spam and unwanted messages in your inbox of the mail.

And, as you trace all your messages, you will need to tab on the chosen option for the particular mail, and thereby you will be allowed to tick it as a spam text and send it to the junk folder or drive of the phone.

Gradually, as you do the steps, the email provider will get to know that these are spam texts and were unwantedly disturbing the individuals with your less obvious messages on the screen. 

Another key thing to remember (or not remember) is to not open or respond to the email. Also, do not open any links, images, or other attachments in the email; the spammer may be attempting to steal personal information.

How to Fix a Non-Working iPhone Email?

Sometimes, it does happen your iPhone email stops working. And, as a result, you are unable to block the sender by stopping unwanted or junk mail to avoid continually lurking on your smartphone.

You will find several reasons out all around for why your emails aren’t working properly or troubling you with some error in loading. If you find yourself in this predicament, we’ve put up a list of six strategies that will help you solve the bulk of your iPhone email issues. To understand more about each of them, continue reading.

Ascertain that your iPhone is linked to the Internet.

Firstly, if your iPhone isn’t linked to the internet, it won’t get emails. To access email, you must be linked to a cellular network, such as your phone company’s 4G LTE network, or a Wi-Fi network.

To connect to a cellular network, go to Settings > Cellular > and turn off/white then on/green the Cellular Data slider. So, you will need to enable the Wi-Fi by scrolling down to the Settings of the device. And, now you need to slide over the option for enabling the Wi-FI connectivity on your phone.

Examine your email’s Username and Password

Sometimes, you do might have faced an issue that your email is neither sending nor receiving messages, or perhaps it isn’t downloading the message received. So, if this occurs it might be that there is an issue with your username or password of the mail account, you operate with.

As a result, in such a situation, you will see messages popping up on the screen of your inbox, asking you to validate your username or password. Or, it will show that you’ve entered a wrong password or username, and even sometimes, it will show an invalid username.

So, kindly refresh it and try again. Type the correct password or username you first logged in with. However, it does happen that the pop-up menu does not appear, and in such a case you only get the option of deleting your email account from the phone.

For this, sometimes you may to asked to create a new account.  In this, you need to set a new username and password.

Restart the App after Closing it.

Quitting and relaunching a program that isn’t operating as it should is a quick approach to fixing it. This may fix several issues that are preventing Mail from working properly. To relaunch the Mail app once it has been closed, tap it again.

Examine your Email Settings. 

In the iPhone series, you might you noticed that it provides its users with a feature of checking the incoming mails in the inbox at frequent intervals. For instance, it can be set for every 30 minutes and thereafter.

Or you also get the option of checking the mails by enabling you to check the mails, once you receive the emails in your inbox. The settings you select have an impact on how your email is delivered to your phone.

Get Direct Assistance from Apple.

If your email provider is unable to assist you, you may be dealing with a situation that is larger or more complex than you can resolve. 

In such a situation, you should take your iPhone–along with all of the information concerning the email accounT–to an Apple Store for assistance (you can also call Apple for support). Still, I’d suggest you first make an appointment before you go ahead.

This is necessary because Apple Stores have a busy schedule and are quite busy managing the clients. So, it will become easier for you to seek any help from them as you go to their store. 

Help is Available from your Email Provider. 

If your email is still not working, you should seek immediate technical assistance. However, it’s always better and a smart step if you check your email provider before you move with other steps. For instance, you can check out Google for Gmail app and Yahoo for Yahoo messenger app. 

Each email provider has its assistance options, but a good place to start is by going to your email account’s website and looking for Help or Support links.

Upgrade iOS either with or without iTunes.

One more way for troubleshooting the problem is that you need to run out of the latest or most new version of the iOS series. By running the new and latest version, you can easily remove any bugs found in the app.

Also, by downloading or updating the iOS, you get new features and enhancements by which you can easily work in your mails.

It’s possible that your email issues are the consequence of a bug that was fixed in the most recent iOS update, or that your email provider changed certain settings, and only the most recent iOS version supports the change.

The above are some of the ways for checking why your email isn’t working and also you can now know how to fix your issues with this guide.



1. On my iPhone, how can I prevent unwanted text messages?

Ans. In the first step, you will need to click on the name of the person or his/her phone number appearing at the top of the Message by scrolling down to the right.

So, as you click on the name or phone number tab, you need to slide over to the end of the screen. And, thereby, you need to click on Block the sender tab appearing on the page of the Message chat.

2. Will spam emails be phased out in the future?

Ans. Because sending spam is so simple, many scammers will continue to use it, even if it rarely works. Even yet, if you take the proper safeguards, you may reduce the number of spam emails you receive to a reasonable level.

3. On my iPhone, how can I stop unwanted email?

Ans. Firstly, open the Mail application. Now, in the next step, select an email from a website or company from which you do not wish to receive emails. 

Now, look for blue writing that says “unsubscribe” at the top of the email. Finally, unsubscribe using the unsubscribe button. Now, confirm your want to unsubscribe.

4. Is it possible to restrict emails on an iPhone?

Ans. In the first step, you will be asked to click on the three-round dots appearing on the right side of the screen. This can be found near the name of the sender in the mailbox. In the final step, tap “Block [person’s name]” and “OK” to confirm.

5. Can you block the mails of the iPhone easily?

Ans. If, you ask is there any possibility of blocking the mails? Then, the answer would be Yes! You do get an option of blocking the mails on your phone. However, for this you need to undergo the following steps:

  1. In the first step, you need to unlock the screen of the phone.
  2. Secondly, look for the Settings menu on the phone. And, as you come to the Settings of the page, scroll down to click the Mail tab appearing on the phone.
  3. Now, as you click on the Mail, you will see a thread-like button on the screen. So, click on the Thread area and thereby you can select the Block option from the screen.

6. Why am I still getting emails from blocked senders’ iPhones?

Ans. You might have noticed as when you block a particular mail on your phone, several options start lurking to ask you a question stating what happened to the mail conversations that you are moving forward to the box.

So, what happens if you click on the option named “mark as blocked” and thereby ask to remain in the inbox chat, then all your mail conversations will at once come directly to the mail inbox section. 

However, you also need to know a point that on selecting the option like “move to trash” on the screen, all your mail conversations will at once stop coming to the mail inbox section.

7. Do you get an option to set a mail blocked directly to an iPhone? 

Ans. Yes, an iPhone can be used to block emails. Follow the stages as given under:

  1. In the first step, you need to unlock the screen of the phone.
  2. Secondly, look for the Settings menu on the phone. And, on moving to the page, you will be required to click on the Mail tab.
  3. Finally, you are now asked to move to the Thread section of the screen. So, click on the Thread area and thereby you can select the Block option from the screen.

8. Why do I continue to receive emails from blacklisted senders on my iPhone?

Ans. When you block an email, you have several options for what happens to future email correspondence from that sender. 

This is to say that if you tap on the option like “Mark as blocked” on the screen, then all your blocked conversations will directly go to the inbox of the mail. However, if you click on the option named “Move to trash” then all your messages and chats will stop coming to the inbox section of the mail at once.

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Final Words


In summing up I’d like to conclude that the blog must have certainly provided you with how to block spam emails on iPhone with much ease.

Here, I have mentioned 6 methods, however, the method mostly depends on the app to app. Perhaps, the Phone Settings method applies to every modern iOS series of iPhone whether it be iPhone 11/12/13.

Further, if you’ve seen that I also talked about how to fix your mail if it isn’t working properly on your phone. So, that you can easily block the spam mails on your phone. Hope you enjoyed the blog to a great extent and also came to know how to stop spam emails on iPhone easily and simply!

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