How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On iPhone? (5 Steps)

Read this post to gain a better understanding of how to delete expired subscriptions on iPhone and how to resolve them altogether.

If you encounter a similar subscription cancellation problem, there isn’t much you can do. You can, however, provide Apple comments about your problems so that they can be investigated. So, right away plunge into the blog and get into detail 

What does it mean when an iPhone Subscription has Expired?

Expired subscriptions are iPhone subscriptions that have reached the end of their term validity period.

When using an iPhone, users can cancel any of their paid or free-trial memberships at any moment. Users can choose to cancel any unwanted subscription at the end of its term to avoid it being renewed.

How can you Check that a Subscription has Expired on an iPhone?


First, you’ll need to find out if your subscription has expired, and then you’ll need to delete it. Let’s get started by following these steps:

  1. At first, you need to go to the Apple Store and select your profile image. You’ve arrived at the settings page.
  2. However, if you opt to lock your settings, you will use your password, fingerprint, or maybe face ID.
  3. After that, it will become easier for you to unlock and find the subscriptions appearing on the list and tap on the ones you desire.
  4. Finally, many active and inactive/expired subscriptions will be shown.

How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On iPhone?


Follow the given instructions for knowing how to delete expired subscriptions on iPhone in quick run-down steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings

At first, you need to plunge to the Settings page on your iPhone.


Step 2: Click on the Apple ID

In the next step, tap the name of your Apple ID profile. The name of your Apple ID profile will appear at the top of your screen. It should be tapped.


Step 3: Tap on Subscriptions

After that, select the ‘Subscriptions’ category from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Toggle or Move to the Bottom of the Page

Then, you are required to toggle to the end of the page to find if the list shows up some explored subscriptions within it. There will now be two distinct portions available. The active subscriptions will be displayed on one side, while the expired subscriptions will be displayed on the other.

Step 5: Scroll to Find any Expired Subscriptions

Scroll down to see if any of your subscriptions have expired. If you’re lucky, it’s been a year since you canceled the subscriptions you didn’t want to see any longer. Then you’ll notice that they’ve been erased automatically.


However, if you are unable to view or see the expired subscriptions list, it is suggested to wait for some time to take the progress of the confirmation in removing the subscriptions from the list.

Alternative Tip: Causes of the iPhone’s Inability to Delete Expired Subscriptions

On your iPhone, there is no option to delete subscriptions, and there are no obvious reasons for this.

Although you can cancel your current membership, you cannot cancel any lapsed subscriptions. The good news is that the iPhone will automatically delete expired subscriptions, but you will have to wait a year.

To cancel a subscription, however, go to the bottom of the subscription page and click the ‘Cancel Subscription’ link. In this way very easily and in a simple way you can how to get rid of subscriptions on the iPhone.



1. How can you get rid of expired subscriptions on your iPhone?

Ans. On your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store. Select your profile icon. After that, select your name by tapping it. Then, select Subscriptions from the drop-down menu.

You’ll see all of the Active and Expired memberships associated with your Apple ID right now. At last, to drop, alter options, or see additional information, tap on one.

2. Is it possible to delete subscription history on an iPhone?

Ans. The historical backdrop of purchased membership items cannot be deleted from an iPhone, although it can be put away from the purchased items.

3. What is the best way to hide subscriptions on an iPhone?

Ans. At first, you are required to plunge to the Setup icon of your Apple ID appearing from the drop-down menu list. After that, you are required to get to the page of the View Apple ID and move the slider towards the bottom of the page.

Now, look for Subscriptions in the lower right corner of the screen; this is where you’ll see dynamic and canceled memberships. After that, tap on your dynamic membership list to remove it. Conversely, it is preferable to cancel the option. 

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Final Words 


Today’s App Store has a rising number of apps that demand a subscription, which considerably raises the cost of utilizing them. iPhones and iPads are now linked to a variety of subscription services.

Apple Music, Apple News+, and a slew of other applications offer superior subscription-based services. In many apps, subscriptions have replaced one-time in-app purchases, allowing developers to keep developing programs and running profitable companies.

Due to a lack of an option, iPhone users are unable to manually erase expired subscriptions. As a result, you cannot manually remove expired memberships; nevertheless, they will be removed after a year.

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