How To Find Hidden Text Messages on iPhone? (3 Methods)

To maintain their privacy and prevent the revelation of sensitive information, many people choose to hide their messages from other people.

The amusing thing is that whatever you can’t find suddenly takes on importance and utility, including deleted or hidden texts on your iPhone that you’re not sure we’re ever valuable.

Our article thus concentrates on how to find hidden text messages on iPhone and also how to find hidden or deleted messages on iPhone that the users mistakenly have deleted or removed from their iOS device. Continue reading the following guide and look to discover how to see hidden text messages on iPhone, now that you’re here.

How Do Text Messages Operate?

It is seen that one of the most commonly used methods of communicating with others is using the text messaging application. Every day, new technologies emerge with time. However, occasionally these messages are used to communicate sensitive information.

In response, iOS devices are evolving. Text messages can still be hacked. On iOS devices, text messages are hidden by mobile phone users. They are thus termed as text that is hidden and you will find several justifications to know all about this. 

You can conceal your communications, for instance, if you want to protect your privacy or stop spam. Passwords, fingerprints, PINs and lock screens are the easiest security measures to use when attempting to hide messages. Let’s get to the main topic of our conversation, which is how to detect hidden text messages on an iOS device.

How to Find Hidden Text Messages on iPhone? 3 Methods


Here are a few effective ways to locate texts that have been hidden. Focus on each stage as you use these strategies and get into detail about how to see hidden messages on iPhone in an effective way.

Way 1: Enable Text Message Alerts

Due to a change in settings, text messages occasionally do not appear on your mobile device. Perhaps you have your messaging app’s notifications disabled. To solve the issue of how to find hidden text messages on iPhone using the first way, adhere to the following steps:

  1. In the first step, open the “Settings” on an iOS device.
  2. In the next step, toggle “Notifications” on.
  3. Now, hit the “Messages” app button.
  4. Then, messages app notifications should be enabled.
  5. Finally, you can receive notifications for every message that is sent to you by doing these actions.

Way 2: Lock-screen Messages

Text messages can now be seen on the lock screen by the iOS operating system. As a result of this, you can quickly and easily view directly the text messages that are sent to you. You can view messages without unlocking the screen.

Your settings may have changed. Your lock screen notification has been disabled. To fix the problem of how to find hidden texts on iPhone using the second way, adhere to the steps.

  1. In the first step, on an iOS device, launch the “Messages” app.
  2. In the next step, you will see three dots appearing on the topmost right side of the scene and the same should be tapped.
  3. Now, activate “Settings.”
  4. Then, toggle “Notifications” on.
  5. After that, “In-app Notification Settings” can be tapped.
  6. Here, the blue toggle next to “Preview New Messages” must be tapped.
  7. At last, your phone’s home screen or lock screen will display your text messages.

Way 3: Facebook Messenger Has Hidden Messages

In Facebook Messenger, there exist secret messages. By taking the methods listed below, you can find Messenger’s secret messages.

  1. In the first step, on an iOS device, launch the “Messenger” app.
  2. In the next step, click the profile photo. It’ll be in the top-left position.
  3. Now, the message Request should be chosen.
  4. Then, to view message requests and communications flagged as spam, select “You May Know” and “Spam.”
  5. At last, you can find hidden messages in your Facebook Messenger application by following the steps outlined above.

Bonus Tip: How Can I Hide My iPhone Messages?

Though you came to know how to find hidden texts on iPhone, still, sometimes, you may feel the requirement of knowing how to hide the text messages on an iPhone. So, keep reading further to know about it in detail.

This section explains how to block annoying messages while you’re busy or want to preserve your privacy on your iPhone. Follow the directory below if you’re interested. The sender’s name will disappear from the screen after hiding.

In the first place, select Settings > Notifications > Messages from the menu. In the next step, to stop communications, go to Options > Show Previews > and then finally select Never.

Additionally, you can delete the conversations after creating a backup or conceal the chats on your iPhone using third-party software. The majority of third-party programs may contain trojan files that harm your privacy or have security flaws, so please use caution when choosing the right ones.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where do iPhone hidden texts go?

Ans. On an iPhone, hidden texts can appear in a variety of locations. Organizing them in a folder on the home screen is one choice. You might also conceal them in an application.

2. On an iPhone, can a text conversation be hidden?

Ans. On your iPhone, you may indeed hide a text conversation. Open the conversation, then tap the “Details” icon to do this. After selecting “Hide,” select “Done.” Your Messages app will no longer be able to see the chat.

3. Are there hidden messages on the iPhone?

Ans. There is no proof the iPhone contains hidden messages. Nevertheless, there are other strategies for sending encrypted messages that are challenging to snoop on.

4. How can I find iPhone stuff that is hidden?

Ans. On an iPhone, there are a few techniques to locate hidden material. Utilizing a third-party application is one option. Another option is to look up terms that are hidden in the phone’s menu using a search engine like Google or Bing.

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Final Words


Thus, ending with a note that the said mentioned methods typically work on how to find hidden text messages on iPhone or how do you find hidden messages on iPhone most easily and effectively.

You can view text messages without unlocking the screen if they are displayed on the lock screen. You can use text notifications to get notified when hidden messages appear on your screen.

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