How to Find SSID on iPhone? (1-Step Guide)

What does the acronym “SSID” mean? What does it stand for? The service set identifier, or SSID, as it was initially known, was the name of your network. By disabling your wifi connections, you can view a list of SSIDs on your phone or laptop.

So, adjacent phones can discover and display any accessible networks, wireless routers, or access control systems that broadcast SSIDs. You can discover how others locate theirs or how to find SSID on iPhone for yours!

What is SSID on iPhone?

However, before you move to the main content of the blog, let’s first understand the simple and easy meaning of what is SSID on iPhone and its meaning on the SSID hotspot. A network connection is identified by its SSID.

SSID=Service Set Identifier

When you open the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your laptop or phone, the various names and numeric digits that show are known as SSIDs. The SSIDs of wireless routers and access points are broadcast in order to be found by neighboring devices.

What is the hotspot’s SSID?

A Wi-Fi network name is known technically as an “SSID.” In order to differentiate your wireless home network from other networks in your neighborhood, you must give it a name when you set it up. As a result of this, you can easily notice your name immediately after you are connected to the WiFi network. 

How to Find SSID on iPhone?


Unable to find the SSID on your iPhone? In simple words, the SSID on your iPhone connecting to a WiFi network is your name. Further, you can perform several tasks on your device if you know how to find SSID on iPhone. So, dive into the instructions below for how to find SSID on iPhone hotspot:

  1. In the first step, you need to go to “Settings” by navigating.
  2. In the next step, slide over the screen and select the WiFi settings.
  3. The wifi connected to the iPhone will appear with a checkmark.
  4. The Wifi Name is nothing but SSID.

When you’ve finished finding and knowing where to find SSID on iPhone if you want, you can start modifying it. But bear in mind that not every phone will support the new SSID. You need to know what to look for in order to utilize the SSID on the iPhone to its full potential.

Further, you are advised to note that the method is specifically useful when you are connected to the current WiFi network. You should change your WiFi password if the method is to be used on a distant channel. 

Log into your WiFi connection and select Settings, and slide over the WiFi if you need to make any changes. Holding down the numbers next to the router will allow you to copy the IP address to your clipboard. Select Paste from the Address Bar menu to add this address to the web browser.

Quick Tip: Do you need to hide your SSID?

In the expectation or belief that doing so will make their connection safe and/or untraceable, many people decide to conceal their SSID. But this is more hearsay, and a lot of experts have stated why it’s not the best course of action.

If you hide your SSID, it could seem as though no one can see it, but this is merely a surface-level illusion. Due to the fact that network traffic can still be monitored regardless of SSID visibility, a hacker using simple, widely accessible, and free tools will be able to discover it.

Additionally, your IP address will continue to be viewable. Additionally, if a hacker does come across a network that is “hidden,” they can be more intrigued because they think it includes critical information.

Lastly, revealing your SSID network will make connecting to the device much more difficult at times.The greatest thing you can do is to regularly upgrade your network security and use a strong password that you change.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I locate my iPhone’s SSID number?

Ans. If you have an iPhone, simply pick “Wi-Fi” under the Settings page. You must then tap the network name you want to connect to and look for the “SSID” appearing under the “Basic Information” section of the SSID taskbar. 

2. How do I modify my iPhone’s SSID?

Ans. On your iPhone, you need to scroll and slide over the Settings page and look for tapping the General icon. And, after that, go to the network and select Wi-Fi to change your SSID. Finally, you are required to enter the new SSID after tapping the name of the network you want to join.

3. How do I modify my mobile hotspot’s SSID?

Ans. For this, you will be required to observe these instructions to modify your mobile hotspot’s SSID:

  1. At the first step, you will be required to select Settings on the main menu.
  2. In the next step, you are required to select Mobile Hotspot after selecting Wireless from the taskbar.
  3. Now, on the mobile hotspot settings page, under “Network Name,” create a new name for your mobile hotspot.
  4. Finally, you will be required to choose WPA2-PSK or WPA2-Enterprise from the list of security modes.

4. How do I locate my WPA2 hotspot password on my iPhone?

Ans. For this, you will be required to observe these procedures to locate your iPhone hotspot’s WPA2 password:

  1. In the first step, you will be required to get your iPhone’s Settings app open.
  2. You must then hit the “Wi-Fi” button that is adjacent to “Wi-Fi” in order to proceed to the next step.
  3. Then, under “Wi-Fi networks,” tap the network you want to connect to.
  4. Finally, you will be required to select “WPA2” from the list of security options.

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