How to Remove Apple Watch Band? (1 Best Way)

Have you ever replaced the band on your Apple Watch before? Do you know how to remove Apple Watch band that you’ve been wearing for a while? Not to worry. We’ll demonstrate how to remove band from Apple Watch simply and swiftly in two minutes. Continue reading!

However, we advise removing the Apple Watch band or strap on a flat, sturdy surface to make the process simpler. Let’s get going!

How to Remove Band on Apple Watch? (Best Way)


You must learn how to remove an Apple Watch band before you can play with the different Apple Watch bands.


  1. Firstly, you need to switch to taking your wrist off of your Apple Watch.
  2. You must rapidly grip and position your Apple Watch on one side before executing the second step. However, avoid scratching the display at all costs.
  3. Finally, to remove the band, slide it across while maintaining pressure on the band release button.

Pro tip: You might think about using the opportunity to clean your Apple Watch band and possibly the watch band anytime you switch the strap on your watch.

Bonus Tip: The Procedure for Adding a New Apple Watch Band 

Now that you know how to remove Apple Watch bands, it’s time to put your new Apple Watch band on, as the old ones have been removed. But bear in mind that you can’t just use any watch band; you need one that was made specifically for the Apple Watch!

Step 1: Slide until it Clicks

With the small text facing you, slide the new bands into position. Following that, place the new band in the Apple Watch’s strap slot. Fortunately, you don’t need to keep the release button pressed as you attach your new Apple Watch bands to the sides. 

However, you ought to feel the band firmly in place and hear a click as it does so. However, it should never be forced and should easily slip down. 

Step 2: Check to see if the band is fastened.

Wearing your Apple Watch without properly securing the bands is the second thing you ought to do. Here, to make sure the Apple Watch band connection is solid and won’t fall from your wrist, double-check that each band is firmly fastened and give each one a little tug.

Step 3: Make the Band Adjustable to fit your Wrist

Last but not least, make sure your new Apple Watch bands fit your wrist by adjusting them. Here, the brand and model of your Apple Watch will normally determine how you can quickly adjust your new Watch band. 

To prevent it from accidentally slipping off, make sure it is tight but never too loose. That’s it! And, here I conclude our discussion on the blog titled “how to remove iWatch band.” I hope the question you asked has been resolved.

Video Tutorial on How to Remove Apple Watch Band/Strap?

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why am I getting a rash from my Apple Watch band?

Ans. If you are not wearing your band properly, it can give you a rash. However, do remember that it can eventually irritate you if you fit it too tight. If it’s too loose, there can be a lot of friction. You can also be sensitive to the materials used in your specific band.

After working out, wash and dry your wrist and band routinely. If the rash caused by your Apple Watch doesn’t go away, you might want to change bands.

2. Can I wash the braided band on my Apple Watch?

Ans. Your braided Apple Watch band can be cleaned by wiping it down with a moist, non-abrasive cloth and letting it air dry.

3. What stores sell Apple Watch bands?

Ans. All of Apple’s watches are available with a selection of replacement bands. Third-party merchants like Amazon also offer more selections with a wider range of prices.

4. Is the size of the Apple Watch bands uniform?

Ans. Although not all Apple Watch bands have the same width, many do. Make sure the new band will fit the device you are using before learning how to change your Apple Watch band. 40mm cases can be used with bands made for 38mm cases. 44mm cases can use bands designed for 42mm cases.

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Final Words 


By bringing up the subject of the Apple Watch remove band procedure for any Apple Watch series, we’re pleased to do so. For daily updates on Apple Watch and other Apple Accessories tips and tricks, keep checking back with us.

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