How to Remove Favorites on iPhone?(2 Methods)

How to Remove Favorites on iPhone: A Favorites list for your contacts is included with the majority of your iOS devices. You might know well that by making a person in your favorite list, you get automatically in touch with them through various other text messaging applications.

Perhaps, wasting time by scrolling the list of the address book, you prefer to text through the messenger’s apps. Your iPhone’s Phone app contains your Favorites list, and deleting contacts from that list is simple.

So, come let’s get into the details of how to remove favorites on iPhone or how to delete favorites on iPhone easily and in a rightful way. This is the procedure.

Two Best Ways on How to Remove Favorites on iPhone?


There are several methods for adding people to your Favorites list, but there is only one for removing them from it. So, to know how to remove someone from favorites on iPhone, you need to straight away plunge into the mentioned steps for the further process.

And, for this, you will be required first to open the Phone iOS application installed n the device. Now, in the next step, when you look for opening the application, you need to select the Favorites option appearing towards the end of the current toolbar.

And, with this, you can easily trace each person you have highlighted as a favorite along with the method mentioned briefly in the next steps. Using two of the methods listed below, you can take somebody off your list of favorites, and eventually, you will get to know how to remove someone from your favorites on iPhone and also from this screen.

First Approach: Swiping Left to Delete.

  • In the first step, you will be required to locate their name within the Favorites screen of the Phone app. So, open the Phone App.
  • Go to Favourites which is located at the bottom left of the screen.
  • And then sliding leftward is the simplest method for removing someone from Favorites.
  • After that, as you keep scrolling to the bar, the Delete option will straightway be appearing on the right side of the name of the person, you
  • Tap on Delete to take them out of your Favorites.

Finally, the chosen person has now been removed from your iPhone’s Favorites. In this way, you come to the end of knowing the first method in knowing how to delete favourites on iPhone compatibility.

Second Approach: Edit Button should be Clicked.

However, on moving further in the blog, I will let you know that you still, have another way of knowing how to remove someone from your favorites list.

  • For this, you will be required firstly to click on the Favorites screen, and concerning that, you need to click on the Edit option appearing towards the right side of the current bar.
  • In the next step, locate the person you wish to remove from your favorites and touch on the minus (-) icon on their left-hand side when the Edit mode is
  • Now, a Delete option needs to be visible on the
  • Tap Delete to confirm the removal.

Your Favorites list will now no longer include the specified contact. Then, to delete other people from your favorites, simply repeat the previous step. Finally, once you’ve finished eliminating undesirable individuals from your favorites, select Done in the top right corner.

That’s all to it! And, you conclude by knowing how to remove favorite contacts on iPhone with the above two mentioned ways.

Bonus Tip: Best Way to Rearrange Favorites on an iPhone

Further, everyone wishes to know the steps involved for how do you remove favorites from iPhone, but, sometimes you may need to know how to alter the favorites’ ranking list typed on the iPhone.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s plunge into the steps for knowing the best way to rearrange your favorite set on the iPhone.

  1. For this, you will be required to first open the Phone iOS application installed n the device.
  2. In the next step, click Favorites.
  3. Now, click Edit.
  4. After that, to make the favorite hover above the other items in the list, tap and hold the three-line icon. Perhaps, you touch too firmly on the iOS device by going the feel of 3D Touch, you will see that instantly a shortcut menu will be appearing on the screen.
  5. Then, you will be required to directly scroll and move the contact list up and down by simply dragging to the Favorite list.
  6. Finally, when your Favorites are in the order you like, press Done to save the modification.



  1. How can I get rid of my favorites in Safari?

Ans. In the first step, start the Safari web browser. After that, in the Apple taskbar towards the topmost side of the screen, you will be required to press the select option.

Next, for selecting and displaying the Favorite section list, you will be required to click and Show Favorites Bar from the drop-down list of the menubar that appears on the screen. If the Favorites bar is visible right now, choose Hide Favorites Bar to make it disappear.

2. On an iPhone, where do you find favorites?

Ans. For this, you need to right away go to the phone application and click on the star icon that is visible on the left-hand side of the screen. With this, you can reach the Favorite section of the contact list. 

3. How do I modify my home screen’s favorites?

Ans. With this, you will see that a complete row featuring the favorite application will be appearing towards the end of the current screen. Uninstall a favorite app: Touch and hold the app you want to delete from your favorites.

Now, after this, you will be directed to scroll down to different locations for a visible contact list. Add a preferred app: Swipe up from the bottom of your screen.

4. On an iPhone, are favorites and bookmarks the same thing?

Ans. Favorites are websites that you visit frequently; they are determined by how frequently you visit them and change over time. You add websites to your bookmarks.

5. Why do bookmarks and favorites exist in Safari?

Ans. Like any other browser, Safari’s bookmarks allow you to save URLs. To properly organize your links, you can create various folders under bookmarks. You may put your tech links in one folder, your sports links in another, etc.

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Final Words


So, here’s all you need to know about how to remove favorites on iPhone. Though, understanding the process will initially take some amount of time, but, if you rightfully try to understand the entire process, you will surely become an expert in this field. 

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