Message Blocking is Active on iPhone(Unable to Send Message)

So, have you ever thought of why “unable to send message-message blocking is active on iPhone?” keeps on constantly appearing on the device. 

Using your iPhone to converse via text message can be challenging at times. It is especially useful for the users of the devices when you are unable to send messages because the feature that your message blocking is active on your phone.

Not only that but many people are perplexed because they have no idea how or why the notification appears in the first place. Furthermore, many people may become frustrated when they want to correct an issue but don’t know how.

Regardless of this, we must figure out why message blocking is enabled. And, also at first try to understand what message blocking is active on iPhone means.

What is Message Blocking on an iPhone?

As a result, when you send a text message at that time, you will receive this error. “Free msg is unable to send messages because message blocking is active,” for example, or “not delivered.” If your carrier network does not have an SMS plan or if your SMS quota has been exceeded.

This is the kind of error you’ll see in this situation. Some network carriers limit the delivery pace. As a result, if you send a text message at that time, you will receive this error. This error could also be the consequence of a technological fault.

6 Main Causes to Message Blocking is Active Error on your iPhone?

The list follows the top six causes that are mostly seen when your “message blocking is active”  notification appears on your iOS devices.

1. Blocklist

One of the most common causes of message blockage is the appearance of an active notice. This usually occurs when either the sender or the receiver of the message or both of them are entered in the blacklisted folder on each other’s phone.

Still, you can test and confirm is this correct by calling each other on your number and see if you are able of receiving the call or not. In rare circumstances, you may have unintentionally enabled parental controls.

2. Interruption of the Service

When your phone gives a notification like the “free msg: unable to send the message” error it means that the message blocking feature is enabled on your device. And, it indicated that your services were interrupted in between.

So, if you want to retry it, it is suggested to wait for some time and try again. This is because sometimes it happens that your network service provider is repairing the glitch and thereby the provider has paused the message delivering services for a while.

3. Short Code Problem

This appears to be the reason why so many T-Mobile customers are having problems. In this case, you will need to connect to your expert technician who can avail you of the right assistance to resolve and fix the issue. 

4. Barriers being Set on your Messaging Apps

Sometimes you do receive an error like “free msg: saying the recipient of the message is unable to receive or get the message. As a result, it will display that the message blocking error is being enabled on the device.

Which in simple words means that the receiver of the messages has strictly prohibited the receiving of the messages from a certain set of people all around.

Further, some messaging apps find it difficult to come as per your requirements, and as such, they are unable to get with your carrier. So, if any of the features you enabled, you need to convey it to the service providers to determine if you authorize any of these programs.

Also, you do need to know that you will not be able to fix the issue on your own if you don’t know at first that even you have enabled these programs, and if you have enabled then how to track down the feature.

5. The strategy that doesn’t Fit your Goals

Sometimes, it does happen that you decide to enable an option that lets your phone not receive or send any of the premium featured text. Even though this feature is only used by a few messaging apps, it is still a must for them to function properly.

6. Problems with Data Plans

You should also double-check the Data plan you’ve chosen. For instance, if you try to send a text message to any of the users using your Data only plan, there are chances that your message will not be delivered to the recipient.

So, because of this, you will receive a notification that it will show message blocking is active on the iPhone error. 

Top 6 Solutions to Fix the Error of Message Blocking is Active on iPhone


Here, I have highlighted the top 5 solutions for fixing message blocking is active iPhone issue. So, come look at each of them.

1. Verify the Recipient’s Information

When people are in a rush, they frequently make the mistake of entering the incorrect recipient information. So double-check that you’ve entered the correct phone number and email address. It is, perhaps the solution to the problem of message blocking active on iPhones. 

Check the recipient’s details, as well as whether or not that individual has blocked you. Try sending messages from a different phone number. It will thus help you to ascertain if you are being blocked by that particular person or not.

It’s also a good idea to double-check whether you’ve accidentally blocked that person. To see if you accidentally added that person to your blocked list, go to Settings > Messages > Blocked. If you want to send him messages in the future, remove him from the prohibited list.

2. Make Sure your Phone has Enough Storage

Because his phone does not have enough capacity, a user may be unable to send or receive films and photographs. Some people clog up their storage by storing useless information. It is recommended that they free up enough space by eliminating superfluous files.

3. iPhone Reset

If resetting your network settings hasn’t worked, rebooting your iPhone might be the best option. To gently restart your iPhone, first, turn it off, then back on. For this, you will be required at the first step, to go to the Settings and click no the General.

Then you need to press the Reset option and thereby click the Erase all file button. In this way, your factory reset will be done. 

You should be aware that executing a factory reset will result in the loss of any personal information or essential data. It is extremely advised that a user generate a data backup file.

4. Examine Carrier Support

Another crucial item to verify is whether your carrier service supports a specific sort of messaging services, such as SMS, MMS, or iMessage. At times, the issue is due to your service providers in an inability to execute the service of message delivering feature.  

5. Examine the Network’s Quality

The most crucial thing is to have a decent network on your phone. Many people propose that we utilize any network configuration, but this is unnecessary; instead, check if other internet-using programs, like Facebook, WhatsApp, browsers, and so on, are operating or not.

If other programs aren’t working properly, your network is likely malfunctioning. And that’s exactly what’s causing your text messaging and free msg unable to send a message.

5. Any Senders should Confirm your Email-to-text Address

Message blicking can also be related to your emails at times. You may have problems sending and receiving emails as well as SMS messages.

To fix this, log back into your Google mail or other mail platforms that you use to manage your phone and, if necessary, update your inactive mail ID. You can also update your phone number if you forgot to enter it in or if your SIM has changed.

6. Check to see if your Phone Number is Active

If your phone number has been disconnected or is inactive for any reason, you may see the message “message blocking is active” appear on your screen. Making a phone call is the simplest approach to determining whether your phone number is active.

If the dial tone indicates that the number is unavailable, you should contact your SIM card provider to resolve any difficulties with your number.

Alternative Tip: How to Fix Message Blocking is Active Error with Reboot? 

Because of system issues, you may encounter “message blocking is active iPhone.” If you’re looking for a dependable solution, we strongly urge you to try Reiboot. iOSDroids is the finest option for repairing iPhone system faults and iOS stuck issues.

For this, you will require to indulge through the easy and simple steps:

  1. In the first step, you need to download, install, and run Reiboot on your computer.
  2. In the next step, as you install the app, connect your iPhone with your desktop. To use this iOS System Recovery program, simply press the start button.
  3. To continue, click Standard Repair. Before beginning the repair process, it is strongly advised that you read all of the instructions.
  4. Now, the firmware package should be downloaded. It might take a while.
    After that, simply select “Start Standard Repair” after downloading to begin the process. Wait patiently for the process to complete.
  5. At last, your iPhone will immediately reboot after the repair is completed. Not to worry, as it will not result in the loss of all the valuable data you store on your device.

That’s all! And, you complete the alternative and pro tip of how to fix the error of message blocking is active on your iPhone.

Video Tutorial on How to Fix Message Blocking is Active on iPhone

FAQs on Message Blocking is Active iPhone


1. How Message Blocking is Active Error Can Be Removed?

Ans. You’ll need to check your blocked lists to fix this problem. If you find the phone number in the list of numbers you’re looking for, remove it from the list. As a result, for this, you need to sign up and register yourself for a subscription plan. 

2. What Does T-Mobile Mean When Message Blocking Is Enabled?

Ans. This type of problem usually occurs because the date and time of your device are being set up to default or incorrect. 

3. Does a SIM card issue account for “message blocking is active”?

Ans. The message blocking is active iPhone error might also be caused by SIM card troubles. But this isn’t always the case. So, instead of checking whether your sim card is properly inserted in or it, you should use any of the above methods to fix the issue of message blocking active on your iPhone. 

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Final Words


To sum up, “message blocking is active” or “message blocking is active iPhone Reddit” is a very typical issue that arises owing to erroneous blocking by the party or simply your SIM card failing to provide you with the services you require.

We hope that this article has provided you with all of the solutions you require to resolve the “message blocking is active” condition on your iPhone, allowing you to text people all over the world!

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