How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone(3 Methods)

Are you looking to schedule a text message on iPhone? Here is a detailed guide with 3 simple methods on how to schedule a text message on iPhone✅.

Using these methods, you can schedule text messages to 1 or more recipients on iPhone.

Sometimes certain texts are enunciated by their timing; this could be a birthday wish right at the stroke of midnight or an important work-related text your boss asked you to send at a particular time and now your job relies on it, or at least it seems that way. Whatever the reason for it, you will need to schedule the text message to be sent at a particular time.

Scheduling your messages can help reduce the burden on you or even remove all your worries of forgetting to send the message. Scheduling a text message only takes a few minutes and does not have to be tedious or scary. Here is a careful how-to on scheduling a text message on iPhone.

3 Methods on How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone


Does iPhone allow you to schedule a text message? Can you schedule a text message on iPhone?

To all of our dismay, you cannot schedule text message iPhone. The iMessage app does not support this function which means you cannot use the app to schedule a message. But that is no reason to feel demoted because you can instead use the Shortcuts app to do so or access the countless third-party applications to be downloaded to schedule a message.

Method 1: Scheduling a text message by using the Shortcuts app on iPhone

If only the iMessages app allowed you to schedule a message, you would not have to be doing all this but alas here we are. The Shortcuts app comes to the rescue whenever you need it but scheduling a text message through this app can be a bit tedious.

The Shortcuts app comes pre-installed in all versions running on iOS 13 and later but if you have an iPhone that does not work on these operating systems then you can just as easily download the app for free from the Apple App Store.

Step 1: Open the ‘Shortcuts’ app.


Step 2: On the homescreen of shortcuts app, open automation.


Step 3: Tap on the ‘create personal automations’ button present at the top of the screen; this is if you have never created one before. Simply click on the ‘automation’ tab present at the bottom of the screen if you have created personal automation before.


Step 4: You will see a ‘time of day’ option, click on it.


Step 5: Select the time for when the message is to be scheduled. Then move on to the ‘month’ section and select the appropriate date for the message to be sent.


Step 6: When you are finished with selecting the right time and date, hit ‘next.’

Step 7: Here, hit ‘add action’ and a menu will pop up.


Step 8: In the menu, you will find the ‘send message’ menu; select the contact to whom this message is being scheduled to be sent and then hit ‘next.’


Step 9: Now type the content of your scheduled message in and hit ‘next.’

Step 10: The next step would be to review the message and the scheduling details. Here you will find the ‘ask before running’ option which is turned on by default and the system will send you a notification before the text message is sent as per the schedule, you can also turn it off if you wish to forget about it and if the action needs no further thought.


Step 11: Click on ‘done’ and the message has been scheduled.


Congratulations! You have successfully scheduled a text message on your iPhone.


The thing about using the Shortcuts app to schedule a text message is that the message you now scheduled will go out at the same date and time of every month unless you go back in and delete this personal automation or simply turn it off after the message has been sent as per the schedule.

Method 2: Using the MessageDesk App to Schedule a text message on iPhone

Step 1: Visit the MessageDesk website and create an account for your device.

Step 2: Once the account has been created, download the MessageDesk app for your iPhone through the Apple App Store.

Step 3: Sync the contacts on your iPhone onto the MessageDesk app. You can also simply upload a list of contacts.

Step 4: Once all your contacts are on the MessageDesk app, look for the contact(s) you wish to schedule the message to.

Step 5: Compose the message that you wish to send.

Step 6: Click on the calendar icon and select the date and time for which the message is to be scheduled.

Step 7: When you finish reviewing the contents of the message and the date and time, hit ‘confirm schedule.’

Method 3: How to set a Reminder on iPhone

Say all this is a bit much for a simple text message, then you could simply set your iPhone to send you a reminder to send the message when the time is right. This not directly scheduling a text message but it is simply a method for you to remember to send the message so here is how to schedule a reminder.

Step 1: Click on the ‘reminders’ app.


Step 2: Add a new reminder on the app by tapping on the ‘+’ icon which shows New Reminder.


Step 3: Add a title and note to your reminder with regard to sending the message.


Step 4: Now, tap on Details.


Step 5: Schedule a Date.


Step 6: Schedule a Time.


Step 7: Now, tap on Add(Present at the top right-hand corner).


Step 8: You are done, and your reminder is set.

Video Tutorial on How to Schedule Text Message(SMS or iMessage) on iPhone


1. How to delete the personal automation on the Shortcuts app?

Ans. Swipe the automation to the left and the delete option will show up in red, simply click on it and it will be gone.

2. What other good third-party apps can I use to schedule a text message on iPhone?

Ans. A few other good third-party apps include Carrier Messaging, Reminderbase and Moxy Messenger; these all allow the user to send one-time scheduled messages or even recurring text rollouts. All the mentioned apps are free to use but might limit certain features through in-app purchases.

3. Can you delete or unsend a text message on iMessage?

Ans. Unfortunately, once sent, a text message on iMessage cannot be unsent but if you are quick enough in turning the airplane mode on before the message is sent then there could be chances of salvation. When the airplane mode is turned on, the signal gets cut off and the message reflects a ‘not delivered’ status and you can then delete it before it is even sent.

4. Can you Schedule a Text Message on any iPhone?

Ans: Yes, you can schedule a text message on iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or any iPhone.

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Scheduling a text message on your iPhone does not need to be complex or tedious and it’s a good professional practice to keep up. Hopefully, this guide can help you do it the right way and ensure that the text message is sent at the right time.

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