How to Unsilence Calls on iPhone? (10 Pro Ways)

Did your iPhone mute an essential call that you missed? You might have missed the warning or your calls may have been muted for a variety of reasons. However, do not worry, I’m here to help you out in determining the reasons why your iPhone behaved in the way you were unsure of it. 

We will talk about iPhone call silence issues in today’s guide on how to unsilence calls on iPhone and how to resolve them. Let’s start.

Main Reason Why your iPhone Calls are Silenced 

Your iPhone may be silent for reasons that you are unaware of. When the following settings have been enabled on your iPhone, the problem of automatically silencing will evolve.

  • It may be that your Do not disturb is on your device. 
  • Maybe your silent mode is on the device.
  • Or, call forwarding is on. 
  • Active silencing is on. 
  • Further, unknown calls are on the Bluetooth device while headphones are attached.
  • Lastly, your scheduled sleep is on.

How to Unsilence Calls on iPhone?


Incoming calls may occasionally be muted on your iPhone, although this is usually because you have selected certain choices or settings. In most cases, problems with the iPhone’s hardware or software are not the cause of such problems.

Here are several solutions you can try to address the problem with your iPhone and learn how to unsilence calls on iPhone and stop muzzling all incoming calls.

1. Disable the Silencing of Unknown Callers.

With iOS 13 and later, there is a capability on the iPhone to block unrecognized callers. However, the callers who are not on the contact list of your phone will be unknown of the prevailing feature. Therefore, disable this setting to accept calls from anyone. Check the instructions to disable this feature.

  1. In the first step, go to Settings.
  2. Go to Phone on your iPhone Settings.
  3. In the next step, press the Silence Unknown Callers button.
  4. After that, turn off the toggle to silence unauthorized callers.

2. Verify the iPhone’s Ringer Switch.

The first thing you should do if your iPhone isn’t ringing is to check the ringer switch, which is on the left side of the device. Your phone is in silent mode if the switch is orange, which indicates that it is.

For this, you will be required to slide over the switch-up position to activate the default settings on the iOS device. And when you enable the said feature on your device, a message with the title “Ringer” will be reflected on the current screen. 

3. Deactivate the “Do Not Disturb” Mode.

To stop getting calls, you put your iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode. Usually, there are chances that you will forget to turn it off. Now, you will be required to verify and check if the “Do Not Disturb” mode is enabled on your iOS device. The control center on your iPhone is where you can disable that “do not disturb” mode the quickest.

For this, you will be directed to open and click the control center panel which will appear on the topmost side or end of the screen, depending on the version of iOS you own. To disable Focus, tap on it. Check out the instructions to disable it from the settings if you don’t have this symbol in the control center.

  1. In the first step, select Settings > Focus.
  2. In the next step, click Do Not Disturb.
  3. Lastly, to stop it, move the toggle.

Without disabling the disabled mode, you can also decide to receive call notifications from your preferred contacts.

  1. In the first step, select Do Not Disturb under Settings > Focus.
  2. In the next step, go to the People tab under Allowed Notifications.
  3. Lastly, select and include the caller you want to get calls from.

4. Turn Off the Silent Mode.

Turning off the quiet setting on an iPhone is the simplest way to resume and solve how to unsilence unknown calls on iPhone. However, on the left side of the device, you are required to verify the area near the volume button.

Now, you need to slide over to find and see if the switch is pressed up or down the row. Ringer mode can be activated by pushing the button up.

5. Verify that your Bluetooth Device is Activated.

Occasionally, when your phone is paired with Bluetooth devices, you could miss calls. Your AirPods, headphones, or speakers might be the issue. Check to see if your device is Bluetooth-connected by doing so.

It can be easily turned off from your phone’s control center. If the Bluetooth icon is not available, I have nonetheless given you an alternative method for fixing the unsilence iPhone calls issue. 

  1. In the first step, navigate to the settings on your iPhone.
  2. After that, click Bluetooth.
  3. Now, you may check if it is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity by looking.
  4. Lastly, turn Bluetooth off by flipping the toggle.

6. Limiting or Turning off Off-Screen Time.

With this, you can directly track the time, you have in total spending using the iOS Screen Feature. This feature’s communication restrictions restrict who you can talk to during the allotted screen time.

To avoid communication restrictions, you can turn off this feature. You can change the settings if you don’t want to disable this feature.

  1. In the first step, you are required to tap and open the Settings page and click on the Screen Timer automatically.
  2. After that, select “During Screen Time” under Communication Limits.
  3. Finally, select Allowed Communication > Everyone.

7. View the Status of Bedtime.

However, it’s possible that having a perfect automated setting is not possible. You still face the issue of your calls being muted and baffled in all. And, because of this, you are advised to double-check the setting menu to prevent yourself from calling missing issues.

For understanding far better, I have discussed the Bedtime status for this. The bedtime feature prevailing on the iOS 14 will directly allow you to track your sleep mode and will put your device on DND mode automatically when you move to the bed.

As a result of this, all calls will be muted. Now, for this, you will be required to move across your iPhone Health application to open and then slide over to the bottom of the page for tapping the Browse icon.

After that, slide to the Sleep icon appearing at the bottom of the page. Now, if you have a schedule, check the sleep settings. To get all the information, select “Full Schedule & Options.” You can completely deactivate your sleep routine.

Now, when your device will be switched to Sleep mode, you can manually press the turn-off DND/Bedtime mode appearing in the Control Center panel bar for unmuting the calls. The Control Center’s Bedtime will not get affected because of DND mode, neither it will affect the automated Bedtime alarm.

8. Double Verify the Automated Answer Calls. 

If you see conversely, the calls are not always silenced by the device as often they are answered automatically on your behalf to the recipient. And, thus this may be the main cause if often your calls are unanswered, and show as no missed calls on the display.

  1. Firstly, you are required to go and tap the iPhone settings menu and thereby press the Accessibility icon.
  2. In the next step, you are required to slide the pointer across and tap to start clicking the Touch option.
  3. Now, after that, you are required to locate and click on the “Call Audio Routing” option by simply pressing on it.
  4. Then, you are to slide the pointer and choose “Auto-Answer Calls” on the main display. However, with this, you are required to press the turn-off slider.
  5. Lastly, if it doesn’t say off, tap it to open it, then flip the toggle to the off position.

9. Check and Verify the Call Audio Routing Option. 

In the tip, you are required to verify and check the call and routing settings, if you are experiencing call receiving or outgoing problems. For this, open the Accessibility menu and select Call Audio Routing. Finally, ensure that “Automatic” is selected.

10. Examine any Blocked Numbers.

For this, you are required to check if you have either unintentionally blocked some specific calls from a particular number, at times, you are missing the calls in your device. However, for this, you are required to click and slide over the settings menu on your iOS device, and press the Phone icon.

After that, enter the iPhone settings and press the “Blocked Contacts” option displayed on the page. After that, you are required to unblock the specific contact on finding the blocked contacts page if you are not receiving any calls from them. On the phone number, swipe left and then tap “Unblock.”

Frequently Asked Questions


1. On an iPhone, how do I unmute SMS messages?

Ans: At the first step, you are required to tap the Settings option and move to Sound & Haptics and thereby slide over Sounds and Vibration Patterns to find the enabling options.

Next, you are required to click on Text Tone if you are disabled by tapping Do Not Disturb or Silent Mode. However, if you are still not receiving any text or message notifications, tap it to switch to your chosen alert tone or vibration pattern if it’s currently set to None.

2. How do I unlock an iPhone that has been locked?

Ans: For this towards the right side click on the left side of your iOS device and try enabling the Silent Mode switch. To mute your phone without unlocking it, switch it from on to off.

3. What is the process for unmuting a contact on my iPhone?

Ans: You can easily unlock a specific number on your iOS device if you have blocked the number on your phone. Select Unblock by swiping left on the number in Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts > Edit. Here, by following the steps or guidelines mentioned, you can quickly unlock users from your FaceTime and other Messages applications. 

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Final Words


Concluding with a note, you need to look for restarting your iPhone and scroll to look if any software update is pending for fixing the issue of the automatic muting of the calls. You need to switch to this method after you have switched to all other methods mentioned above for knowing how do you unsilence calls on iPhone.

Still, if the problem persists, you are required to tap and connect to the Apple Support team or speak to the Apple Support Center for bringing your phone to the right condition as it was before.


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