Why is my iPad charging so slow? (8 Ways to Fix)

Sometimes you might have faced that your iPad charges slowly and thus you want to know why is my iPad charging so slow. Not to worry much, as you reading the right one!

But, you will be surprised to know that the iPad charging slowly can be fixed easily and effectively. And, for this, you need to run down to the ways mentioned underneath like you will be required to check the power supply, switch to the new charger, or you can replace the cable as well.

It took me some time to identify the origin of this issue with an iPad I once owned, but the solutions I’m about to describe below worked for me. You have come to the right place if your iPad takes a long time to charge.

Why are iPads Charging so Slowly?


Owners of Apple devices frequently have issues with delayed charging brought on by either broken or malfunctioning charging equipment. There are also cases where problems with the software are implicated. Here are all the potential reasons why you might be experiencing this issue.

1. The Source doesn’t provide enough Power. 

If the power coming from the source is less than the power your iPad needs to charge for a specific period, it will also take longer to fully charge.

2. Charge the Device while it’s in use.

Because your iPad’s battery is being simultaneously drained when you use heavy apps like video games and online services, charging it will take much longer.

3. Problems with the Cable. 

A damaged cable may still generate a charge, but it may do so intermittently.

4. Software-related Causes

Software-related causes, such as flawed software upgrades, wrong settings, and others, frequently lead devices to experience these issues.

5. Uncleaned Port

The adversary that will damage your iPad from the start is dust and filth if you’ve used it for a long time. Dust can eventually jam up your speakers, microphone, and even your charging port in addition to making your device look dirty.

As a result, if your port feels a little slack or needs to be adjusted before it can be plugged in properly, dirt and dust are probably lodged inside of it. The majority of your pins won’t be properly aligned with your charger, which will result in a poor charging pace even if your iPad will begin to charge.

Best 8 Ways to Fix iPad Charging Slowly Issue

Your iPad may take too long to charge for a variety of reasons. While some are caused by software errors, others are hardware-related. Your device should start charging properly after applying the following solutions in a matter of minutes.

1. Charge the iPad First.

The charging speed is always impacted when using your iPad while it is charging. It would be beneficial if you avoided using the device while it was charging and instead gave it the time it required to fully charge in a short amount of time before using it.

The iPad’s screen is big, and keeping it on consumes some power. Use of it, while the iPad is charging, could be detrimental.

2. Relaunch the iPad

Have you not recently shut down and started your iPad? If so, this may be the cause of several issues and hiccups, including delayed charging (that may also heat the device).

For this, you can slide to the shutdown option using the iPad button or by clicking on the Settings General Shut Down appearing on the screen. Use the button or a charger to turn it on after a minute has passed.

3. Update the most recent version of iPadOS

Apple optimizes your iPad experience by addressing issues, removing bugs, and adjusting settings with software upgrades. Make sure you are constantly running the most recent version of iPadOS if you want everything to work flawlessly, including charging.

Next, you will be directed to the Settings page and tab on the Geral Software Update option and look for installing the most recently updated iPad version.

4. Ensure the Charging Port is Clean

Your iPad will frequently charge slowly or, in more serious circumstances, not at all if the charging connector is unclean. For this, you will be required to have a close and desirable look at the charging port connected to the iPad using the flashlight deeply. 

Grab a toothbrush that isn’t in use and an anti-static brush to gently clean out the port if you notice any lint or other dirt inside. Try charging your iPad once more after that. We’ll go to our final software troubleshooting step if the charge is still slow.

5. Cool down your iPad.

Heat prevents any device, including the iPad and iPhone, from charging properly. Also, you can use a thick iPad case for preventing scorching heat reach the device or the surrounding area of the iOS. You may take the case off and charge your iPad conveniently by placing it on a level surface while it charges.

6. Look for Charging the iPad at Home

The sixth way suggests making a full change of the iPad wholly at your home.  Since the majority of automobiles do not have outlets that can supply more power than 5W, there are virtually no fast-charging adapters for automobiles.

Charge your iPad first at home, then in the car. Avoid using public charging outlets as well. They might impact your gadget in unforeseen ways.

7. Change your Charging Cable.

After restarting your iPad, carefully examine your charging cable. Check your cable for fraying first. Apple’s Lightning cables can stop functioning properly if they begin to tear.

Use a different Lightning cable if your current one is damaged or if your iPad is charging slowly in any case. You’ll likely need to replace your old cable if the new one allows your iPad to charge more quickly.

8. Make a Tech help Appointment at the Apple 

Rarely, if changing the cable or adapter doesn’t fix the problem, you can have an iPad hardware problem. You should get assistance in this situation from Apple.

If an Apple Store is nearby, make an appointment and visit the location rather than phoning the company’s main technical support number. This is suggested as the staff at the Apple offline store based will certainly and willingly help to fix the issue and will remove it. 

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  1. How can I clean the charging port on my iPad?

Ans. Because an iPad’s charging port is composed of metal, it may be cleaned with just soap and water. If the port gets dirty, you can also clean it with a q-tip.

2. How can I check the iPad battery’s health?

Ans. On an iPad, you will be required to click and pen the Settings application and press the Battery set up to check the condition of the battery power. Your devices’ batteries are listed under “Battery Health,” along with their projected remaining life and percentage of charge.

3. Will turning off the iPad speed up charging?

Ans. Yes, if the iPad is off, it will charge more quickly.

4. Can an iPad be left plugged in constantly?

Ans. You can indeed leave your iPad plugged in all the time. Significantly, the battery power will consequently get lowered and thus it will initially demand replacement. 

5. How long are the batteries in an iPad?

Ans. The battery life of an iPad is typically around 10 hours, however, usage can affect this. For instance, a larger-screen iPad will consume more power and have a shorter lifespan than a smaller-screen iPad.

6. What can I do to quickly recharge my iPad?

Ans. If you require a quick charge, activate Airplane mode and reduce the screen brightness in the iPad’s settings. Additionally, make sure any open apps are closed and try not to use the iPad while it is charging.

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Final Words


We have become more and more dependent on smart devices like the iPad as a result of the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence. The charge problems typically bother people. In truth, it frequently happens that the iPhone won’t charge or the iPad charges slowly.

Though the concern is not a serious one, still the users need to resolve it anyway. The article discusses eight solutions, both conventional and cutting-edge. If conventional methods don’t work to fix the problems, you can try more sophisticated ones.

It may safely and rapidly fix any system issues with your iPad without erasing your data. I hope the tricks and tips will help you to fix why does iPad charge so slow efficiently.

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