How to Withhold Number on iPhone? ( Best Method)

What are your alternatives if you wish how to withhold number on iPhone, or prevent one of your contacts from seeing who is calling before making a call? Let’s dig deeper…

You may know that as and when you call a specific person from your phone, the receiver at the other end is probable of viewing either of the two things, one is your name with the phone number or the other is your only phone number.

But, the name along with the phone number will be displayed on their phone only if they have saved your number as a contact. So, here, you come up with one of the trending questions of today, “Is there any possibility to know how do you withhold your number on an iPhone?” Is such a thing even possible?

When Caller ID reads Withhold on iPhone, what does that mean?

Withholding your phone number prevents the person you’re phoning from knowing your number. Your phone number will not be displayed on a Caller ID service, and the caller will not be able to use 1471 to find out who is calling.

How to Withhold Number on iPhone before Answering a Call?


It’s quite simple to withhold number on iPhone temporarily, but only before making a specific call. So, follow the guidelines given to know how to withhold number on iPhone in an easy and precise manner.

  1. The steps are quite simple to know. At first, you will be required to type 141 before the number of the other user you wish to call.
  2. Now, in the final step, if you wanted to call 08754 656565, you would dial 14108754656565 from your phone.

This is the same approach that was used on landlines to prevent others from dialing 1471 and receiving your number. So, the process is the same and workable even on your smartphone. 

But what if you want to withhold your phone number for good? Is it possible? Yes, that too is also possible. The only thing is to know the proper steps by which you can automatically withhold your phone number on your iOS devices. Firstly to enable this privacy option, simply follow the steps below.

How to Withhold Number on iPhone Permanently?

To withhold your iPhone number permanently, you will be required to go down the given steps:

  1. In the first step, launch the Settings application.
  2. Now, in the next step, select Phone.
  3. Click Show My Caller ID.
  4. In the next step, Disable Show My Caller ID when you find it.
  5. Finally, your iPhone number has been blocked indefinitely.

That’s all! You are now down with how to block a withheld number on iPhone for an indefinite time.

Why Shouldn’t you keep your Phone Number Withheld?


It’s convenient to be able to hide your phone number, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it permanently. The explanation is simple: when you phone, your contacts, i.e. your friends and family, will not recognize you. 

It does happen at times that individuals decide not to answer a specific call if they aren’t able to recognize the person who is calling on their phone. And for this, it is likely to assume a spam call and they thereby report it.

Also, nowadays, there is a feature in modern designed phones that the unknown number calling on the phone gets automatically rejected. And, so, you do need to understand it if your call isn’t being received or if you are unable to hear the right of the call, it is to be assumed that your call might be blocked.

As a result, I would strongly advise against withholding your phone number indefinitely. When you phone a friend or family member, your number will just display as NUMBER UNKNOWN, which appears suspicious.

As a result, unless you want the majority of your calls to be denied, it’s generally not worth permanently setting the withhold number feature on iPhone or Android. By the way, if you want to make sure your phone isn’t handing up too much personal information, make sure you know how to use the iPhone’s location history settings.

When Should you Withhold Number on iPhone?


However, there are situations when you’ll wish to hide your phone numbers, such as when calling a business or a store. Retailers and stores will frequently harvest your phone number and utilize it for marketing purposes. 

So, if you don’t want such a thing, it is advisable to never share your phone number with an unknown person. Or it is also suggested to use a service provider by which you can easily remove your phone numbers from being listed in the marketing or other advertisement list.

Do the same thing when calling any service provider. As a result of this, your phone numbers will never be shared with any third-party application providers for either marketing or advertising purpose. Another reason to keep your phone number withheld?

Like when you do sometimes call the senior authorities, for example, cops, you might be not willing to share the phone number.  At this, you might make a phone call to report a particular crime and at the same time, you don’t want to reveal your identity.  

This is an excellent example of when you should use the 141 number block feature on your iPhone or Android phone. Also, you can type and use the 141 number to be withheld if you wish to play a prank call with your relatives or among the friend circle. 

Whenever you make a prank call on an individual, the recipient of the call is unaware of who is calling, and as such, the number comes into play.  It would simply not work if your name was mentioned. 

FAQs on How to Withheld Number on iPhone


1. Is 141 compatible with the iPhone?

Ans. At first, you will be required to type 141 before the number of the other user you wish to call. As a result of this, the recipient of the call is unable to know who is calling on your phone, and it will be a private or unknown number or number with no caller ID.  

2. Is it possible to hide my phone number when calling from an iPhone?

Ans. Before dialing the number you wish to reach, enter a certain star code on your keyboard to block your number from the Caller ID on your iPhone. 

Now, you need to dial *67, and after that type the code of your area, and then the phone number of the person you want to call. The recipient’s display will show your number as No Caller ID.

3. On my iPhone, how do I dial 141?

Ans. For individual call blocking please dial “141.” So, to prevent an unknown person from seeing your phone number, you need to dial 141 as a prefix and then type the phone number of that person. Finally, now, you should make a call to the person you desire to talk to.

4. Can we dial 141 and keep our contact number private? 

Ans  While withholding your mobile phone number ensures your privacy and that no one knows your personal number, you may want to inform others that you are doing so. 

Simply type 141 before the phone number you’d want to call. This is the same method that works on landlines and mobile phones.

5. Suggest a way out for making my iOS device a private one. 

Ans. For this, at the first step, you will require either to enable or disable the private browsing option on your iPhone or iPad. And, thereby, you drag the pointer towards the Safari app. Then, select the new page option. At last, tap Done, then tap Private.

7. Why isn’t 141 working on my iPhone?

Ans. First, make sure you don’t have ‘send my number’ enabled in your phone settings, since this will overrule you by adding 141 in front of your number to prevent it from being sent. 

It’s an iPhone, and there are two options: on or off. Having it on appears to override it.

8. Is it possible to block the withheld number on iPhone?

Ans. You can’t stop every call you get, but you can block certain ones – in fact, the Phone app’s call log has a “Block this Caller” option.

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Final Words


Once you know how blocking or silencing strange callers on your iPhone is pretty simple. By indulging yourself in these simple and precise steps, you can easily ensure that you receive calls only from the person whom you would be knowing and want to talk to. 

However, if you find any difficulty do contact your service provider to help you out in enabling the blocking filter on your phone so that, it works on your device.  

Have you ever used your iPhone to withhold your callers? Or have you looked for any blog that will let you know how do I withhold my number on iPhone? Did you utilize any of the methods described in this guide? So, share your opinion on this blog and do share what was your experience when you started reading the blog. 

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