5+ Apple Pencil 2 Tips and Tricks in 2022

Do you own Apple Pencil 2? Here are Top 6 Tips and Tricks for your Apple Pencil 2✅.

The Apple Pencil 2 is a stylus that goes with the iPad, it is hailed as an excellent accessory by artists and creative professionals. It makes your work easier and more detail-oriented, it works especially well for those who think that they can never get their digital art while using their fingers.

Many users claim that the second-generation Apple Pencil is the most responsive stylus to have come out so far. It is a smart device that is meant to optimise the wonderful and versatile iPad.

The Apple Pencil 2 is a great addition to the ever-expanding and flourishing Apple ecosystem. It is to be noted that the Apple Pencil 2 is made to pair with the iPad Pro and the 2020 iPad Air. Here are some Apple Pencil 2nd gen tips to help you get the best out of this exciting device.

Apple Pencil 2 Tips and Tricks


  1. Pairing and charging

In the new and improved Apple Pencil 2, the process of pairing and charging has been completely changed up from the first versions. To pair your Apple Pencil 2 with your Apple device, turn the ‘Bluetooth’ on the device. Then attach the Pencil to the edge on the right side of the iPad where a magnetic connector is present.

When this physical step is done, a message will flash in regards to the pairing. Click on ‘pair’ and you have now finished pairing the Apple Pencil 2 to the iPad. The way to charge the Pencil 2 is to follow the same method as when pairing it. Even if you want to check the battery left on the Apple Pencil 2, simply plug it in and wait for the reading to show up.

  1. Using the iPad when locked

The Apple Pencil 2 allows the user to access and use the iPad even when it is locked, the wonder of technology right? Ideas come quick and fast so you do not have the patience to unlock your iPad. When this happens, you can simply tap your Pencil against the screen of the iPad and a Note will appear.

You can write down your ideas and channel them as you wish on the Note that has appeared. Once you are done, you can find all of your ideas safe and sound in the Notes app on your iPad.

  1. Scribble

Scribble is a fan favourite among users since it had been introduced but the Apple Pencil 2 makes the experience all the more memorable. Scribble allows your handwritten scribbles to be turned into legible text which makes digital designing so much easier and more accessible. And just like using an actual pencil, you can scratch the text that you want to be removed.

This is taken one step further by allowing the user to be able to add words between sentences, omit or add words in between and select the text by drawing a single line over it. Scribble can also be used over numerous other third-party text editing apps. This removes the step of having to switch between the Pencil and the keyboard.

  1. Apple Pencil 2 Tip Replacement

The trickiest part about using a stylus is that the tip requires replacement as they are quite sensitive and a wrong move can damage them beyond repair. But the tip of the Apple Pencil 2 could also wear out after a period of vigorous usage and who can blame it?

The tip can simply be unscrewed to be separated from the body of the Pencil. Apple sells a pack of four tips to be replaced that can be purchased at a price of $19. If you want a good deal on that, you can also find off-brand replacement tips on Amazon.

  1. Rejection of touch

The screen of the iPad is sensitive to any and all touch. So technically, when you are using your Apple Pencil 2, even a slight brush of your palm will lead to a misstep or something in that realm right? Wrong. The creators at Apple have worked on touch rejection to ensure that while using the stylus to work, any touch of your palm will not be registered in turn not disturbing you or your work.

While many have tried to perfect this feature to the T, it has not been possible. While the iPad is inevitably going to pick up on a brush of your skin sometimes, the Apple ecosystem has definitely gotten the closest to solving this issue.

  1. Tracing

The sensitivity of the Apple Pencil 2 is impeccable, so much so that if you were to place a piece of paper on your iPad and trace through it, it would show up on your screen. Not only is this a really cool feature, but this is also very helpful for tracing while drawing, storyboarding and other creative activities like that.

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1. How do I use my iPad when unlocked?

Ans. Go to the ‘settings’ app and open the ‘notes’ section on your iPad. You will find the section ‘lock screen and control centre’ under which you can turn this function on. Usually, this function is automatically on in the device but on the off chance that it is off, you can follow these steps.

2. How to turn Scribble on?

Ans. Scribble is often enabled by default on the iPad but in case Scribble is not on, follow these steps. Open the ‘settings’ app on the iPad, then click on ‘Apple Pencil’ and toggle to green the ‘Scribble’ option. The same path can be followed to turn it off as well.

3. Where can I buy Apple Pencil 2 replacement tips?

Ans. Apple sells a four-pack of replacement tips for $19 while third-party sell them for half the price on Amazon.

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Final Words

The Apple Pencil 2 tips and tricks should help enhance your iPad experience and help you work more efficiently while having some practical fun. The Pencil is a great tool to have for pursuing creative hobbies or even if you work in a creative field of any kind.

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