Why does my iPad keep Turning off? (5 Easy Solutions)

Does your iPad ever shut off without warning? Although it’s a very aggravating issue, following troubleshooting techniques ought to fix the issue of why does my iPad keep turning off?

You’re unable to figure out why your iPad keeps shutting down randomly. You’ve attempted to reset it, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Even after charging it, it won’t remain on for more than a short while. The iPad hasn’t been physically harmed, and you haven’t tampered with any of the settings. What’s happening, then?

Not to worry. This article discusses a few potential causes of your iPad’s recurrent shutdowns and solutions to why my iPad keeps turning off and on effectively and easily.

Why do you keep having to Restart your iPad?

Perhaps, if you see understanding the issue as the first step, fix it cautiously. Why does your iPad continually shutting off even when the battery has power left? Similarly, you will find several reasons that lead to such problems:

  • Firstly, you may find that your iPad shuts down automatically and the issue is due to a Software-related bug.
  • Secondly, you will find that the battery on the iPad gets overheated or is severely damaged and requires replacement.
  • The next issue might be related to hardware, which might be connected to another internal part of the same.
  • Your iPad is incompatible with a malicious app.

5 Best Ways to Fix Why does my iPad keep Turning off?


The measures you can take to focus on the issue of why does my iPad keep turning off by itself are listed below.

1. Verify the iPad’s Battery Life

Checking the battery’s health should be your first step if your iPad keeps shutting off. Similarly, you may see that having a high-capacity battery on the iPad, can do wonders and has a long-lasting life. The battery does, however, deteriorate over time, which makes it drain faster and ultimately expire.

For this, in the first step, go to Settings > Battery and seek the Battery Health option to examine the condition of your battery. Here, if your battery isn’t operating at its best if its health is below 80%, therefore you should think about changing it.

2. Eliminate Extra Storage

One of the most prevalent causes of an iPad restart is a lack of storage. Regularly cleaning out your iPad’s storage can prevent it from running out of room and having to shut down suddenly.

For this, in the first step, go to Settings > General > Storage & and then click iCloud Usage > Manage Storage to free up storage (under the Storage section). Now, a list of apps and their storage requirements should eventually appear.

To view the app’s saved data, tap it. To remove the data from an app, swipe left. To remove saved images and films, touch the Photo Library or Videos apps. Your iPad should remain operational for a longer period without needing to shut down abruptly now that you’ve cleared storage on it.

3. Updates and Launch iTunes on the iPad iOS

If your gets switched off automatically, the same can be fixed by simply clicking and updating the most recent version of iPadOS on the device. This is a pretty easy approach. Here, we’ve created step-by-step instructions to help you resolve this problem.

  1. Firstly, you will be required to launch and click over the newest version of iTunes and installed the same on your desktop or laptop or anything that you own. Then, connect your device and PC at this point.
  2. In the next step, you will be required to slide and open the iTunes application, once you start connecting your iPad iOS with the desktop.
  3. Now pick “Summary” and “Check for Update” from the menu.
  4. Subsequently, select “Download and Update.” If a prompt asking for the passcode appears, enter it.

4. Drain and Charge the Battery

Even for enormous challenges, there are times when simple answers are the best. You might choose an easy solution rather than searching for a complicated one to fix your iPad turning off. Simply attempt to completely drain the battery of your iPad.

A useless charge on your cellphone may be what’s causing the issue. You simply need to take that energy from your device and recharge your iPad once more to achieve this. Just try turning on your iPad after it has been charged. Hopefully, now there are no errors on your smartphone.

5. Perform Factory Reset

If all else fails, you should restore your iPad. To lessen the likelihood of data loss, make sure you have a backup of your device before doing a factory reset.

  1. For this, you will be required to join your iPad to your Mac or PC. As previously, confirm that iTunes is installed on your PC or Mac in the most recent version (macOS Mojave or earlier).
  2. And, then, make sure the most recent macOS is operating on Macs with macOS Catalina or later.
  3. After that, you will be required to scroll down your device and find select your device in iTunes or Finder.
  4. Now, after that, you will be required to press the Restore iPad option appearing on the drop-down list menu.
  5. After that, observe the instructions that pop up on the screen.
  6. With this, your iPad will be virtually as good as new after the process is over, and it will ensure that there are no software or data-related problems.
  7. At last, never forget to check to see if the iPad is operating normally or if it is still switching off by itself.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does my iPad continually crash while using Facebook?

Ans. You probably need to update your iPadOS if Facebook continues crashing on your device. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and check to see if an update is available to make sure you have the most recent version of iPadOS. Install it if it is.

Additionally, check sure the Facebook software on your iPad is the most recent version available.

2. Why do websites on my iPad constantly crash?

Ans. Try deleting Safari’s history and website data if websites in Safari on your iPad keep failing. Select Clear History and Website Data under Settings > Safari. Restart the iPad as well to see if it resolves the problem. If none of these choices work, consider turning off the autofill function:

Use Contact Info by selecting Settings > Safari > Autofill and turning it off. Another option is to try turning off Safari’s iCloud syncing: Click Settings > [your name] > iCloud, then drag Safari to off or white.

3. How do you prevent your iPad from powering off on its own?

Ans. By making sure your iPad is fully charged and has enough storage space for basic operations, you can prevent it from shutting off on its own.

The most recent iPadOS version must be installed on the device, and all apps must be updated to the most recent versions.

4. How do I get my iPad out of recovery mode?

Ans. Press and hold the power and home buttons for at least 10 seconds, then release them when the screen becomes black if your iPad is stuck in recovery mode. So, on appearing the Apple logo on the screen, you will be directed to select and click on the home + power button to enable the same.

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Final Words


Your iPad is now always powered on. Hopefully, by using these troubleshooting techniques, you were able to stop and know why does my iPad keep turning off without having to conduct a factory reset or go to the Apple Store.

However, if you did reset your iPad, it is now in perfect working order. At last, it is suggested that to recover all your confidential information, you should first look for executing backups of the device.

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