Top 6 Best Apps for Coding on Mac OS

Are you looking for Coding Apps for Mac? Here are 6 Best Codings Apps for Mac OS ✅✅✅.

The common misconception surrounding coding is that it is complex and requires quite a bit of resource. But what if you were to find out that this is not the truth at all? You can easily code from the comfort of your bed; all you would need would be your Mac and an app suitable to your needs to get you going.

Coding can be simplified through these apps that help you invest in coding as a hobby or even as a full-time profession. Coding can be a lot of things but it does not have to be complex or tedious. Here are some of the best apps for coding on Mac, each with its own set of unique features to fit your purpose to code.

List of 6 Best Coding Apps for Mac OS


1. Visual Studio Code


Created by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code is an excellent place to start coding. This code editing app is open-sourced and has an intuitive design; it is maintained wonderfully well by Microsoft. Not only is it beginner-friendly, but it is also easy to set up and use.

The speed at which you can code on this app will have you immersed in your coding experience. Microsoft also does a great job at providing impeccable support in terms of file types, languages in programming and so much more.

Visual Studio Code is also free to use and comes with customizable themes and scripts. It supports JavaScript, Node.js and TypeScript and it has integration with Git as well. It is 100 per cent customizable and doubles as a web application’s debugger.

Download Visual Studio Code

2. Atom


Atom is a code editing app that is praised worldwide for its minimalist user interface and its excellent modular design. It is embedded with the GitHub developed Git Control, doubles into the function of being used as an IDE and supports the programming language of Node.js. This coding app is versatile and suitable for users of all skill levels.


  • Syntax highlighter
  • Autodetection of programming language
  • Autocompletion system
  • Teletype integration to collaborate on coding with others
  • Pushing and pulling of code requests
  • Excellent search tool
  • File browser
  • Strong package manager
  • Supports extensions


  • Take up a ton of memory space

Download Atom

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3. FlexiHub


FlexiHub is considered to be one of the best software solutions developing app for Mac and is a leading app for iOS app debugging and testing. The feature that makes FlexiHub shine is the network that allows access to the app from any remote location and device as long as it is part of the utility network.

Not only does FlexiHub work well with Wi-Fi but also with Lan and Ethernet and the protection and security features for this app are out of this world with its advanced traffic encryption. FlexiHub comes with a heavy price tag and a free trial for a week. The personal plan is $159 per annum and the team plan costs $145 per month.


  • Activity tracker
  • Data exporting and importing
  • Drag and drop interface
  • App testing and debugging
  • Traffic encryption

Downlaod Flexihub

4. Homebrew


Homebrew is a package manager that users can access for free to use on their Mac devices. It essentially provides its users with a simple method to install UNIX tools, graphical tools and Mac terminal utilities on the macOS. Homebrew complies with these essential tools from the source itself.

Homebrew comes highly recommended and it is integrated with the command line. It is a flexible app that allows you to place the installation in the location of your choice. It also will not install any third-party prefix files onto your Mac. Homebrew is an open-source code developer with a robust editing system and unique outlook on coding.

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5. Sublime Text


As a text and development editor, Sublime Text has it all from a feature-packed app to a fast-paced coding system. It is a brilliant app for code, markup and prose as well. Sublime Text also supports over 50 programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, C++, LESS and many more.

This notepad style application for writing and editing code is super-fast and is highly praised and recommended. It also has a unique distraction-free writing mode that when turned on blocks everything else out except your writing area so that you can focus on your code.

Sublime Text does have a free trial version but for the most, it is a paid coding application for your Mac. For those who wish to dive deeper into the world of coding and want to support the developer, you can purchase the license they provide. Sublime Text is not only compatible with the macOS but also with Windows and Linux systems.


  • Allows the user to write in multiple places of the document at the same time
  • Keyboard functionality
  • Syntax highlighting and detection algorithm
  • Code snippets
  • Command palette
  • Multiple selections

Download Sublime Text

6. Xcode


Xcode is not simply an app for coding but is rather described as a development environment that brings anything the user could possibly require to write and edit code to their presence. It is compatible with creating applications for the Apple ecosystem.

Xcode supports numerous programming languages and has an intuitive user interface for design, testing, and debugging. It provides a unified workflow and makes use of swift programming languages. These swift languages include Xcode IDE, C, C++, Objective-C compilers.

Download Xcode

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1. Which is a good free coding app for Mac?

Ans. Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text are two excellent code writing and editing apps for Mac.

2. What is a good beginner-friendly coding app for Mac?

Ans. Atom and Visual Studio Code are two beginner-friendly coding apps that are also easy to install and set up.

3. Which coding app has the best security and protection features of them all?

Ans. FlexiHub has advanced traffic encryption that keeps your data and your code safe and away from any bugs or malware that you may attract off the Internet, Wi-Fi and also from using Lan and Ethernet which are all compatible while using FlexiHub.


In this technology-obsessed and driven world, coding can be an excellent skill to have under your belt, be it in a novice or professional capacity. Coding can be fun, simple and empowering; so grab your Mac right now and test these code writing, developing and editing apps out to find the one that fits your purpose the best.

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