How to Open MSG Files on Mac? (Top 6 Ways)

If a.msg file somehow made its way onto your Mac, you soon discovered that your computer is unable to open it. This is because Microsoft Outlook created the file on a Windows PC rather than a Mac device.

A.msg file sometimes referred to as a Microsoft Outlook Item, is typically only able to be created and opened through Microsoft Outlook on a Windows machine. It will still be impossible for MS Outlook for Mac to open it.

There are some of the few methods you can look upon to try out what’s inside you ought to know. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about MSG files and how to open MSG files on Mac, keep reading so that we can talk about it in more detail.

What does MSG File Mean?

Microsoft Outlook can produce and read extremely specialized file types called MSG files. They go by the name Microsoft Outlook Item in full. These files may include an email, an appointment on the Outlook calendar, a contact, a task, or other items from Outlook that can be saved as files.

Although there are Outlook programs that run on Android phones, Macs, and even iPhones, Microsoft Outlook is mostly utilized on Windows computers. You might be wondering why you shouldn’t just download and launch Outlook on your Mac when it is available in these various settings.

The simple and main troubleshooting to this issue is that the MSG file can be created and opened only by Outlook installed in your Windows.

As the other versions available on the market switch to using Outlook using a different format, you can’t easily view and open the .msg files. We must therefore devise a different approach to this problem of how to open MSG files on a Mac issue.

Pro 6 Ways for Knowing How to Open .msg Files on a Mac?


1. Utilize Outlook for Windows on a Mac

Installing Windows on your Mac is another option to open MSG files on a Mac. Perhaps, you can only switch to using outlook if you operate Intel Mac, and not the most recent or upgraded version like M1 or M2. Apple permits the installation of Windows alongside macOS.

You must restart your Mac to utilize Windows, and you must hold down the Option key during startup to transition from Windows to macOS. Install the Outlook application as you would on a typical Windows OS once you have converted to it. MSG files can now be opened on a Mac.

You must: use Windows. When prompted, select Windows or macOS while holding down the Option key. Install Outlook on Windows after that. The MSG file can be opened at this point and with this, you complete the first way how to open .msg files on a Mac easily and effectively.

2. Look for Converter Apps

Applications that can read.msg files and show them to you are available. Some will even present them in a layout that closely resembles Outlook. Among these are MSG Viewer and MailRaider.

Some products have free versions, while others are expensive or at least expensive to upgrade. Thus, to make a complete knowledge of what other applications are available for viewing the msg files, you can quickly visit the online app store, if any. 

3. A Converter Online

There are other online converters accessible. You can utilize these by visiting the website, uploading your file, and then either downloading or viewing the file’s contents. I don’t advise using these because they might not be secure, which is the problem.

Your MSG file will be completely accessible to them, and they will have access to any private or personal information it may contain. Since I believe they are all horrible ideas, I won’t mention any of them here, but if you want to learn more, you can easily locate them by performing a quick Google search.

4. Download an MSG Viewer


An MSG viewer makes it simple to open an unfamiliar MSG file. It is made to view MSG files produced by the Mac version of Microsoft Outlook on PCs. The Mac App Store offers a sizable selection of MSG viewers. 

While some of them provide a trial version with fewer features, others are free to use. On your Mac, you can set up such an MSG viewer. Additionally, there are some MSG viewers online, however, posting private emails online is a little hazardous.

5. Utilize Virtual Machines to open msg files on Mac

As you see you will find that many problems resulted in trying to access or read the data encrypted on the Windows and all can be mutually resolved using the Windows virtual assistant-like machines on your mac desktop. It is comparable to running an entirely different computer in a window on your Mac desktop.

Contradictory it is seen that Windows is only one of the simple operating devices that is easy to use. You can use Outlook after installing a desktop version of Windows. Thus, it is seen that running the VMs on a Mac can be done in several other simple ways. Perhaps, you need to sometimes like VMWare, Parallels, Virtual Box, and several other applications at times. 

6. File Extension Changes

This is a straightforward technique that might help how to open .msg files on a Mac. To open an MSG file in the mail app, double-click it after changing the file’s extension to EML (the one used by your Mac’s mail application) or TXT (the format of the standard macOS text editor).

Locate the MSG file in the Finder, then use the right-click menu to select Rename to alter the file extension.

Bonus Tip: What Advantages do Msg Files on Mac Have?

One of the top advantages of opening the msg files on your device, Mac is that it saves most of your time. Let’s take the scenario when you get an email with a sizable attachment. However, for easy and quick viewing you ought to download the file or the folder to your computer first for quick viewing. 

On a Mac, though, you can read the attachment without first downloading it if you open the .msg file. This can save you a tonne of time, particularly if you frequently receive emails with heavy attachments.

You can manage your email more successfully by accessing MSG files on a Mac, which is an additional advantage. Finding the MSG files you require, for instance, can be challenging if you have many of them in your inbox.

Another advantage of opening MSG files on a Mac is that it might assist you in maintaining your anonymity. Your computer’s hard disc stores an MSG file when you open it. In other words, every user gets the sole right to access and view their hard disc drive and access the content of the files one by one.

Further, the files will be kept tactfully in one safe place so that only the user of the device gets the right of accessing the folders on the Mac inclusively. This can assist in preserving your privacy and preventing unauthorized parties from viewing the information contained in your MSG files.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does Outlook on a Mac open an MSG file?

Ans. .msg files are not supported by Outlook for Mac. You must convert it to EML if you want to open it in Outlook. Open your online browser, type “MSG to EML converter” into the search bar, select a website, upload the file for conversion to EML, and then open the EML file in Outlook.

2. What can be the best method of quickly accessing messages without Outlook?

Ans. Without Outlook, you can open messages with online MSG readers. Look up websites that offer online MSG viewers on Google, pick one, upload the MSG file there, and watch it there.

3. Why isn’t A MSG file opening?

Ans. If Outlook for Windows won’t open an MSG file, the file may be damaged. On the other hand, if an MSG file won’t open on a Mac, it isn’t supported.

Open Outlook in your browser, sign up or log in, generate an email, attach the MSG file, and send it to yourself to read an MSG file on a Mac. Dispatch the email.

4. Exactly how can I convert an MSG file to a PDF?

Ans. In the first step, you need to go to Google on your web browser once it’s open. Look for “MSG to PDF converter” Choose a website to Convert the MSG file you’ve uploaded to PDF.

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Final Words


You can see from the information I’ve given above that there are numerous alternatives available to you if you need to access an MSG file. You might want to stay with the first few options since they are the simplest if this is a one-time event or an extremely uncommon occurrence.

What happened when you attempted to open yours?msg file with a text editor? I hope this article has helped you in solving the query of how to open msg files on Mac. If this approach was successful for you, please let me know.

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