How to Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on iPhone?(2 Methods)

On an iOS device, have you ever unintentionally deleted a voicemail message and wished there was a method to get it back? If so, you should read this article!

Today, we’ll discuss how to retrieve deleted voicemail on iPhone. So, I thought why not shall I try to address all your concerns and summarise everything in a simple yet easier way? I will start by letting you know if this is even feasible to execute.

Why have my voicemails disappeared?

Your voicemails could have been removed in several ways:

User Error.

All of us have been there. It might that your fingers accidentally slipped or you changed your mind and now you are deciding to get back to the old voicemail. The most frequent method of data loss is accidental deletion, but it also has a good probability of being recovered.

Ineffective system

You do know that the most recent or updated software updates frequently are not advisable at times. You can lose more than just your voicemails, depending on how serious the issue was. So, it is strongly advised and urged that you need initially take a simple and safe backup before you start implementing any factory reset or software updates continuously.

Device damage.

Did your iPhone briefly come into contact with a pool? Or you are involved in an accident and with that, your device was sustained and got placed to physical damage internally. Take your iOS device to your data recovery specialist to examine what can be recovered if you can’t even get it to switch on.

How to Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on iPhone?


Don’t worry. You can quickly retrieve your deleted voicemail if new data on your iPhone hasn’t been overwritten. Thus, to return to the same, you need to perform the walk rapidly and start them early. 

So, in this post, I will explain how to retrieve deleted voicemail on iPhone in simple and two quick easy methods. The aforementioned methods work with all iPhone models.

Method 1: Using the Recently Deleted Folder, you can retrieve deleted voicemail on iPhone.


On your iPhone, a deleted voicemail will be placed in a folder called “Deleted Messages.” So, by examining the folder, you can quickly retrieve them back.

It’s important to note that you may only use this strategy if you recently deleted some voicemail from your iPhone. Let’s look at how to recover Voicemail on iPhone from the Deleted Messages folder now:

  1. At first, step, go to the “Voicemail” section of the Phone app after opening it.

  2. Now, your most recent voicemails are listed at the bottom of the list.
  3. After that, press “Deleted Messages” once.

  4. Now listen to the voicemails you just deleted.
  5. After choosing the message you want to restore, choose “Undelete.”


Lastly, the voicemail list should now include the deleted message.

Method 2: Using iTunes, retrieve deleted voicemail on iPhone


Let’s say you frequently use iTunes to back up your data. In such a situation, you can now access your iPhone’s voicemails that have been irretrievably deleted using the desktop version of the iTunes software on your computer.

But, you will find a roadblock in the way itself. The real data on your device will then be instantly deleted, which could cause substantial data loss. As a result, there is a good chance that you could mistakenly delete all of the other crucial data on your device in your quest to recover one or two lost voicemails.

In other words, you should only try this method if your device doesn’t contain any important data. The steps below aforesaid provide you a ready comprehensive guide for quickly and easily recovering the deleted voicemails from your iPhone using a simple clicking of an iTunes backup.

  1. At first, you are asked and suggested to download and run the most recent and updated version of iTunes on the computer initially. For this, you need to take a USB cable and later try to connect your smartphone to a computer or desktop.  
  2. In the second step, select “Summary” from the left-hand menu bar as soon as iTunes detects the iPhone.
  3. After that, to complete the process and exit the window, select “Restore Backup” and then tap “Restore” in the pop-up message.

Best Tip: How to Future-Protect Your Voicemails

The easiest way to ensure the security of your voicemails is to regularly create backups. In this regard, you can consider a proverb that says, none should pull all the eggs once in one basket. 

Making a backup of vital files is something that has never been regretted, therefore you should do it frequently. How? Read on.

Setting Up an iCloud Backup

On an iPhone, creating an iCloud account and manually syncing your data is the simplest way to accomplish this. There are 4 steps to complete this.

  1. The first step, you can ensure that your iPhone is Wi-Fi enabled.
  2. Second, to use iCloud, navigate to Settings > [Your Name].
  3. After that, click Backup Now, then wait for the procedure to finish.
  4. The time and date will be shown below whether the backup was successful and the iPhone.

However, it would be preferable to set your iCloud to automatically produce backups so you can set it once and forget it. For this, you can enable the iCloud Backup feature by clicking on the iCloud menu to quickly access the drive.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. On an iPhone, is it possible to recover a deleted voicemail?

Ans. You can usually retrieve deleted voicemails by opening the voicemail app and choosing Menu > Deleted Voicemails. Choose a voicemail and keep it down while selecting Save.

2. On an iPhone, is it possible to recover lost call history?

Ans. Without erasing your phone and installing an iCloud backup, Apple does not officially offer a mechanism to recover call history that has previously been wiped.

3. How long are voicemails left on an iPhone after being deleted?

Ans. Before permanently erasing your deleted voicemails, iPhones preserve them for 30 days. By going to Deleted Voicemails, you can erase them on your own.

4. Why does my iPhone still indicate that my mailbox is full even after removing voicemails?

Ans. The biggest problem is that the deleted voicemails are still stored in the phone’s Deleted Voicemails or Deleted Messages category.

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Final Words


Voicemails have the power to transport you back in time and recall details that you might have otherwise forgotten. You may become anxious if you lose them, but remember that there are numerous ways to get back an iPhone voicemail that has been deleted.

As you can see, anyone can accomplish this, therefore there’s no need for you to let go of them. They might one day act as a lovely memory of the past.

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