Can you Unsend an iMessage? Here’s how(3 Ways)

Are you looking to unsend an iMessage? In this article, we have shown 3 easy methods on how to unsend an iMessage on iPhone ✅✅✅.

In the technology-fuelled world, we live in today, communicating with someone can be done with the tap of the screen. This has given us the ability to communicate on a worldwide scale in a way that would have been impossible otherwise. While the benefits of technology are endless, everything always has a downside.

Say you are speaking to a potential client or employer over text and precariously hit send before checking your grammar. Or even in more light-hearted moments where you might have overstepped boundaries with a person. These moments of a lapse in carefulness could snowball into something larger and not of the good kind.

While most try to be as careful as they can, we all have our slip-ups. But say that you do not want to admit to your mistake or carry the brunt of sending a wrong text, admitting to your silly mistakes can be hard. What then? You can always rectify your mistake because all problems have solutions and we have some for you right here.

Can I Unsend an iMessage?

Unfortunately for iPhone users, you cannot unsend an iMessage that has already been sent and delivered. There simply is no way to undo that unless you want to go to the length of carrying out an Ocean Eleven capacity heist.

There are only two ways to unsend an iMessage, one would be to use third-party apps such as the TgerConnect App. The other would be to be quick and catch your mistake before the iMessage is sent.

How to Use the TigerConnect App to Unsend an iMessage?

TigerConnect is a free app that allows an iPhone or an iPad user to unsend an iMessage in any given situation. The iMessage can also be retrieved after it has been read, I am sure someone could have a use for that as well. But apart from unsending a message on iMessage, TigerConnect does more than just that; it also helps encrypt messages to keep them private between you and the receiver, and the amazing option to destruct a message after a while despite it being read or not.

If you want to use the TigerConnect app, then look for it on the App Store or you can download it from here. Hit install, once installed, it will require your email address to connect to your iPhone. Create a strong password and the app is ready to be used. The ultimate selling point of this app is that once your iMessage has been deleted, it is permanently erased from the server as well.

But the only downside to this is that both, the sender and the receiver of the iMessage need to have TigerConnect installed in their iPhones to be able to work it successfully. This makes the whole point of unsending an iMessage moot. All in all, TigerConnect is a good app to have to be in control of your correspondence and to prevent any misunderstandings or mishaps of any sort.

How to unsend an iMessage?


For the other way to unsend an iMessage to work, you have to be quick with it. The way to do so is to intercept the message when it is still in the process of being sent. Because once it has been sent, nothing can be done.

So how do you intercept an iMessage that is on its way to wreak havoc in your life? The trick is to set your iPhone onto the Airplane Mode to defer the connection which will prevent the iMessage from being sent.

Step 1: Swipe down on your iPhone screen or up depending on your iPhone version, this will bring the Control Centre up.


Step 2: The ‘airplane mode’ option is pretty easy to spot, go ahead and click on it.


Step 3: Your iMessage will display the ‘failed to send’ or “not delivered” display and that’s how you know it’s worked.


Step 4: Tap the iMessage and hold for a while for a menu to pop up. Then select the ‘More’ option.


Step 5: Here you will see a trash icon which is what you will click to delete the iMessage altogether.


Step 6: Now click on “Delete Message” and the message will be deleted.


Despite the ‘failed to deliver’ display, it is crucial that you follow through and delete the iMessage because otherwise when you turn the ‘airplane mode’ off, the iMessage would then be sent once the Wi-Fi or data connection is back up.

How to prevent sending an iMessage?

In the older iPhone versions, it often took a couple of seconds before the iMessage went through. This was a result of a slow data connection; the time period being even more prolonged for media files. But with the technology being improved with each passing version, the process has been sped up.

Ensure to be quick on your feet to catch your mistake before it has even been sent. Here’s how to send your phone into ‘airplane mode’ by skipping the step of going to the ‘settings’ app.

Step 1: Hit the ‘home’ button.

Step 2: Open the ‘settings’ app.

Step 3: Turn ‘airplane mode’ on, ensure that the airplane mode is on by looking for the tiny airplane on the top bar of your iPhone.

Step 4: Return to your iMessage app, you should find that the message says that it has ‘failed to deliver’.

Step 5: Click on the iMessage and two options will pop up. One is to ‘resend’ and the other is to ‘delete’. Hit ‘delete’ to prevent the iMessage from going through.


1. Where do I find the ‘airplane mode’ option?

Ans. You can find it in the ‘settings’ app on your iPhone or you can directly access it through the control centre.

2. What is the condition for using the TigerConnect app?

Ans. This free app can only be used to unsend a sent iMessage only if both the sender and the receiver of the iMessage have the TigerConnect App installed on their respective iPhones.

3. Does turning the ‘airplane mode’ on work to unsend an iMessage on an iPad as well?

Ans. Turning the ‘airplane mode’ on to prevent an iMessage from going through can work on all of the Apple devices from the iPhone, and iPad to the Apple Watch as well.

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A wrong text or a harmless spelling mistake can often be overlooked and laughed about but when the mistake is astronomical, or so it seems to be, this is when it gets tricky. While the best thing to do is to always be vigilant, mistakes are what make us human. Remember to be quick on your feet when trying to unsend an iMessage and hopefully it works just fine.

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