The History of iPhone(The Evolution of iPhone Since 2007)

Are you interested in knowing the history of iPhone since the first phone? If yes then you are at the right place✅✅✅. In this article, we have shown the history of iPhone since the beginning.

History of iPhone


While the iPhone was in the making since the year of 2004, it was only released to the public in 2007 after three years of careful design and development. The CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs requested of his engineering team to work on the iPhone under the secret name of ‘Project Purple. After two years of its release, the iPhone was available in all major markets around the world.

Jobs was curious to see what kind of device they could invent that was a touchscreen device and pit two teams of engineers against each other to receive the best outcome possible. On the release of the iPhone, many Apple enthusiasts could not help but point out the similarity between the iPhone and a previous Apple product called the MessagePad; the similarity being that the devices are almost completely all screen.

The idea for an iPhone like device was developed in the mind of the genius, Steve Jobs, when he noticed that many individuals were forced to carry a music-listening device like the iPod which was released in 2002, along with their phones. This led him to conclude that the market required a device that could do both in one.

To say that Jobs was obsessed with this new project was an understatement, he even consulted with glass manufacturers to develop a thin and transparent material that was flexible enough to work as a touch screen. But the iPhone was only possible through other technologies that enabled the iPhone to be powered and run.

Due to this very passion, Apple Inc. continues to come out with new and improved versions every single time to appease their cult following but to also achieve technological excellence. Each new version of the iPhone comes with improved battery life, a design that outdoes each other and sound and camera quality like no other. Features such as the in-built camera, Internet connectivity and messaging in smartphones all began with the iPhone so to say that they built a legacy is an understatement.

The iPhone versions over the years

The iPhone beta was introduced on January 9, 2007, featuring a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, headset controls and microphone. It was awarded ad the ‘Invention of the Year’ by Time. But it was the second version of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G, that brought in features such as the GPS, 3G data as the name suggests but above all the infamous Apple App Store; talk about revolutionary. Over 2 million Apple-approved third-party applications are now available on the App Store for Apple users to choose from.

Apple introduced the first front-facing camera in 2010 and also came out with FaceTime which allows iPhone users to engage in video calls with their contacts. The iPhone 4, released in 2010, would go on to be the iPhone to have the longest lifespan before being overshadowed by the next generation.

In 2011, Steve Jobs passed away after a long battle with his illness but not before introducing the iconic iPhone 4s to the people. But even before his death, he also oversaw the creation of the iPhone 5 which was already in the process of being made even before the 4s was introduced. The iPhone 4s was iconic in its own way being the first to introduce Siri to the world, the famous virtual assistant.

The iPhone 4s brought in the iOS 5 operating system that came packed with features such as the iMessage app and iCloud, Apple’s exclusive storage facility. The iPhone 5 was launched in September of 2012, a tradition that continues till the date of dropping a new version in the month of September. Then followed the iPhone 6 Plus and 6 along with the 7 Plus and 8 Plus; all consisting of a faster processor and upgraded camera and video quality.

With a few other versions in between, Apple launched the iPhone X on the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone release alongside a number of other exciting inventions such as the Apple TV and the Apple Watch. The iPhone X ushered in the Face ID method of unlocking the iPhone and was instantly a success. The iPhone X evolved into the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR; leading us to the present-day iPhone 12, the latest iPhone invention.

The iPhone today

Today the iPhone is the most coveted and celebrated modern-day technological invention and each new version is highly celebrated and praised worldwide. The first-ever iPhone introduced itself sold 1.5 billion copies so you can only imagine the demand for them today; people wait hours in line to get their hands on the new iPhone versions. What makes the iPhone so popular is the fact that it is flexible and can be used as a communication device, a music player and the fact that you can stay connected from wherever.

Before the invention of the iPhone, all mobile contenders copied off of the design of BlackBerry, whose sales were booming at the time. But once the iPhone was introduced, it became an instant success and contenders then began to copy off of the iPhone. When Steve Jobs introduced the first-ever iPhone at the Macworld conference, the iPhone was nowhere nearly completed but the brilliant team of engineers at Apple made it happen within the six months after the conference when the iPhone was out for sale.

Steve Jobs was a visionary and was so confident in the success of the iPhone that he paid Michael Kovatch a whopping $1 million to have the domain name, which was previously owned by Kovatch. Today, the iPhone as we know it has taken over the world and acts as a status symbol and also a symbol of growth for mankind.


1. How many versions of the iPhone have been released so far?

Ans. iPhone has16 versions so far since its introduction 15 years ago.

2. Which iPhone version was the first to introduce the front-facing camera?

Ans. The iPhone 4 was the first one to introduce this camera and allowed people to take the now infamous selfie.

3. Which versions did Samsung released as a competitor to the iPhone?

Ans. The first time Samsung ever came close to replicating the iPhone was through the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung HTC One.

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