How to Put Someone on Hold on iPhone(2 Methods)

Are you looking for the best way on how to put a call on hold on iPhone? Here is a simple guide on How to put someone on hold on iPhone ✅✅✅.

Do you realize you can place a call on hold to dial someone else’s number on your iPhone? This hidden iPhone technique has been there since the first iOS releases, yet many experienced iPhone users are unaware of it.

When another call comes in, most iOS users know how to put a call on hold. Yet, if you see it’s quite simple to put someone on hold, just look down and follow the instruction provided. However, how can you put someone on hold on an iPhone without using a second incoming call? 

The trick of this secret technique is the ‘Mute’ button. And, this feature can be easily found in the call interface appearing on the screen. When you put a call on hold, your conversation partners on the other end of the line will begin listening to random music provided by your cellular network.

So, why not? You know how do you put someone on hold on iPhone, and, also learn what does call on hold means with some of the top benefits it offers to its users!

What exactly does “Call on Hold” imply?

Many businesses receive more calls than their agents can manage at any given moment on their desk phones. Other scenarios necessitate muting a call so you can provide the caller with the assistance they seek.

So, Call-on-hold can be simply defined as is one of GoToConnect’s numerous connection services that improve the caller experience all around the world. Messages, wait time information, and music may all be customized using the tools. The connectivity capabilities are compatible with Europe’s GSM network as well as American carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and others.

Features of Call on Hold

Call on hold does come with some awesome features to run your device. So, come let’s know the top features offered by the call on hold to its users:

  1. Firstly, you may utilize the call hold function to put a caller on wait while you transfer them, search up an answer to a query, or request help from a supervisor by pressing the mute button. 
  2. Secondly, the callers listen to your selected hold music till you pick up the phone and engage them again.
  3. Thirdly, when you need more information, support, or approval from another member of your team, this tool comes in handy. 
  4. Lastly, putting the caller on mute gives you privacy by preventing the caller from hearing what you’re saying.

Steps to Put Call on Hold on iPhone ( 2 Methods)


For enabling call on hold on your iPhone device you need to undergo either of the two methods. So, come know the two methods and use the one you need at the time:

First Method

People do search on how do you put someone on hold and lookout for ways to do so. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you will need to open the phone app and make a call.
  2. In the second step, long press and hold the mute button for more than 10 seconds. This will change the Mute Button to Hold Button.
  3. Now the call is succesfully put on hold.

This is how you a hold a call on any iPhone.

Second Method

But what if you get a new incoming call while you’re on the phone and want to keep the first call on wait while you answer the second without canceling or losing the first?

That is when the second approach comes into play. As people do scroll down and keep on searching how do I put someone on hold while they are waiting to make a new or fresh call at the time. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. In the first step, you’ll see three options on your screen if you’re on a call and there’s a new incoming call.
    #1. End & Accept
    #2. Send to Voicemail
    #3. Hold & Accept
  2. Select Hold & Accept.How-to-put-a-call-on-hold-phone
  3. This will put the first call on Hold.
  4. If you want to put the second call on hold then simply select Swap.
  5. Now, the second call will be put on Hold.
  6. If you want to remove both the calls from Hold then simply select Merge Calls.
  7. Both the calls will now be placed into a conference call.

That’s all! And, now you do know how to put someone on hold on iPhone with ease.

Video Tutorial on How to Put Someone on Hold iPhone

Advantages of Call-On-Hold

The advantages of a feature-rich call hold suite are not available with traditional phone systems. However, the iPhone series does offer its users some top benefits which induce the users to use the call on hold feature. Come let’s talk about the benefit of the call on hold:

There are no Extra Fees.

All of GoToConnect’s call-on-hold capabilities are already included in the low-cost VoIP service pricing. This means you may start using it right now without incurring any further charges.


These extra tools can help you improve your branding efforts by providing a personalized message that supports callers and reinforces business values.


These extra connectivity choices allow you to manage and route calls as efficiently as possible.


From any landline or mobile device with an internet connection, Wi-Fi, or hotspot, remote team members may use the call hold features to control call traffic and give improved customer experiences.

Tip and Tricks for Placing Call on Hold

Come let’s know the tips and tricks for smartly enabling the call on hold. ere, we have mentioned some tips as under:

Tip 1

When you need to put your call partner on wait, it’s always a good idea to mention it. If feasible, try to provide the reasons and thereby try to wind up the conversation as soon as you can in the current time. This is usually so as most people won’t wait more than 20 seconds on hold.

They don’t like waiting for their turn. And, as a result, they will end the call and will like to attempt another call with time. If you intend to keep someone on hold for an extended period, gently request that the call be terminated and promise to call them back as soon as possible.

Tip 2

The second tip is that you should use your iOS smartphone to make a cellular phone call. In this tip, you will get to know that two options are being displayed before you on the page. One, you get an option of making a fresh call and the other you get is receiving the incoming call.

However, you run an iPhone with iOS 14 or with any of the newer versions, you need to tap on the incoming call on your device. This will display the standard iOS call UI. This is also a useful tip for enabling the call on hold feature.

Tip 3

The last tip is to keep pressing the Mute button until the ‘HOLD’ label appears underneath the Caller ID. This method works on every iPhone model, from the first iPhone 3G to the most recent iPhone 11 flagships.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it feasible to call someone on an iPhone and put them on hold?

Ans. In this regard, you can understand like this that if you’re on an ongoing call with someone, and you wish to make another call at the moment, you can by putting the call on hold of the current user. This, as a result, will create a cross-like connection between two users.

And, to go with this, you simply need to scroll down to the Mute option appearing on the screen. And, click on the button flashing on the page on your device and thereby push the Add Call button contradictory.

2. With an iPhone, how can I place a call on hold?

Ans. For placing the phone on hold: Firstly, you need to hold down the mute button for a few seconds. And, lastly, for hands-free communication, you need to select an audio destination by tapping the audio button.

3. On an iPhone, how many people can you put on hold?

Ans. The iPhone comes with the feature of providing you with the facility of combining five calls at a time if so you desire. In such a way, you get to make a conference call. The iPhone’s call forwarding and call waiting functions are also quite handy.

So, in other words, it works more simply as if you bring five individuals into the same room and make a conversation with them. However, in iPhone the same thing is done but by putting the individuals in a conference way.

4. What is the procedure for putting someone on hold for someone else?

Ans. The procedure for putting someone on hold is quite simple. you can easily mute or turn off the caller ID on your iPhone regardless of the model you use, so the person with whom you are on hold can’t get to what you are doing.

And, in another way, you can also put on hold the particular person using any GSM services provider like AT&T or T-Mobile, etc. By using the service provider you can mute both the ends of the calls and can thereby make a fresh call to another new user.

5. What is the procedure for putting a call on hold?

Ans. The procedure for Putting a person on hold is mentioned as under:

If your cellular operator hasn’t removed the function, it’s simple to put a call on hold using your iPhone. Simply press and hold the Hold symbol. Touch the Hold symbol once again to “uphold” the call. As a result of this, the icon gets converted from a pause symbol to a play symbol and thereby you can put a call on hold easily.

6. Is there a Hold feature on the iPhone?

Ans. Yes, there is a feature for placing the phone on hold. Now, directly scroll down to the Mute option on the screen. However, you must press the mute button for a few minutes for converting the option to put on hold. Hands-free communication: Select an audio destination by tapping the audio button.

7. How many calls can you put on hold at one time?

Ans. iPhones phones allow you to create a phone conference by combining up to five calls. By tapping Hold Call + Answer on a new call, you may effortlessly merge calls. By hitting the I button during a conference call, you may chat privately with one caller.

8. After placing a person on hold, what happens next?

Ans. Whenever you mute a particular caller on your iPhone, the user, on the other hand, will be unable to know what you are doing currently while on the ongoing call. Also, calling on hold becomes easy, if you use any modern GSM service provider like T-Mobile or any other similar find of the service provider.

By using the services you can easily mute or off both sides of the users and thereby you can begin or start a new call.

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Final Words


On summing up it is to say that the guide must have provided you with good knowledge of how the call on hold feature works on iPhones. Simply if you assume call on hold is easy and quite simple to use. However, you do need a proper understanding before implementing the feature and knowing the tips and tricks for enabling it smartly.

Here, in the article, I explained some useful tricks for your easy understanding of how to put someone on hold iPhone. Together, I’ve also quoted some top benefits and features that the call on hold offers its users. In this way, you can easily know now how to put someone on hold iPhone clearly and understandably.

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