How to Unhide Apps on iPhone? (5 Methods)

Are you looking to Unhide Apps on iPhone? Here is a detailed guide on How to Hide or Unhide Apps on iPhone?.

Applications have revolutionized technology; most devices seem mundane and useless without these apps. Whatever the purpose or the need, there exists an app to fulfill this very purpose and it does so efficiently and gracefully.

Every individual uses numerous apps, upwards of seven on average which means that they can often get lost among other apps on their iPhone. The App Library is exactly that, a place to keep your apps organized and to take the occasional inventory but often, apps can get hidden here.

What to do to find an app or to unhide apps on iPhone?


Step 1: Swipe left all the way to the end of your home screen until you find the App Library and then open it.

Step 2: You will find a search bar right on top in the library where you can type in the name of the app you are trying to find and it will pop up just as easily. You need not know the whole name either, just the first two alphabets.

Step 3: When the app shows up as a result of your search, press and hold the app you wish to unhide. When you do so, it should automatically shift to your home screen but if the app refuses to do so, simply move the app to the left for this function to happen.

Using Spotlight Search to unhide apps on iPhone

This has to be the easiest way to look for hidden apps on your iPhone and should not take you any more than a minute.

Step 1: On your home screen, swipe the screen down to instantly get the Spotlight Search option.

Step 2: Type the name of the app you are looking for, even the first two alphabets should do the trick.

Step 3: Click on the hidden app when it shows up if you wish to simply open it. But if you want to make sure that it appears on the home screen then press and drag the icon of the app down to your home screen for easy access.

Looking for hidden apps in the app folders of your home screen

As we often have numerous apps downloaded on our iPhones, putting them into folders can help you organise your home screen and also make it easier for you to find an app when you are in need of it. But often it can happen that you might have slipped an app into an unrelated app folder by accident.

It would be wise to visit each app folder and look for the app you have been looking for before you go ahead and apply other methods to unhiding an app. In the situation that you do find the app, you have been looking for in one such folder then press and drag the app out onto the home screen.

How to unhide apps on iPhone through the App Store?

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on the search bar and type in the name of the app you are looking for.

Step 3: Click on ‘open’ to launch the app. It could also show ‘update’ rather than ‘open’, in this case, you simply need to update the app and it will then launch automatically.

You can also use the iPhone voice assistant to look for hidden apps and this is the easiest way to do so. All you would need to do is to activate Siri by hitting the home button or by saying out loud, ‘Hey Siri.’ Then you would simply have to command Siri to open the app you are looking for and voila.

Resetting the home screen to unhide apps on iPhone

It must be noted that when you reset your iPhone, this will essentially clean all data and when you do so, particularly for the home screen, then all the app folders and the other details you have added will be wiped off. The reset is meant to bring the iPhone back to its default condition.

Step 1: Go to the ‘settings’ app and choose the ‘general’ option.

Step 2: Click on the ‘transfer’ option and then on ‘reset.’

Step 3: Since we wish to reset the home screen, click on ‘reset home screen layout’ and hit ‘confirm’.

How to unhide purchased apps on the iPhone?

Say you have a clouded memory of having purchased a certain app but you simply cannot seem to find it on your iPhone, so what do you do?

Step 1: Click on the App Store.

Step 2: Click on the ‘account’ option present on the top of the screen with your photograph as the icon.

Step 3: When you do so, you will be taken to a new screen, here either click on your name or your Apple ID.

Step 4: A bunch of options will show up, look through them until you find the ‘hidden purchases’ one.

Step 5: This will lead you to a list of all your purchased apps, you can now go through them to find the one you have been looking for. Upon finding it, simply hit the download button.

Step 6: Follow the aforementioned process to find the app in your App Library and shift it to your home screen.

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1. Can I unhide all the apps on my iPhones at the same time?

Ans. Unfortunately, you cannot do so at the same time but instead, you would have to unhide apps one by one, following the process mentioned above.

2. How to unhide apps on the Apple Watch?

Ans. To unhide apps on your Apple Watch, you will need to do so with the iPhone your watch is paired with.

Step 1: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on the ‘my watch’ tab.

Step 3: Toggle the ‘show app on the Apple Watch’ option for the app you wish to see on your watch.

3. Why is an app not showing up on the home screen but is present in the App Library?

Ans. This often happens to save space on the home screen and you can always shift the app to the home screen if you access it every day. But if this irks you then you can always set the iPhone to show the app on the home screen when downloaded.

Final Words


Apps elevate the functionality of the iPhone and they can bring efficiency and enjoyment to your daily life, the fulfill noble purposes. This is a simple guide on How to Unhide Apps on iPhone?

Hidden apps on your iPhone can be annoying but there are numerous ways to fix it and hopefully, you can find your solution here.

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