Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay? (Here’s the answer)

To make buying simple and quick for its consumers, Lowe’s, a well-known home improvement company in the U.S., provides a selection of payment choices both online and in-store.

So, you might be wondering Does Lowe’s take Apple Pay or does Lowe’s accept Apple Pay if you own an Apple smartphone and prefer to use it for your purchases. Here is what I have learned!

Lowe’s, what is it?

A home improvement retailer with headquarters in the US is called Lowe’s. The company, which was established in 1921 and is now headquartered in North Carolina, is a well-known home improvement shop all across the country.

You may find a Lowe’s near you thanks to its almost 2,000 stores across North America. Having learned that Lowe’s is a home improvement store with headquarters in the US, continue reading to see does Lowe’s take Apple Pay!

Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay? (Here’s the answer)


Unfortunately, neither its 2,200 physical stores throughout the continent nor its website support Apple Pay as a form of payment. Unexpectedly, one of the major retail chains that do not support Apple Pay is Lowe’s.

You may view a list of stores that accept Apple Pay here if you’re interested. Due to a lack of the essential NFC payment infrastructure, Lowe’s cannot currently accept Apple Pay.

Even while digital wallets like Apple Pay are swiftly gaining popularity, Lowe’s hasn’t made the investment in work needed to make this a practical payment option for their company. As of the time of this writing, Lowe’s has no explicit plans to accept Apple Pay in the future.

Why is Apple Pay not accepted at Lowe’s? (Top 4 Reasons)


You must be asking why Lowe’s does not accept Apple Pay now that you are aware of this fact. Apple Pay is not accepted at Lowe’s for the top four reasons. Continue reading to find out if Lowes accepts Apple Pay for its customers. 

1: Unavailable NFC Infrastructure

NFC terminals, sometimes referred to as “near-field communication terminals,” assist in scanning the code from a smart device. After scanning, information has been acquired that aids in processing the transaction and payment.

This guarantees a simple purchase transaction. However, installing NFC terminals is highly expensive. It will cost a lot of money for Lowe’s to adopt this new kind of technology in every shop.

This might be one of the factors preventing Lowe’s from accepting Apple Pay.

2. Fees for Transactions

The merchant costs are another possible explanation for Lowe’s refusal to embrace Apple Pay. Apple earns a share of each sale to offset the cost of using its service. As a result, Lowe’s, a shop, must pay a predetermined merchant charge to accept Apple Pay.

According to the entire cost of the purchase, this is determined. This might build up and reduce the retailer’s profit margins. Apple is now an unnecessary and additional expense.

3. Lack of Demand or Interest from Customers

Lack of interest is one straightforward explanation for Lowe’s refusal to adopt Apple Pay. NFC is still a very young technological innovation. This indicates that Lowe’s clientele may not be familiar with it or not be ready to adopt it just yet.

There is now no compelling reason for most consumers to migrate to digital wallets, except that it is excessively complicated and time-consuming. Lowe’s is therefore unlikely to install NFC terminals unless its clientele explicitly requests that they do so.

4. Lowe’s prefers that clients use their Credit Cards

With a Lowe’s credit card, customers can earn rewards and take advantage of special financing options. It’s possible that the establishment is counting on credit card sales rather than turning away Apple Pay users.

This might be a smart move for Lowe’s because it would boost its consumer base’s loyalty and revenue. There you have it, then! These are some of the most often cited justifications for Lowe’s not accepting Apple Pay.

While the exact reason the organization hasn’t switched yet is unknown, we can assume that transaction fees or a lack of infrastructure may be to blame. In any case, Lowe’s still accepts a variety of payment options, so you may still shop there without any issues.

Quick Tip: Which payment methods does Lowe’s accept? (Top 3 Methods)


Although you’ve got the answer to do Lowes take Apple Pay, it’s time to switch and learn about the other alternatives Lowe’s offers its users. The thing is, they do allow for some reasonable flexibility in the types of payments they do accept at their locations.

  1. Cash
  2. Gift Cards from Lowe’s
  3. Lowe’s Credit Cards Debit cards from the majority of major issuers, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express Credit Cards, are solely for online purchases through PayPal.

However, the availability of PayPal as a payment option online at least seems to suggest hope for the future acceptance of additional payment options. Apple Pay is not, however, be taken into consideration at this time.

But as the payment option gains greater acceptance and use, the business may change its mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does Walmart take Apple Pay?

Ans. No. Apple Pay is not accepted at Walmart. Customers can make payments via Walmart Pay, MasterCard, Visa, checks, and numerous other methods.

2. What drawbacks does Apple Pay have for users?

Ans. The following are some Apple Pay drawbacks:

  1. Susceptible to online attacks
  2. Give up on security.
  3. Privacy data compromise
  4. Perplexity
  5. Anger over failed transactions

3. At Lowe’s, is Google Pay accepted?

Ans. Since Google Pay is an NFC payment method and Lowe’s does not yet accept NFC payments, it is not accepted there either, similar to Apple Pay.

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Final Words 


It is time to end the discussion. In this article, I made it clear that do Lowes take Apple Pay or does Lowes have Apple Pay. You were informed that Apple Pay is not accepted at Lowe’s. Because neither the world is going to end. 

Thus, Lowe’s has taken a variety of alternative payment methods, including gift cards and debit and credit cards. Therefore, if you enjoy shopping at Lowe’s, put your Apple Pay away and bring cash instead.

I feel that you found the content to be meaningful and useful in your life. However, if you have any other queries relating to iPhone, iPad, or Mac, just let me know in the comments section below. I will be happy to assist you.

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