How Accurate is Find my iPhone Location?(5 Attributes)

Are you looking to check How accurate is Find my iPhone? We’ve all had that heartbreaking moment when we reach into our pockets to find our phones but they’re nowhere to be found. So, have you also faced such a situation like this before? And, so, you came up to know how accurate is iPhone location?

The majority of us, on the other hand, will be fortunate enough to locate the phone after minutes of quick searching. There is an option for iPhone users, however, the question is still the same, “how accurate is location on iPhone”?

However, the phone may become lost at any point, and we will have no idea where it is or how to locate it. That is where Find My iPhone comes into the picture. It does tremendous work towards helping the users to locate their phones.

So, come talk in detail about this.

What do you Mean by Find My iPhone?


So, before you ask how accurate Find My iPhone is, you should first understand what it is. This feature let you track and find all your Apple devices if you accidentally lose them. As a result, you can find your iOS device, Mac, AirPods, or even Apple Watch if you misplace them.

However, there are some conditions required to use the feature. To begin, you must first enable the Find My iPhone feature on the device you wish to locate.

The Apple Watch must be linked with an iPhone to be found. Another requirement is that the gadget is online at the time you are looking for it. Meanwhile, the AirPods should be near any of your iOS devices and paired to at least one of them.

You may, however, search it with any other iOS device you have, as long as they are paired to one.

How does Find My iPhone work? How Accurate is Find My iPhone?


Even with the description of what Find My iPhone is, it may be still unclear how accurate it is. As a result, we’ll go through how it works and how to use it in this article:

  1. To begin, launch Find My iPhone and check in with your Apple ID (like for your iCould).
  2. Now, a map with two different colors of dots – blue and green/grey – will appear on the screen.
  3. The device you’re looking for is indicated by the blue hue.
  4. Meanwhile, the green/grey device is the one you’re looking for. The online device is green, and the offline one is grey.
  5. Then tap the green/grey dot to find out where it is. If it’s online (green), you’ll be able to see a rough location right away. 
  6. However, if the place is offline (grey), it will only be available for 24 hours. When this happens, hit Notify When Found to receive an email notification when the location becomes available.
  7. Now, by reloading the page, you can keep the location updated. You can move the map by swiping it up, down, left, or right.
  8. In the meanwhile, you can magnify the map by double-tapping with one finger (zoom in), double-tapping with two fingers (zoom out), or clicking it closed/open.
  9. Then, simply go to Actions and select the car icon to receive directions.
  10. Finally, you can utilize your own devices as well as those of your family or friends if the device is set to Family Sharing.
  11. However, once you’ve found your device, make sure to sign out of Find My Location.

Now, I hope you came to know the entire work of the Find My iPhone. Come let’s now know the top attributes of how accurate is the Find my iPhone app.

Top 5 Attributes to Find My iPhone App

Here, I will be mentioning all the top attributes to Find my iPhone. This will make you understand and know how accurate is significant locations on iPhone.

Find Your Device

If you’re linked to the app or, this software can monitor and locate any Apple device on a map, even if the battery is dangerously low. Before the battery dies fully, your gadget will leave a trace of its final position to aid in its recovery. For this, you can always prefer using either GPS or Cellular Data.


If your gadget is in a clear line of sight of a satellite GPS signal, you can locate it within an 8-meter range. However, satellite readings are not always accurate in busy or rural areas. It will also be problematic if your device is inside a building or if you are dealing with a user interface.

But, if you see you will find that the results obtained from the GPS are usually correct and you can rely on it. This is because GPS can determine the location area’s range. As a result, you’ll know exactly where you should begin your search.

Cellular Data

Cellular data is the final aspect that aids in the location of your device. Find My iPhone makes use of cell tower data to assist in the device’s location. The application will act through the signal based on the cellular number you choose for the device.

Using cellular data signals, as opposed to the other two elements, would result in a greater search range. Even if both GPS and Wi-Fi failed, it would still work. However, it will be unable to locate your device if it has gone offline.

Make a Sound


If you have your smartphone nearby but are unable to locate it, the ‘Play A Sound’ option will produce a beep or play a sound.

Erase the Data


If you have reason to believe your device has fallen into the wrong hands or is unrecoverable, you can remove your data using the Remote Erase option. On the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, and Mac, this option is available.

Mode of Being Lost

When you enable Lost Mode, your smartphone will be immediately locked down and you will be able to show a message on the lock screen. You may, for example, show the message “My phone has been lost.” So, if anyone finds it, you can call me at this number, for instance. 

So that if it is discovered, anyone can contact you without having to access your device. Whether is iPhone is a new one or an older version like iOS 6, or if you have an iPad, iPod, or an Apple Watch, every user will be able to use and enable this feature on their phones. 

Locked On/Off

When you enable the Find My iPhone app, this option is activated immediately. To disable the Find My iPhone app, reactivate the device, or remove the data, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID and password once the Activation Lock is switched on.

Though you might have wiped all your confidential information from the phone, still, the Activation Lock will avoid anyone besides you from reactivating the phone and using it later.

Here, I complete mentioning all the top attributes to Find my iPhone. So, I hope you now know all about how accurate is Find my iPhone in much detail.

Tips for Determining How Accurate Find My iPhone Location

Here are ways to make sure your device’s location is accurate:

  • The first tip is to update your iPhone to the most recent iOS version.
  • The second is that you will require to set and see if the date, time, and time zone are all set correctly.
  • In the next tip, you need to click and enable your location.
  • The fourth is to make you know that the most accurate location is indicated by a green dot. A green dot surrounded by a large green circle indicates that the gadget is not very accurate, but it is within the wide green circle.
  • The last tip is to know that no location will be detected when a grey dot or a grey dot ringed by a larger grey circle appears. 

FAQs on How Accurate is Find My iPhone


1. Is the location provided by Find My iPhone reliable?

Ans. The accuracy of Find my iPhone, on the other hand, is affected by interference, GPS signal strength, and whether or not Wifi is enabled. You can tell how precise the data is by measuring the size of the green circle that surrounds your phone’s location.

2. Is it possible that Find My iPhone is incorrect?

Ans. In reality, it’s feasible. For Apple’s Find My iPhone service to function, there must be a functioning phone. Find My iPhone can only track up to 100 different Apple IDs at one time.

3. What exactly does the blue circle on the iPhone’s location indicate?

Ans. A blue dot on the map indicates your location. So, if Google Maps is unable to recognize your location, a light blue color will be displayed with a blue dot circle all around it.  

Now, you can assume that you are on the safe and right path, no matter whether you are on the pale blue circle. The narrower the circle becomes, the more specific the app is regarding your whereabouts.

4. Is it true that turning off Find My iPhone disables location sharing?

Ans. As you turn off Find my iPhone notifications, the other users will not be able to trace your location. If your device is stolen or misplaced, you won’t be able to trace it. So, before switching off the option completely, be sure of this feature. 

5. Is it possible for someone to track your phone if your location is set to off?

Ans. Even if your iOS or Android device isn’t connected to the internet, you can track it. So, if you sometimes lose internet connection on the way, you also have an option of switching it to some mapping apps to show you the right direction. 

6. Why does the location of my iPhone keep changing?

Ans. This usually happens because your device is still trying to find where you are stuck and whether you are in the right direction. And, if the map is unable to recognize your location, it will display the same result again. So, after a few minutes, reload the map and give it another shot.

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Final Words


Finally, summing up the blog named, “How accurate is find my iPhone location?” with a note that the information provided in the blog was quite relevant and useful to you.

So, I can assume that the next time you lose your phone, you won’t be under confusion about how to trace your phone, right?

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