How to Right Click on iPhone? (Best Way)

The right-click has changed the way we use computers. Are you also searching for blogs that can teach you how to right click on iPhone? You may summon the most useful online and desktop shortcuts and features in a single rapid gesture. 

Fortunately, right-benefits clicking isn’t confined to larger screens; your iPhone’s touch screen has many of the same right-click features as a computer mouse.

Here’s how to perfect the art of one-finger right-clicking on your iPhone.

What is Right-Click?

Right-click is also sometimes known as RMB i.e. right mouse button. It may be defined as an activity of clicking toward the right side of the mouse button. As a result of right-clicking on your computer, you can add various functions. Like with right-click you can open a drop-down list, with some additional and useful selections.

In other words, you can take a simple example like, you can use the left side of the mouse for highlighting a particular text. And, thereby, you can now right-click on it to select the entire paragraph you want and straight away click on the Copy to copy on your clipboard.

After you’ve copied the text, you can paste it into another field or document. In Microsoft Word, an example of the right-click menu is shown in the image.

Steps for How to Right Click on iPhone


To know how to right-click on iPhone, you simply need to follow the given instructions. Firstly, to right-click on your iPhone, you need to tap and click on the screen as you do at usual times.

However, you need to keep your fingertip on the screen for one second. If you are working on a Safari, you need to work out this on a Web link. 

Instead of tapping on the browser, follow the link, and thereby a menu of several options will be displayed, if the procedure is followed rightly. But, don’t tap on the screen too hard, you simply need to keep your fingertip lightly on the screen.

You’re moving your finger too much if the page scrolls or leaps up and down. Now, you need to click lightly on the screen and hold on it down for a second, until the drop-down menu opens up. However, I have explained a simple example to teach you how how to Right-Click on iPhone. So, the instructions:

  1. In the first step, activate the iPhone.
  2. Now, open any app like Safari, Chrome, iPhoto, or Notes.
  3. Thirdly, you need to place one of your fingers on the screen until a new menu pops up.
  4. In the next step, you need to click on the screen with another finger and as a result of this, a right-click menu will be displayed.
  5. Finally, choose the menu item you desire.

Here, you conclude how to right-click on iPhone easily and simply.

Video Tutorial on How to Right Click on iPhone

Top Uses of Right-Clicking Button

Here, I have discussed some of the top uses of right-clicking on the iPhone. The first one is foremost usage while the other is its basic applications of it. Come look one by one of them:

Use 1: Options for Text Selection.

Apart from launching menus, tap and hold are most commonly used to select text for copying and pasting. Text selection is available in most text-based programs. You can choose a word by tapping and holding on a line of text until a magnifier appears, which you can then drag to select it.

When you let go of your finger, you’ll see selection options like Copy and Select All appear. To use one of the choices, tap it; to expand the selection, drag the blue handles. Tap and hold in a new location after copying text to select Paste from the selection options.

Use 2: Other Applications of Right-Click.

Aside from the standard functions of opening menus and selecting the text, a tap and hold can be used to accomplish a variety of activities that vary per app. The following are some examples of common applications:

  • Tap and hold an app icon on the home screen to start shaking the icons, preparing them for rearrangement or elimination.
  • A tap and hold action in games can conduct a separate action, such as blocking, while a conventional tap would perform an assault.
  • When you tap and hold on to an item in some apps, you can get more information about it.



1. When you right-click, which finger do you use?

Ans. You need to use your left mouse button with your index fingertip, while, on the other hand, you need to use your middle fingertip to right-click. In simple, for right-clicking, you need to tap on the right side of the mouse button using a middle finger. 

2. On a Chromebook, how do you right-click?

Ans. For right-clicking on the Chromebook, you need to touch or press the touchpad with two fingers for a few seconds. 

3. How can I use an Apple pencil to right-click?

Ans. On the second screen, the Apple Pencil replicates mouse clicks, including taps, double-tapping, and right-clicking by holding the Pencil point on the screen.

4. On a touchpad, how do you right-click?

Ans. While you press the Control key, you need to tap on the trackpad at the same time. At last, you need to tap with two hands, however, if you desire to include your less preferred hand while making a right-click, you can simply tap on the Control key while you press the trackpad.  

5. Why isn’t my right-click working?

Ans. If only the right-click in Windows Explorer isn’t working, try restarting it to see if it cures the problem:

  1. In the first step, to open Task Manager, simultaneously press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc on your keyboard.
  2. In the next step, select Windows Explorer > Restart from the menu bar.
  3. Finally, I hope your right-click is working again now.

6. On my iPhone, how can I modify the double-click?

Ans. For this, you will require to click on the Side button for the iPhone enabled with the Face ID feature. Or else you will require to click on the Home button option appearing on the Settings menu and select Accessibility in other iOS series. Choose one of the following options: 

Clicking Rate: Choose between Default, Slow, and Slowest for the speed at which you must double-click or triple-click the button.

7. Why is it that double-clicking isn’t working?

Ans. A faulty mouse could also be the source of the double-clicking issue. It could have a faulty circuit board or tension spring ( sometimes known as close-wound springs), causing it to misinterpret a single click as a double-click operation. If the problem reoccurs, it is advisable to buy a new mouse. 

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Final Words


Finally, I would like to conclude that I hope I was able to provide you with an easy guide on, “how do you right click on an iPhone?” It’s quite easy and if you followed the steps properly, you can learn how to right-click at once.

Also, I described the various uses of right-clicking. And, over time, the usage list is getting longer and longer. So, get into the learning stage and enjoy its benefits.

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