How to Turn Off Auto Caps on iPhone?(Enable/Disable Auto Caps)

Are finding the right blog that teaches you how how to turn off auto caps on iPhone? Because you are quite annoyed by the continuous auto-capitalization of the words. So, come let’s know how to turn off auto caps on iPhone!

Random capitalizations appear in my texts from time to time, such as presenting “may” as “May” as the month. If you’re concerned about improper capitalizations on your iPhone or iPad, you may stop auto-capitalization in the Keyboard settings of the Settings app. 

The setting may be found in the Settings app under General. You can choose whether or not to capitalize words that you don’t want to be capitalized. 

This isn’t the same as disabling auto-correction. Use this method to make texting less frustrating! See below for the whole guide on “How you can turn off Auto Caps on iPhone?

How to turn off Auto Caps on iPhone?


You may quickly switch off this function from your iPhone keyboard settings if you’re weary of your iPhone capitalizing words for you or if you’re experiencing problems with your phone caps-locking names.

To turn off auto caps on your iPhone, follow the instructions given below.

  1. In the first step, by pressing the Settings icon on the home screen, you may access the iPhone’s settings.
  2. In the next step, swipe down to General and tap it.
  3. Now, the keyboard should be tapped.
  4. Then, look down the list until you find the All Keyboards section.
  5. Finally, toggle the Auto-Capitalization switch to the right to disable auto caps.turn-off-auto-caps-iphone

However, you need to toggle the switch back on if you wish to reactivate auto caps. So, by following the steps you can easily turn off the caps on iPhone.

Video Tutorial on How to Turn Off Auto Caps on iPhone

Why does one Need to Turn off Auto Caps on iPhone?

There could be a variety of reasons for an individual to turn off the auto-caps on your phone. But, as I said, you will find plenty of reasons for disabling the auto-caps on iPhone. Still, the most common reasons can be classified into two:

First Reason

The first is that you don’t like the automatic corrections that your iPhone makes for you.

If you type without using formal writing, having auto caps enabled will cause words that should be capitalized to be corrected throughout your document.

Second Reason

Another reason is that you want to make your phone writing less official. In a text, being excessively formal can cause the reader to misinterpret the message.

It’s difficult to completely contextualize a message’s tone in text, so turning off auto caps offers you the entire control over how professional your writing appears.

How to Enable or Disable Auto-Correction on iPhone?

The iPhone’s autocorrect will not be disabled if auto caps are turned off. So, it’s important that you should know how to remove autocorrect on the iPhone if you want to turn that off as well. So, to do this, you need to follow the instructions given:

  1. Firstly, in the Settings app, turn on or off auto-correction.
  2. Now, in the next step, click on the Settings icon appearing on the Home Page. 
  3. Then, select General.
  4. Then, the keyboard should be tapped.
  5. Now, turn on or off Auto-Correction by tapping the toggle switch.

Finally, when you turn off Auto-Correction, your iPhone or iPad will stop modifying the spellings of words it thinks are misspelled.

Pro Keyboard Tips for iPhone 

Here, I have mentioned some pro keyboard tips for using your auto-caps on your iPhone:

Tip 1

Hold two fingers on the iPad keyboard to access the virtual trackpad. This action clears the keys, allowing you to manipulate the cursor with your fingertips.

Tip 2

On an iPad, you will find that some special characters and numbers are displayed above some of the letters on the keyboard. So, you need to tap and hold the key to activate these other numbers and characters. Then make your pick by sliding your finger up.

Tip 3

Voice Dictation eliminates the need for typing entirely while yet allowing for auto-correction and spell-check. However, for this, you need to type a short message.

So, press the microphone key adjacent to the space key and speak. And, therefore, you need to say for instance the word “comma” or “period” to automatically insert the word as you keep on dictating. 

These were some of the pro tips for working smartly on iPhone.


1. Is it possible to disable auto-capitalization?

Ans. Yes, for this, on the on-screen keyboard, press the gear symbol. Then, choose “Text correction” from the Settings menu to make text corrections.

Now, you need to swipe up on the Text Correction menu to auto-capitalize your firm. Then, finally, tap the slider next to “Auto-capitalization” to modify its appearance.

2. Is it necessary for me to disable auto-capitalization?

Ans. A reader could interpret a paragraph incorrectly if it is overly formal. Because they help contextualize a message in text, auto caps provide you complete control over how your writing looks.

3. On an Apple Watch, how do you use Caps Lock?

Ans. When you use Scribble, Apple Watch capitalizes words because it thinks you’re going to write them. So, you need to turn the Digital Crown when a capital letter is drawn instead of written to replace it with the capitalized version.

4. What is the procedure for turning off uppercase letters on iPhone?

Ans. By choosing the text and hitting SHIFT + F3, you can change the case of each word to lowercase, uppercase, or capitalize it.

5. How do I get rid of Auto-Capitalization on iPhone?

Ans. To adjust the autocorrect process, go to Tools > AutoCorrect Options. On the AutoCorrect tab, remove the Capitalize First Letter Of Sentences checkbox and click OK to continue.

6. Why is Auto-capitalization disabled?

Ans. Auto caps are most likely disabled because people want to keep their business and personal conversations distinct. 

Many people still use traditional capitalization standards when writing in academic or professional situations, even if their phones have auto caps switched off.

7. What is Auto Capitalization and how does it work?

Ans. You may use Auto Capitalize to begin new sentences with capital letters. The working of auto-capitalization is quite simple. Just you need to enable/disable the feature by sliding the button near to Auto-Capitalization. 

8. Should I be capitalized by itself?

Ans. You don’t have to capitalize every I in the sentence; only the one that appears by itself needs to be capitalized. 

In addition, when I employ other terms in a contraction, I should capitalize them. Because I’m is a contraction of I am, for example, the I in I’m is capitalized.

9. On iOS 14, how do you use caps lock?

Ans. Holding down the shift key while typing allows you to get more done. Even if it isn’t evident, enabling caps lock is actually pretty straightforward. 

So, you need to shift the key (the up arrow) from the top to the bottom of your keyboard. Now, finally, you just need to double click on it. 

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Final Words

The conclusion, I’d like to say that you must have gained information all about how to turn off auto caps on iPhone. As you’ve seen it’s quite easy and simple. Just you are required to follow the proper steps.

Also, you too learned why is it so important to turn off the caps on iPhone. I hope, you liked my blog and will employ the pro keyboard tips that I shared with you!

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