How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone? (Enable/Disable RTT)

Are you looking for How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone? If yes then this article is for you. 

We’ll discuss what RTT is and how to enable or disable it on iPhones in this article. The RTT (Real-time Texting) system enables the users to connect their wireless smartphones to an IP-based address for delivering the text message as and when they write. 

For this, you don’t need to hit the send button as and when you keep on typing the messages or even do any causal chats including any other means of communications using your RTT system. So, come read the blog to know how to turn off RTT on iPhone easily and most simply.

What does Real-time Text mean?


Real-time text is a high-tech accessibility protocol for those who have trouble speaking or hearing. This type of real-time texting system enables the users to send both the text and audio clips you and when you type. Because of this, the recipient of the chats can immediately view and read the messages on receiving them. 

It comes standard on all iPhone models 6 and higher and is designed for users who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech-related difficulties, but it may be used by anybody.

However, you do need to know that the RTT network isn’t available and supported by every country, and thus, the availability of the carrier might vary from region to region. 

If the network or the carrier is being available in your region, you can use the RTT to enable different customization by clicking on the Accessibility in your phone’s settings. As you move with the steps and login into the system, you can instantly communicate with other RTT users at a time.

Features of RTT(Real-time Text)


Basic Characteristics of RTT include:

  • With RTT, it is no longer necessary to connect to mobile TTY devices.
  • Another feature of the RTT network is that both the Cricket and the Wi-Fi cellular network are being supported by the system.
  • If you compare your RTT services to any other similar networks, you will know that it gives the users a smooth flow of conversation with each other.
  • While operating on RTT communications, it enables the users to simultaneously text and speech at the same time.

Major Benefits of using RTT

Have you ever known that the finest iPhone does support the RTT protocol for using it in a conversation whether it be a text or call?  In this case, one of the top countries like the United States allows the working of the RTT protocol in the iPhone 6 or newer versions.

So, most of the regions that use the RTT protocol can send and chat a conversation as and when it is typed and sent to the recipient. The major providers of this type of protocol are to chat and make a conversation with the instant messaging apps or a text over IP and IP relay.

So, conversely, it can be seen that the RTT protocol conveniently works well with the Apple Watch and the Mac. You must have an AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon carrier plan to utilize RTT on your iPhone. However, all the voice calls are charged at standard and flat rates. 

How can you Set Up RTT on iPhone?

For activating the RTT protocol on your iPhone, you need to follow the instructions given:

  1. In the first step, go to the Home screen and click on your phone’s Settings.
  2. In the next step, turn or enable the Accessibility appearing from the menu down list.
  3. Now, choose RTT.
  4. After that, toggle on RTT Software
  5. Then, enter the phone number for TTY relay calls by tapping Relay Number. It’s 711 in the United States.
  6. After that, select the back arrow.
  7. However, one point to be noted is that if you want to send characters as and when you type them, always keep the Send button in an enable mode. Otherwise, you’ll have to enter the entire message before sending it.
  8. To avoid receiving voice calls, turn on Answer All Calls as RTT/TTY.
  9. If not, you can still use the RTT button to upgrade any calls you receive (see below). Tap Answer All Calls as RTT/TTY to confirm.
  10. At this step, you need to drag the hardware TTY to connect and use an external TTY device, and thereby you don’t need to use the iPhone to answer or make the calls. In this scenario, make sure that Answer All Calls as TTY is likewise enabled.

At last, your iPhone may now make and receive RTT calls.

How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone?


For accessing the RTT application directly from the Home screen of your device, you need to slide and drag the pointer up or down the page displayed.  However, here I have covered only the Standard mode and the default Home screen layout mode of instructions.

  1. In the first step, go to Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility.
  3. In the next step, tap Real-time Text .i.e RTT/TTY.
  4. You will see Software RTT is enabled by default.
  5. Toggle the button to turn off RTT on iPhone.

This is How you turn off RTT on iPhone.

Video Tutorial on How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone

2 Alternative and Pro Tips with RTT on iPhone

Here, I have underlined two pros and alternative tips to try on your RTT on your iPhone.

Tip 1: Try and Make an iPhone RTT calls.

To make a call on your phone utilizing RTT, follow these steps:

  1. In the first step, on the Home screen, tap the Phone app.
  2. In the next step, at the bottom, select Contacts.
  3. After that, you need to tap on the name of the person you wish to make a call and talk to.
  4. Now, select a phone number.
  5. Then, RTT/TTY Call or RTT/TTY Relay Call should be selected.
  6. After that, select the RTT icon after the call has connected.
  7. In this step, put your message here. Your receiver sees your message as you type if you enabled Send Immediately in the Settings. Otherwise, type your message and send it by tapping the up arrow.
  8. Finally, to end the call, use the top left-hand back button. And, select the “hang up” option.

Further, below I have explained the easy and the simple ways how to convert an existing call to RTT protocol, so, follow the given steps:

  1. For this, in the first step, you will need to click on the right side of the End call button option. And, after that, you need to click on the RTT protocol.
  2. At the next step, wait for the microphone icon to change from active to inactive.
  3. Finally, to start a text chat, press RTT.

Tip 2: Make Answer an iPhone RTT Call.

You can answer RTT calls if RTT is enabled:

  1. Instead of the usual answer button, press the RTT button.
  2. At last, to convert the call to a text chat, select RTT.

FAQs on How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone


1. What does an RTT TTY relay call entail?

Ans. RTT which can be said as Real-time text protocol allows a user to communicate with your inmates using the text conversation while you are placed on a call.

Also, RTT is a netwrod that is compatible with the TTY and as such it doesn’t require any additional connector or equipment. Further, check with your carrier or the service provider to ensure whether your RTT is compatible with your device and the current ongoing plan.  

2. How do I disable TTY mode?

Ans. For this, you need to tap the Phone from the Home screen. If not available, go to Apps > Phone. Then, as you step to the next one, you need to click on the Menu icon appearing on the keyboard taskbar towards the upper-right corner.

After that select Settings. Then, tap Call. Now, select More options and then, select TTY mode. Finally, select one of the options below: TTY Off or TTY Full protocol. At last, all TTY settings are disabled. 

3. How to check whether I have been connected to RTT protocol? 

Ans. For determining whether your device is being connected to the RTT protocol you will see a ping otherwise assumed as a command line that serves a request to the server provider to estimate the time it is taking to reach a specific user device.

However, sometimes, due to the server and network congestion, the actual rate of RTT is usually higher than the ping or the command line indicates.

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Final Words on How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone


On summing up I hope you enjoyed the blog to the fullest and got to know all detail about how to take off RTT on iPhone in simple and quick steps. If you have any questions on how to turn off rtt on iPhone then do let us know in the comments below.

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