How to Invert a Picture on iPhone? (Top 5 Ways)

Even though you might not do it often, inverting the colors in a photo can be entertaining since, depending on what you invert, the result may either look hilarious. Regardless of the outcome, inverting an image’s colors will help you have a better understanding of how colors interact.

Conversely, it is seen that using inverted images at a time not only improves the visualization of the pictures but also aids in the recognition and greater understanding of the user of the image who is color-blind or lacks some visual impairment.

We’ll go over every method for both temporary and permanent color inversion in a picture on your iPhone in this post to learn how to invert a picture on iPhone gradually and easily. 

What do you mean by Color Inversion?

Before you move to the main topic of the day which is how to invert a picture on iPhone, you need to know the simple meaning of the term color inversion for a proper understanding relating to the main topic of how to invert colors on a picture on iPhone easily.

Color inversion, which most frequently involves converting white into black and black into white, is the process of changing the colors in an image such that the bright regions become dark and the dark sections become bright.

However, it also means that for colored images, the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) color spectrum is inverted from one end to the other. As a result, a photograph with a lot of blue turns orange and a picture with a lot of green turns purple and red.

Let’s look at how to invert colors on an iPhone image now and additionally the need for color inversion so that you know what color inversion is and what to expect from it.

Top 3 Reasons for Using Color Inversion in an iPhone

  1. Your eyes will suffer if you use an iPhone or iPad in a dimly lit environment. We can’t ignore the reality that we have to use our smartphones repeatedly, but we can play it smart by using an iPhone’s inverted color feature.
  2. To avoid customers from learning how to invert black and white images on iPhone, Apple offers significantly upgraded features. Our advice is to be well-versed in how to invert colors on an iPhone image if your screen time is excessive.
  3. The iPhone’s inversion of colors saves battery life while also protecting your eyes.

Now, after you know the main reasons behind shifting or using the color inversion technique you ought to the main strategy for how to invert colors on a picture iPhone. So, plunge into the blog and two both ways whether it be temporary or permanent.

How to Invert a Picture on iPhone?(5 Easy Methods)


The instructions below cover both the temporary and permanent inversion of a photograph.

Case 1: Temporarily Invert a Photo’s Colors.

For the first case, you need to strictly adhere to the two ways mentioned to quickly know how to invert photo on iPhone temporarily.

Way 1: Use the Classic Invert Option on your iPhone 

If you only want to see an image with inverted colors rather than flipping the original image. You can use Class Invert, an accessibility tool, by going to the iOS settings.

As a result of this, your iOS device will automatically invert the color of the images on the screen as you start enabling the option, including making any changes in visual images or attaching other UI effects. 

In actuality, the original image is not altered; just an inverted color layer is applied on top of the screen. Screenshots taken in Classic Invert mode won’t show inverted-colored images because you’re only seeing the elements of your screen that are inverted.

  1. Now, go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. And choose Accessibility.
  3. Then, select Display & Text Size from here.
  4. Finally, you will be required to slide over and move downwards to the Classic Invert icon appearing at the bottom of the subsequent page.

Instantaneously, the colors of any material on your iPhone’s screen will be reversed. You can open any image in the Photos app and view it in reversed hues if you have this mode activated.

Way 2: Look to Activate Classic Invert.

In a second way, you need to look at and enable the Classic invert option and then tap the keyboard shortcut for accessibility. Afterward rundown the given instructions: 

  1. Firstly, open your iPhone’s Settings app to enable this shortcut.
  2. After that, choose Accessibility.
  3. Now, as a result of this, you will be required to slide over to the end of the page and tap the Accessibility Shortcut button visible on the screen.
  4. As a result of this, the accessibility features that are available on your iPhone are listed below. An asterisk (*) will appear next to the features that you’ve already used with this shortcut.
  5. For this, you will be directed to select Classic Invert from this list to add it as an accessibility shortcut. The option’s left side will display a tick mark once you choose it.
  6. After that, utilizing this shortcut, triple-click the side button on your iPhone to activate Classic Invert (the one on the right edge).
  7. As a result of this, the Accessibility Shortcut will immediately enable Classic Invert if it is the only accessibility feature you have set up.
  8. And, a menu will show up at the bottom if you have added more accessibility features to Accessibility Shortcut.
  9. After that, lastly, choose Classic Invert to add inverted colors to your screen from this menu.

Case 2: Permanently Invert a Picture’s Colors.

If you want to permanently flip a photo’s colors, you might want to modify it first so that you can share the altered image with others as well as yourself.

Many programs promise to include an invert option for images, but we’ll stick with firstly with the Photos application and then talk about Adobe’s Photoshop Express and Lightroom apps because they’re all free and simple.

First Approach: Using the Photos App.

You may edit photos using the Photos app on your iPhone in addition to seeing them. Even while the editing capabilities on your iPhone’s Photographs app are limited compared to what you might find in a few third-party apps, you can still use it to effortlessly invert photos.

Here’s how to invert a picture on iPhone using the Photos app.

  1. In the first step, on your iPhone, you are required to launch the Photos app.
  2. In the next step, you are required to locate the image you wish to invert, then tap it to make it larger.
  3. After that, you are required to tap and press Edit appearing on the right side of the page.
  4. Now, click the icon that resembles a square with circle arrows at the bottom of your screen as the image zooms out.
  5. Then, tap the icon that resembles a pyramid that has been cut in half in the top-left corner of your screen.
  6. Finally, the image will invert when you tap on the icon like a pyramid. Further, to save any or specific changes image in the image, you are required to slide over the Done tap appearing on the right side of the page. 

Now, run down to the second approach for knowing how to invert an image on iPhone quickly and easily.

Second Approach: Utilizing Photoshop Express.

Here’s how to invert photos on iPhone using the Photoshop Express application modestly:

  1. Firstly, open the Photoshop Express app on your iPhone to invert a photo’s colors.
  2. After that select Edit Photo from the group of tools at the top of the program when it first launches.
  3. Now, choose the image you wish to alter from your library on the following screen.
  4. Then, when the chosen image has loaded, select Basic by tapping the Looks tab in the lower left corner.
  5. Now, the Basic section will widen to provide other filters you can use. To access more options inside Basic, swipe to the right.
  6. After that, click Invert when you scroll to the right. Now, with this, your chosen photo will have its colors inverted by the app. Then, drag the slider to the right or left, as appropriate, to intensify or weaken the color conversion.
  7. When you’re happy with the outcome, save the picture by tapping the Share icon up top.
  8. Finally, to save the edited file in your library, select Save on the following screen.

With this, the color-inverted image can be found under Albums > PSExpress in the Photos app.

Third Approach: Using Lightroom Application.

Here’s how to invert photo on iPhone using the Lightroom Application

  1. For this, firstly you will be required to open the Lightroom software on your iPhone to invert a photo’s colors.
  2. In the next step, you are required to tap on the photo icon in the lower right corner of the app when it first launches.
  3. Then, choose From Camera Roll from the menu that displays.
  4. Now, choose the image you wish to alter from your library on the following screen.
  5. After that, tap on the Light tab at the bottom of the selected image when it appears.
  6. Then, you are required to slide over the Curve-like menu that appears on the screen.
  7. As a result of this, the Tone Curve, which appears as a diagonal line on top of your photograph, will be visible.
  8. After that, drag the bottom-left dot to the top-left corner to color-flip your image.
  9. Then, your image will now have an entirely white background. Now, you are required to toggle over the topmost page on the right side pressing the dots-like structure visible on the screen. 
  10. Now, when you do that, the colors of the chosen image are reversed.
  11. In the next step, you are required to slide over the Done tap to confirm the changes made therein.
  12. Now, by tapping the Share icon up top, you may save the inverted image.
  13. Finally, to save the image to your iPhone’s library, choose Export to Camera Roll from the selection that appears.

The color-inverted picture will be kept in Photos. Go to the Photos app > Albums > Lightroom to access it.

Bonus Tip: What Distinguishes Invert Image from Dark Mode?

As of now, you have a proper and thoughtful understanding related to how to invert colors on a picture on iPhone. When it comes to dark mode, several operating systems and programs have it as a feature set. Additionally, it switches the user interface’s color from bright to dark mode.

This nighttime use of the dark mode helps prevent eye damage. However, it is somewhat also possible for the user to manually change the colors of the image. Some operating systems, however, base it on the natural light of the day. You can alter the backdrop color as well as the color of the images throughout the color inversion process.

This is useful for inverting photos on an iPhone as well. The color of the user interface will vary if a smart inversion is being used. The outcomes are essentially identical to those of dark mode. Additionally, if you use a classic invert, the user interface, images, and icons all change color.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I make a picture’s colors inverted?

Ans. A photograph can have its colors reversed in a few different ways. Utilizing Photoshop’s “Image > Adjustments > Invert” function is one option. Use GIMP’s “Color > Invert” option as an alternative.

2. Can an image be inverted on an iPhone?

Ans. The answer is yes. For that, you are required to open the Photos app on your device and select the image by sliding over the page you are willing to invert and after that, you will be directed to click on the Edit button appearing on the screen. Finally, press the Invert button from the Edit icon. 

3. On iOS 14, how do you invert colors?

Ans. Firstly on the iOS model 14, you are required to go to the Settings page, and then you are required to press the General icon to invert the image on your device.

And in the next step, you are required to click on Display Accommodations appearing under the Accessibility option visible by scrolling down. Finally, toggle around the switch to the on position and press the Invert colors icon. 

4. On an iPhone, how can you easily invert the black-and-white photos stored on the device? 

Ans. Conversely, it is seen that the process for inverting the black-and-white photos of any specific user is quite easy and simple. For this, you simply need to click on the Edit button appearing on the page and then click on the Invert button after opening the required image on the Photos app.

5. On an iPhone 12, how can you turn a picture negative?

Ans. On the iPhone 12, if seen conversely, the option to quickly turn off the negative photo is not visible. However, this is something that some programs can achieve.

6. Does my original image get overwritten by the mirrored version?

Ans. The mirrored copy of an inverted image won’t replace the first one. The original image will be left unaltered and a new file will be created with the updated inverted image. Therefore, the original image won’t be deleted whether you use the Photos app on your iPhone or a third-party program.

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Final Words


You can see that you already have the best method for inverting photos on an iPhone. This can be outrageously accomplished and done quite easily and precisely. Additionally, you may use the filter feature on your iPhone to make an image negative.

For this, you need to simply click know the list of the filters available and press the invert color icon visible on the screen. Perhaps, the main usage of color inversion is those that lack visual impairments and color blindness contradictory.

It makes it easier to distinguish between different objects in the picture. Use the best display setup choices on the iPhone as you see fit.

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