How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone? (Answer)

You can record what appears on your screen so that it can be played back at a later time. Perhaps, whether you are looking out for creating either a video game or you are looking for viewing the slides of a presentation showcased in a webinar for all purposes screen recording is currently seen as a useful tool in several situations or the other. 

You should first confirm that your screen recording will capture all you require before beginning and knowing how long can you screen record on iPhone easily and effectively. However, the only answer to the question is that the screen recording feature is the right solution for knowing it precisely. 

How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone?


In simple words, you can see that in today’s time screen recording features can be helpful for every user of smartphones. Whether you are looking for capturing a significant part or waiting for attending an important meeting or even connecting to the recipient at times of need.

Interestingly, there is no time restriction on how long you can capture a screen. Apple never sets this because they don’t think they can accurately predict how long someone will require this feature.

In other words, you can keep recording the activity as long as it is still occurring on your screen. That does not imply that you can always record endless amounts of video, though. Be sure to take into account before moving to know how long can you screen record on iPhone effectively: 

1. The File Size

Large files are cumbersome, challenging to transfer, and challenging to store. Lengthier screen recordings result in longer files, which can interfere with playing in the future.

2. Resolution

The next addressable concern relates to the monitor or the video recorder settings enabled on your device that will allow you to capture the screen recorder in several high or low resolutions. However, your file size will occupy much-needed space if the screen recording is done at a high resolution. 

3. Obtainable Space

How much information can you hold? The size of the file you can save to the platform is restricted by some free screen recording tools. Other times, your recording might be constrained by the constraints of your storage system.

However, before you initiate the screen recording feature you are too aware specifically of the inherent limitations every screen recorder program stores under the application. If necessary, make sure you have a backup plan, so you can continue to record your screen for the duration you require.

4. Lost Battery

The phone may shut off if you are screen recording and have a low battery. Fortunately, most of the time when this occurs, the video will be stored on your Camera Roll up until the very last second it manages to record.

On occasion, though, the iPhone has just “lost” the entire screen recording. Make sure your iPhone is at least connected in or has enough battery before you begin the recording to prevent this and know purposefully how long can I screen record on iPhone in the initial stage.

Bonus Tip: Top 4 Benefits of Screen Recording Feature in iPhone


After you know the answer to the query raised by the users on how long can you screen record on an iPhone, it’s time to know the top benefits of using the screen recording feature in the iPhone.

1. Exhibit a Process.

The next time my mother calls and asks me to show her how to upload a video to Instagram, I won’t walk her through it; instead, I’ll record it and send it to her. The following time she forgets, she can just watch the video. Unless, of course, she disregards the video I sent her.

A coworker trying to learn a new procedure, a customer who has called your support team with a software question, and many other people can all benefit from screen recording.

2. Document any Hidden Bug or Error in the Program.

In simple words, the saying means concealing something and not portraying it. I sometimes find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what I was doing when an issue or bug in the software I’m using occurred for knowing how long can iPhone screen record. I no longer have to.

I can instead record a video of what I’m doing when the mistake happens and send it to the app’s developer to help them figure out what’s going wrong. Additionally, your internal development team will benefit from this.

3. Showcase Fresh Software Features or Capabilities.


Video is a terrific method to showcase the things you’re most pleased with, whether you’ve just upgraded an app or have just launched a new one. You might decide to create a longer version or a series of brief movies showcasing specific features.

In either case, you may show how your program operates in detail. Additionally, iOS 11’s narration feature allows you to describe what you’re doing. Thus, as you gradually move further, you are getting to the top enduring benefits it offers additionally to know how long can you screen record on iPhone easily.

4. Look for Making a Video for the Application Store.

Program Store video previews are an excellent method to demonstrate how your app functions to potential users, much like a film showcasing new features or capabilities. Video previews highlight the unique features of your software and give a potential buyer one more reason to hit the Buy button.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the iPhone feature screen recording already?

Ans. Yes, screen recording is a feature built into iPhones. Please refer to our step-by-step tutorial on how to set up screen recording for an iPhone whether you are using iOS 11, 12, 13, or 14.

2. What type of buttons do you need to press in order of being able to capture the widescreen? 

Ans. For this, you will be required to directly slide over the Control center panel bar and look for pressing the screen reading button appearing on the page. However, for iPhone 8 or earlier models, you need to simply swipe the slider, and for iPhone X or later scroll the slider downside. View this thorough tutorial showing you how to record the iPhone’s screen.

3. How much time can an iPhone screen record?

Ans. The answer to the query raised is that the amount of time you can hold on to recording the screen is not bound by any limitations. The quantity of free space on your iPhone’s hard drive is the only restriction. However, you should be warned that due to the big size, your video recording may inadvertently cease during extremely lengthy recordings.

4. How long can the iPhone 12 continue to capture video?

Ans. The iPhone 12 features a capability that continually records video for 24 hours. This function is known as continuous video recording. With this capability, the user can record everything that occurs; the camera will continue to record even if someone walks past it.

5. Why does the video on my iPhone stop recording?

Ans. First, you need to initiate and check if your iPhone is running on the most recent and updated software. Restarting your iPhone should resolve the problem. A restart can fix a lot of unexpected behaviors. Try reinstalling iOS with iTunes if you’re still unable to capture videos.

6. With the screen off, can the iPhone record?

Ans. A standout feature of the iPhone is its recording ability. When you’re out and about, like at a concert or in a museum, you can use it to record videos and capture photos or videos.

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Final Words


For many reasons, having the ability to know how long can you screen record on an iPhone is a highly valuable feature. However, you need to be aware that sufficient battery is being saved and that you are cautious about the storage space before you move to begin with screen recording on your iOS devices. 

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