How to Dial Letters on iPhone? (Best Way)

How do you translate letters into numbers in the iPhone dialer, which only includes numbers and no letters? By changing the numbers a few times, you may rapidly learn how to do it because it is rather simple. So if you’re wondering how to type letters on iPhone call or how to dial letters on iPhone at the earliest, this is everything you need to know.

Dialing Letters with an iPhone

Dialing letters on your iPhone will come easy to you if you’ve ever used an older monoblock phone with a keypad for messaging. To compose a text message on one of these phones, you had to keep hitting a number until you saw the letter you needed to be written underneath the number.

As a result, you needed to hit the number 2 key twice to generate the letter “b,” for instance. Look at the dialer on your iPhone right now. You’ll see that letters are listed beneath the numbers 2 through 9. Some are given three letters, while others are given four. So, all you want to do is directly call on the digits. 

How to Dial Letters on iPhone?


On an iPhone, dialing letters is rather simple. Take your iPhone out, then do the following:

#1: Open the mobile application

On your iPhone, locate the green phone icon, and tap it to launch the Phone app. Thus, with this, the numeric dial pad will automatically appear on the screen dashboard. 

#2: Finding the Correct Letters 

Look up the phone number you wish to call, then dial the first letter of the number. On the keypad, find the corresponding number. For instance, the appropriate number is 2 if the letter you want to call is C.

#3: Complete the Number

Simply change each letter to its matching number now and push call!

Alternative Trick: Use Dictation

An alternative method is to dictate. Using the dictation tool on an iPhone is an additional method of dialing letters.

  1. To do this, at the first step, you will be required to directly open the Settings application of the device you are operating.
  2. Then, in the next step, you will be required to enable and click on the Dictation tab under the Keyboard option.
  3. Then select General.
  4. After that, talk by pressing the microphone button.
  5. Lastly, simply hit Done after saying the number you wish to call, and the phone will handle the rest.

Best Advice for using the iPhone Keypad


Tip 1

There are no quick capital keys on the iPhone keyboard. How do you acquire them?

Trick: When you need to type a capital letter, slide across to the desired key while holding down Shift on your keyboard to save a tap. Using this strategy, the number is also feasible.

Tip 2

How do you insert the punctuation keys on an iPhone?

Trick: Touching and holding the punctuation key will reveal a set of additional keys.

Tip 3

Where on the iPhone keyboard can I locate accented letters, and other unusual characters?

Trick: A set of extra keys will appear if you touch and hold the U key.

Tip 4

How do you view domain names in URL mode on an iPhone?

Trick: When the keyboard is in URL mode, you can touch and hold key to quickly enter the specific domain you opt to open. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. On Dialpad, how can you quickly dial letters on it? 

Ans. You must first enable international dialing to dial letters on Dialpad. By pressing and holding a letter on your keyboard after that, you can dial numbers. The letter will be instantly translated into the correct phone number by Dialpad.

2. How can I switch the keypad on my iPhone from numbers to letters?

Ans. At the first step, you are required to open the Settings application and thereby are will be required to go to the General section of your device and directly click on the iPhone’s keyboard to slide from the numbers to letters vertically. Tap Keyboard first, then Keyboards, as you scroll down. Click Add New Keyboard, then pick Letters.

3. How can I add punctuation to the keyboard on my iPhone?

Ans. By selecting Add New Keyboard under Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards, you can add punctuation to your keyboard. Afterward, you will be required to press the selection of the keyboards tab including the emojis, French language, German, and other languages available on the screen dashboard.  

4. How can I make my iPhone allow handwriting?

Ans. The Handwriting toggle can be found under Settings > General > Keyboard.

5. How can you use the letters on the dial pad on your iOS devices?

Ans. The mobile app lacks a letter keyboard. If you see conversely every digit is followed by the letter with it. Therefore, to dial a letter on your iPhone’s dial pad, you simply press on the digit next to the letter you want to dial. The letters are located beneath each digit.

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Final Words


Using an iPhone, you can now dial letters. Thus, now, hopefully, you got to know how to act the next time on seeing a number that combines both the letters and the digits as well. You can convert the letters into numbers without looking at the dial pad with little effort.

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