8+ Battery Saving Tips for iPhone to Extend Battery Life

Are you looking to improve the battery performance on your iPhone? Here are 9 Best Battery Saving Tips for iPhone✅. These tips will help you to keep your iphone battery help at 100.

A long day at the office taking calls and constantly placing your phone down and picking it right up. This is quite exhaustive for your iPhone and can lead to the battery draining pretty quick. Not having the charger with you is one thing but keeping the battery of your iPhone going for quite a while is another.

So how to keep the iPhone battery health at 100? There are some mindful and holistic steps and tips to follow that will help you enjoy a longer battery life throughout the day. In the long run, this will help keep your battery health impact and also make your iPhone battery life sustain for long hours.

Top 9 Battery Saving Tips for iPhone


  1. The ‘low power’ mode

The low power mode is a godsend for people who are on the go and cannot always ensure that their iPhone is charged up before leaving the house. Simply go to the ‘settings’ app on your iPhone, select the ‘battery’ option and toggle to green the ‘low power’ mode. This will help prolong the battery life and keep the battery health at 100.

  1. Lower the screen brightness

Increasing the brightness of the screen when the sun is glaring or simply because your eyesight is not the best is understandable. But screen brightness has a direct impact on the battery life; higher screen brightness means more battery consumption.

Try and keep the screen brightness as lower as possible, especially when indoors or when you are not using your iPhone at the moment. Little things can go a long way.

  1. ‘Airplane mode’

The good ol’ Airplane mode, who is not aware of the trick to turn your Airplane mode on when your phone is hanging on by a thread battery-wise? You do not have to do this only when the battery is completely drained. You can also turn the Airplane mode on when your iPhone’s battery is completely up as well, this will help manage battery consumption from the very start.

  1. Manage your notifications

Wanting to know when you receive an email, a text message or even an application update is natural, especially when your work depends on it or you simply enjoy being connected with your friends and the virtual world. But every time your phone pings and lights up, it drains your iPhone’s battery life.

Hence, make sure to manage your notifications by turning off notifications for apps you do not care to hear from and managing and prioritizing notifications from important sources.

  1. Automated app updates and downloads

App updates are annoying enough as it is but when your phone makes the managerial decision to update an app on its own, this is battery consuming. Not to say that keeping up to date on your app updates is a bad thing but there is a time and place for everything. Ensure to turn this automated feature off.

Go to the ‘settings’ app on your phone, find ‘app store’ and simply toggle to green ‘app updates’.

  1. Turn off location

Having your location is a brilliant way to ensure your safety when out and about in the city but in terms of battery life, it is just another source draining the battery of your iPhone. Thus, the solution would be to turn the location off on your iPhone when you are not in a situation where your location is required; say when running an app or when travelling.

To turn your location off, go to the ‘settings’ app on your iPhone, look for the ‘privacy’ option and click onto ‘location services’.

  1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Keeping the Wi-Fi on throughout the day has become the norm with most not even turning it out at night but if you aim to save the battery life of your iPhone, you should most definitely try turning it off. It is also worth noting that using your data is more battery consuming than when the iPhone is running on Wi-Fi.

You can also turn the Bluetooth off when not in use, these small steps mean a lot for your battery life in the long run. Simply find ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘Bluetooth in the ‘settings’ app of your iPhone to turn them off at any point where you deem them unnecessary.

  1. Voice Assistant

Having a voice assistant is so handy, especially when you need to turn a song on from the other end of the room. But the voice assistant, if left on at all times passively, consumes a lot of the iPhone’s battery. Makes sense, right?

Go ahead and turn the voice assistant off by going to the ‘Siri and search’ section in the ‘settings’ app and you should be good to go.

  1. AirDrop

Air dropping your friends memes and notes is super fun and a brilliant way to keep the conversation going. But in terms of battery, it is not so great. AirDrop is another passive source draining your battery and if you are committed to saving the battery life of your iPhone, turn it off when not in use.

Open the ‘settings’ app on your iPhone to turn AirDrop. Click on ‘general’ and under that you should find an ‘AirDrop’ section, simply choose ‘receiving off’ and it’s done.


1. How do you turn your location off on the iPhone and how do you turn it back on?

Ans. Find the ‘settings’ app on your iPhone, click on the ‘privacy’ option and further onto ‘location services’. You should be able to both turn your location on and off this way with no hassle.

2. What external methods can I follow to save the battery life of my iPhone?

Ans. A battery case would be extremely useful to those who still are unable to manage their battery life despite these internal tips. A battery case consists of a battery pack that helps give your iPhone a little boost to make it through the last leg of the day.

3. Is it true that low reception areas make your iPhone expend more battery?

Ans. This is, in fact, true. It is recommended to stay away from low reception areas or to turn your airplane mode on.

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The battle of phone vs. battery life is a long and illustrious one, but we hope these effective tips help keep your iPhone health on 100. Albeit a bit simple, these tips and tricks have proven themselves to be worthy of appearing on this list.

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