How to Split Screen on iPhone?

Do you wish to know how use split screen on iPhone? Or how to split screen on iPhone? easily and quickly with the right steps. 

Perhaps a split screen can be more entertaining and effective than a single screen.

With the split-screen feature enabled on our iPhone, you are able to use two websites or applications simultaneously. Therefore, we’ll demonstrate how to multitask effectively in this article and also how to split screen on iPhone. Let’s get going.

What Does the iPhone’s Split Screen Mean?


Before you move on to the part of the content about how to split screen on iPhone 11/12/13/14, let’s know the simple and easy meaning of the term “split screen” on the iPhone. To save time, the split-screen feature separates the screen into two sections so that two applications can run side by side.

With this function, you can load any two applications to view and use them on separate screens on your phone. 

How to Split Screen on iPhone?


By default, iPhones do not support the split-screen feature. But you can use the split screen using third-party apps.

It is completely legal to use the following third-party apps to use split screen on iPhone.

#1. Split Screen – Dual Window


You may learn or work much more effectively with Split Screen – Dual Window. Caesar said, “Division is the key to conquest.” The fact that so many users have praised this app is fantastic. There are a respectable number of favorable reviews on AppStore. The most favorable application for work or study among the analogs, according to users.

Download App from App Store

#2. SplitNet


You may access all of your favorite social media apps with SplitNet, saving space and time. You can use two apps simultaneously, respond to emails while scrolling social media, and do a lot more things when you multitask. With built-in transportation apps, you won’t ever get lost again.

Perhaps, you can use the website and social networking services like Instagram and Twitter simultaneously with this free app as well.

Download SplitNet from App Store

#3. WebDuo Pro


The only iOS app that lets you browse two websites simultaneously (side by side) is called WebDuo. Try out WebDuo Pro for yourself. Using multitasking, if you have an iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, or iPad Pro, you can run three browsers simultaneously!

In other words, it is seen that it is gradualy turning to be one of the best options for the users. You will, however, need to pay a fee to use this software.

Download WebDuo Pro from App Store

#4. Split Screen View


We’ll talk about an application now that is made for all Apple users. You can use this application whether you own an iPhone or iPad because it is compatible with both models.

Enjoy the site’s content by splitting the screen. You can use the search bar to look up requests, make a report, chat with friends on social media, view YouTube videos, and complete all of these tasks at once.

Download Split Screen View from App Store

#5. Splitware +


For the iPhone and iPad, splitware + allows for dynamic app switching. Due to Splitware, switching between apps is no longer necessary. Splitware + is quick, efficient, and easy to use for everyone. With Splitware +, you can access all of your preferred social media programs in one location, saving space and time.

With built-in transportation apps, you won’t ever get lost again. Splitware + will simplify all gestures and bring excitement back to your social media existence.

Download Splitware + from App Store

Top Benefit of Dual Screen on iPhone

Split Screen is simple to use and self-explanatory, split screen mode. Let’s examine the split-screen app’s usage of the iPhone. There will be two browser windows open when you first use the program.

Now, after you type the search word or URL into the address lines. Here, your view on your iPhone may change from vertical to horizontal when you tilt it. After that, you can chat without switching between social media and a messaging app by opening them on different displays.

Not all iPhone Models Support Split-Screen

However, the majority of iPhone users don’t frequently use the split-screen option. Only a small percentage of people are aware of this incredibly useful feature. This is because there isn’t a recognized screen split.

The traditional split screen mode is not what is available on the menu. The device’s compatibility determines whether the mode is available. There are several iPhone models that do not have this capability.

This feature is supported by all models with the suffix Plus, Max, or Pro in models 6 and higher. This function is not compatible with any iPhone device prior to the iPhone 6.

Best Alternative Tip: How to Split Screen on iPhone on all Models

The use of picture-in-picture and quick program-switching features, as well as the use of third-party software, allow you to multitask. We’ll demonstrate how to access these options on your phone.

There are various alternatives you can utilize on the iPhone even if you don’t want to install a third-party app.

Look for Utilizing the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on your iPhone.

With your iPhone’s picture-in-picture mode, you may view a video while performing other tasks. With this selection, your device gets detached from its original spot and slide over the screen. In the remaining screen space, you can continue using your other apps.

On the iPhone, PiP mode is only accessible with iOS 14 and later.

  1. For this, you need to toggle the “Start PiP Automatically” switch appearing in the Settings page.
  2. After that, select General and slide over the Picture-in-Picture icon to enable it.

Now, you can play your movie by opening a PiP-compatible app and then selecting the PiP symbol. Now you may drag your video’s floating window to any place on your screen.

Apps that Support Picture-in-Picture on the iPhone

The majority of video apps for the iPhone work in picture-in-picture mode. Numerous official Apple applications are included in this list, including Apple TV, Safari, FaceTime, Podcasts, Home, and Music. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, FOX NOW, HBO Max, Hulu, SHOWTIME, and other third-party apps are just a few examples.

Additionally, PiP mode is supported by all online browsers, so you can use the function while a website is playing a video. Since the official YouTube app on the iPhone does not enable PiP mode without a Premium subscription, you can use this technique.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can the iPhone XS Max divide the screen?

Ans. The iPhone Xs Max still supports split-screen landscape display mode, just like the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 Plus did.

2. Do split screens work on the iPhone 11?

Ans. On an iPhone 11, you can split the screen by opening the Control Center by swiping upward from the bottom of the screen. The “Multitasking View” icon by tapping and holding it (the two squares).

On the screen, you need to simply slide over the left or right of the page. Dragging the Multitasking View icon back to the screen’s center will end Split Screen mode.

3. How can you simultaneously open two apps on an iPhone?

Ans. From the home screen, launch Split View. After that, you are required to simply press and hold down the application directly from the Home screen or in the Dock, by dragging with your finger, and keep holding for some seconds before you click on the other applications. 

4. How do I modify Safari’s view?

Ans. Tap the search box, then tap “Show Top Address Bar” or “Show Bottom Tab Bar” in the Safari app. After that, click Settings, slide over Safari, and then choose Tabs. However, tab or Single Tab are your options.

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Final Words


Finally, turning your iPhone to landscape mode is the best approach to enable for knowing how to split screen on iPhone. The screen splits when you use an app that supports this feature. Additionally, organize all of your apps appropriately in order to multitask.

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