Difference Between No Location Found & Location Not Available

I’ve got you covered in this post if you’re attempting to figure out the difference between “no location found” and “location not available” when trying to monitor someone on your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device.

Though both the terms may seem similar but, they differ a lot. This is common knowledge if you’re using the Find My iPhone app to track someone whose location you’ve shared on your device.

“No location found” simply means that the user’s location cannot be obtained since location services are not operational, whereas “location not available” only applies briefly and may be brought on by a lack of adequate internet connectivity.

Before continuing, let’s clarify what the terms “location not available” and “no location found” on the Find My App mean.

What does the term “No Location Found” mean on an iPhone?


It simply implies that the person’s location cannot be reached at that precise instant when you are monitoring someone whose location you are sharing and you see “no location found” instead of the person’s current location.

Because the user’s phone is not in use, there is no internet connection, or if both location services and share my location are disabled, it frequently results in location services and location sharing not functioning.

Location services and the ability to share my location are typically turned off when location services are turned off on a person’s phone. However, it doesn’t always imply because location services may be deactivated in place of no location found.

What does the term “Location Not Available” mean on an iPhone?


Location not Available simply implies that the person’s current location is still not available, even though I discovered my app is still attempting to update to the most recent location.

When it says location is not available, it will eventually show the person’s current location, unlike when it says location not found, which does not happen.

After a brief period of time, the device of the individual with no location found on the Find My App will become blank. So, the reason why the “location not available” message appears here is because the “Find My App” is attempting to access and update the user’s current location.

Difference Between No Location Found and Location Not Available(Top 5)


When it says “no location found,” it simply means the user’s phone is turned off or offline, which prevents location services from being active. This is different from “location not available.”

Find My App is still trying to update to the current location of the person you’re tracking even when it says location not available.

The distinction between “No location found” vs “No location available” is presented in tabular form below.

Point of Difference  No Location Found Location Not Available 
Occurance No location found usually happens while the iPhone is offline or off. But, location not available takes place even when Find My App is activated, and the user’s location is not being updated.
Color With no location found, the colour of the device will be blank. However, with location not available, the device won’t be generic and will have a color.
Location Services

In location not found it is possible that Location Services are off throughout the iPhone. 

However, in location not available, the iPhone’s “Location Services” and “Share My Location” functionalities are currently operational.
Location Status In location not found, the person’s location is not immediately updated.  But, once service is restored, the location is updated immediately for location not available. 
Internet Connectivity Location not found additionally takes place if there is no internet connection. But, location not available takes place if there is an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does the location of someone state “no location found”?

Ans. If the user is outside the reach of the network, the app will display the message “no location found on find my friends.” Or the GPS was disabled, or perhaps the phone’s battery died.

2. Does the absence of a location indicate a turnoff?

Ans. It denotes a 30-minute gap since the gadget you are viewing last reported its position. This frequently occurs as a result of the device being turned off or losing data coverage (no weak or no cellular or Wi-Fi, such as being in a subway tunnel).

3. How can I hide my whereabouts without disabling location?

Ans. Turning on aeroplane mode is a quick and easy way to temporarily stop others from knowing your whereabouts. Perhaps, it can be seen that all the smartphones available in the market does have an in-built capability within them. 

Keep in mind that using cellular networks, making calls, or sending messages will also not be possible while the device is in airplane mode.

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