How to Make Hotspot Faster iPhone? (4 Quick Methods)

The hotspot function on cell phones is arguably one of their best features. Thanks to it, you may use the internet without using any of your data. However, if you have an iPhone, you might run into trouble, and you are urged to know how to make hotspot faster iPhone!

That is, there are situations when the hotspot may have slowed down more than anticipated. Slow internet speed is a big pain, especially in today’s age where everything is online. In the workplace and even in my personal life, slow internet can be a serious problem.

The concern is, however, whether the hotspot can be made faster. The response is true! You can speed up your iPhone’s hotspot! And I’ll explain how to make hotspot faster iPhone in this article.

So let’s get going!

What is an iOS Hotspot?


Let’s first clarify what an iOS hotspot is. In layman’s terms, an iOS hotspot is a wireless network connection that enables you to share the broadband connection from your phone with other nearby devices.

An iOS hotspot can be used to share a high-speed connection with nearby users or to connect to the internet while you’re on the move. 

How To Make Hotspot Faster on iPhone?


Follow the following four methods to speedup the hotspot on your iPhone.

Method 1: Turn Off Low Data Mode to make hotspot faster


  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Cellular or Mobile Data.
  • Go to Mobile Data Options.
  • Make sure to turn off Low Data Mode.
  • You are done.

Method 2: Turn Off Low Power Mode to make hotspot faster


  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Battery.
  • Make sure to turn off Low Power Mode.
  • You are done.

Method 3: Turn Off Background App Refresh to make hotspot faster

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Go to Background App Refresh.
  • Again, go to Background App Refresh.
  • Set it to Off.
  • You are done.

This method will stop apps to consume mobile data in the background.

Method4: Closee Background Apps to make hotspot faster

  • Close all the apps running in the background.

Why is My WiFi slow?

Now, before you plunge into the main topic of the article, how to make iPhone hotspot faster? You do indeed need to know the main reasons behind the slow WiFi. So, first things first, let’s ask yourself, “Is the speed of your hotspot slow?”

Perhaps often you will see that most of the time the users of the phone blame the cell phones for poor signal.

Though it is also true and can’t be ignored that watching movies, listening to music, browsing the internet, and downloading files do require some time if your mobile connectivity data is slow. So, let’s know one by one the reason behind the slow working of the hotspot on the iPhone:

1. Verify the Network your iPhone can Access

The very first reason for poor hotspot speed is always a result of the network. Thus, it is advised that you need to find a location that can provide you access to good network connectivity if that is the issue.  

2. Look for Connecting to the Router to Close the Gap 

Secondly, if you are thinking of connecting to the WiFi router, you are advised to check the distance between the device and the router, as it also might be the reason behind your hotspot running slow. If such a case pertains, look to bring the router near the device.

3. Shorten the Separation Between the Connected Device 

Thirdly, the speed of the hotspot will be reduced if the device is far away from the hotspot. In such a case, you are required to reduce the distance between the device and the other connected device so that the speed of the hotspot can be boosted to a great extent.

Bonus Tips for Making your iPhone Hotspot Speed Faster

However, there is a solution! Here, I have addressed the main issue facing every user of an iPhone. I have underlined six top tips on how to make your hotspot faster on iPhone effectively and easily. So, swipe to the blog and get into the details about it.

1. Put your Hotspot by a Window

The first tip to boost the hotspot speed of your iPhone is to put it near a window and out in the open. Materials frequently block cellular signals, especially via surfaces like brick walls and roof barriers.

2. Alternate the Location Frequently

The second tip for boosting the hotspot speed of the iPhone is to alternate the location frequently. Try out several rooms to see if one has better cell reception. Try moving your cellular devices to a different location inside your building until you find one with better coverage because cellular signals are erratic.

3. Combine the Device with a Cell Tower Locator 

The third tip for fixing the speed of the iPhone hotspot is to combine one of the aforementioned devices with a cell tower locator. You can easily locate websites and download apps that will show the exact positions of mobile towers closest to you.

4. Place the iPhone next to Window Tower

The next tip talks about placing your iPhone next to a building window with the tower facing out once you’ve determined which cell tower is closest to you. Cell tower finder maps are available in your app store. Your screen would show a list of available apps before allowing you to make a call.

5. Beware of Background-running Applications

In this tip, you are required to beware of background-running applications. Applications that consume cellular data may be running in the background. The most prevalent examples are social media and email. To have a quicker internet connection, disable your background applications.

6. Prohibit the Use of the Internet and other Forms of Media

Here, in this tip, the use of the internet and other forms of media should also be avoided. Online music and video streaming use more data than you may anticipate. Avoid utilizing it to increase your internet speed and make your battery last longer.

7. iPhone Signal Booster

Lastly, the iPhone signal enhancer will save you if none of the aforementioned methods work. Your hotspot would receive a consistent, powerful signal from the booster, ensuring that you have the necessary data connectivity. This enables you to have a stronger and faster hotspot without having to change locations.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How fast is the iPhone hotspot?

Ans. The carrier and the plan you have determine the speed of an iPhone hotspot. It normally ranges from 5 to 12 Mbps.

2. How can I upgrade the hotspot on my iPhone to 5 GHz?

Ans. First, confirm if your iPhone is compatible with 5 GHz. To do this, navigate to Settings > General > About and select “Capabilities.” Then, search for “Wi-Fi chip.” You can tell if your iPhone supports 5GHz if it reads “5GHz Wi-Fi.”

After that, you need to complete one last step to switch the hotspot to 5 GHz if your iPhone is capable of doing so. And, that is, you must choose your hotspot by going to Settings > Wi-Fi.

3. Is Wi-Fi quicker than a hotspot?

Ans. Not always, a hotspot is quicker than Wi-Fi. It depends on the kind of Wi-Fi and hotspot being used. Further, a hotpot will be quicker as compared to WiFi because the rate of the frequency with which it operates is different from WiFi. However, Wi-Fi might be quicker if the hotspot is crowded.

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Final Words 


I hope this post has given you some tips on how to explore the web at your own pace and how to make hotspot faster on iPhone. You should have a faster, more secure internet connection to simplify both your personal and professional lives.

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