Does Face ID Work With Eyes Closed?(Here’s the answer)

With the launching of the iPhone X, Apple unveiled Face ID to the public. It was more secure and changed the game. But customers frequently inquire as to whether they (or another person) can open the iPhone while their eyes are closed.

This article describes what Face ID is and also entails the query, “Does Face ID work with eyes closed diligently?” Keep reading the blog and getting into the alternative remedy to “Can you unlock Face ID with eyes closed?”

What is Apple Face ID?


A face recognition system called Face ID was introduced by Apple in 2017 and debuted on the iPhone X.

The system replaces Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning system for its most recent iPhones, including the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. Further, it is likely to be seen that in the upcoming new models of the iPhone series, you will discover the feature. 

Gradually, using the device, you will discover that the Face ID feature on the iPhone’s models can precisely form a 3D look using the application called “TrueDepth camera system” filtering on the smartphone. It will be comprised of sensors, cameras, and a down-to-dot projector with a notch-like display on the top of the iPhone’s display.

The system performs a safe authentication check each time you glance at your phone, allowing it to unlock your device or authorize a payment fast and easily if it recognizes you.

After you got into the details of what Face ID stands for, you need to first know does Face ID work with eyes closed query and then straightaway move to the best alternative for making Face ID works even with closed eyes.

Does Face ID Work with Eyes Closed? (Best Answer)


As you may already be aware, Apple values security and privacy. Also, the Face ID feature was intentionally inserted into the Touch ID section to increase the security level of smartphones.

Face ID is by default set to unlock a device only when the user is looking into the camera. The device won’t unlock if you’re not looking at it or looking at it with your eyes closed. This is only a security measure put in place by Apple to prevent unauthorized opening of iPhone.

Apple devices utilize a machine learning system and the TrueDepth camera to determine whether you are paying attention. Thus, the simple standard that is set to determine the user’s security level is to check whether the person is exactly paying attention when eyes open on the device. 

Bonus Tip: The Best Alternative for using Face ID when Eyes are Closed. 


Your iPhone won’t unlock unless your eyes are open. But you can fix the “Does Face ID work with your eyes closed?” query in one way.

And, for that, you only need to turn off the “Require Attention for Face ID” option on your iPhone to unlock it with your eyes closed. Further, it is quite easy to locate the Face ID and Passcode buttons on the device’s Settings page.

Until you see the choice in the Attention area, scroll down. You won’t need to look into the camera on the iPhone if you disable this option. If your facial structure matches the one stored in the Secure Enclave, you are allowed access.


They discovered that, when a user is wearing spectacles, the Face ID liveness recognition method does not retrieve all of the 3D data from the region around the eyes. So they took a spectacle and, using black and white tape, made a fake eye.

The researchers were able to unlock the iPhone in 120 seconds thanks to its success. Apple has since upgraded its facial recognition technology and implemented some changes.

Thus, the chances of your or somebody else’s duplicity becoming apparent become quite low with the feature of Face ID on the device. In this way, you can easily fix the issue of can face ID work with eyes closed effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does Face ID function when you are sleeping?

Ans. Face ID won’t function if you’re asleep, sorry. To unlock with Face ID, you must focus and stare into the camera. Additionally, it looks at your face to see if you’re paying attention. It wouldn’t unlock when you were asleep because you wouldn’t be cognizant.

2. Can a 3D-printed face mask be used with Face ID?

Ans. Generally speaking, a 3D-printed face mask would be unable to enable Face ID. The attention-aware face recognition system from Apple will assess your level of focus. Face ID would not unlock because a 3D-printed face mask would be ineffective at that.

Researchers have occasionally used 3D-printed masks to get around Face ID, though. Thus, it varies.

3. Can a video of you be used with Face ID?

Ans. No, a video of yours won’t open Face ID. Face ID works by displaying hundreds of dots on your face to build a three-dimensional image of you. On a screen, that would not be possible. Face ID won’t work, so.

4. Are the eyes safe when using Apple Face ID?

Ans. Face ID is secure for your eyes. It doesn’t emit enough IR light to cause eye damage. The sun’s rays also cover the entire face rather than just the eyes. Additionally, it only lasts for a few seconds, which is also unimportant. Due to all of this, Face ID technology is relatively safe for the eyes, even over time.

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Final Words


Apple gives you the option of enabling access with your eyes closed for Face ID. For security purposes, you should keep this option disabled. But if you enable Face ID, you can always use it while wearing glasses and address your concern about whether can you use face ID with your eyes closed. 

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