How to Pause Video Recordings on iPhone?(3 Methods)

iPhone does not have the option of pausing a video. In this article, we have shown a simple solution for How to Pause Video Recordings on iPhone?

The video quality of the iOS devices is remarkable, they are often comparable to that of professional cameras; so much so that many modern-day content creators often film with their iPhones.

The video quality and functionality are often the selling point of the iPhone. With each new version, the video quality only seems to be getting better like no other, a competitor is yet to beat Apple when it comes to the video feature of the iPhone.

Can you pause a video on your iPhone?

But just as abundantly the iPhone gives, there are numerous shortcomings to it as well. Many iPhone users have often been frustrated with the iPhone’s inability to perform certain simple actions that are customary to a smartphone. This emotion extends to the ability to pause and resume a video and video recording function as well.

But every problem comes with a solution and many tech enthusiasts have found creative workarounds and loopholes to make use of; when it comes to pausing a video, third-party apps are a lifesaver and if they are Apple-approved, then we are good to go.

How to Pause Video Recordings on iPhone?


#1. PauseCam

Many iPhone users share the frustration of not being able to pause and resume a video recording on the iPhone. Hitting the pause button on the iPhone simply stops the recording and saves that video as one which would mean you would have to start recording again which would make another video rather than a continuation like many want.

Third-party apps have always stepped up in the places where the iPhone failed to and PauseCam does the same as well. Among numerous other apps in the market that exist purely for the function of pausing and recording a video on the iPhone, PauseCam stands out due to its features and functionality.

While all this sounds great, PauseCam also comes with some downsides, this includes the fact that the video quality might not be as good as when recording on the iPhone. PauseCam allows the user to upload video present in the photo library and you can use the app to trim and edit your pre-existing video. It also provides filters and the option to upload your video directly to video-sharing platforms.

Also, you will have to endure numerous ads on the way given that you use this third-party app for free. A PauseCam subscription can be availed at a price of $1.99 for in-app purchases and this allows the user access to higher qualities of video recording in comparison to the low quality that comes along when using the app for free. You can also get away with paying $0.99 to unlock a specific feature such as not having the watermark on your video, etc.

How to Pause a Video on iPhone using PauseCam?

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone and look up PauseCam.

Step 2: Download and launch the app.


Step 3: Open PauseCam and give the app access to the iPhone camera and the microphone.

Step 4: You can now start recording the video by pressing the red button which signifies ‘record’.


Step 5: When the recording starts, you will find a large ‘pause’ button on the bottom of the screen.


But if you do not want to pause but to completely stop recording then you can hit the checkmark present at the top of the screen to do so.

PauseCam shows the user a preview of what was just recorded. Along with that, you can also easily share your video recording through the app; you can select the quality of the video while doing so.

#2. Nonstop Cam

Another wonderful third-party application for the purpose of pausing and resuming video recording on the iPhone, Nonstop Cam is free to use and also beginner-friendly. Similar to PauseCam in function and capability, it is another excellent option to serve your purpose.

How to Pause Video Recordings on iPhone using Nonstop Cam?

Step 1: Search for Nonstop Cam on the App Store of your iPhone.

Step 2: Download the app and launch it by clicking on the icon. Go ahead and give the app the necessary permissions to access your camera and the microphone along with it.

Step 3: Simply click on the camera icon to get to the recording when you are ready. You can also choose if you want the audio recorded as well and you can turn the flash on if required.

Step 4: Click on the large red button to start recording and you can also click on the ‘pause’ button as on when required.

Step 5: When you wish to stop the recording altogether, hit the ‘export’ button. The app will then ask whether you wish to save the video or if you wish to share it; choose accordingly.

#3. VideoCam+

This app serves the same purpose as PauseCam and coincidently also works the same way when it comes to quality and pricing. Using the free version of this app means that you would have to work with low video quality and a watermark as well, but you can always make the in-app purchase if you wish to upgrade.

How to Pause Video Recordings on iPhone using VideoCam+?

Step 1: Download and launch the VideoCam+ app.

Step 2: Give the necessary permissions to the app to access the camera and other features.

Step 3: The large red button can be used when you are ready to start recording, the same button must be pressed when you wish to pause or resume the video recording.

Step 4: Click on the arrow present to stop the recording altogether and to save the video to your photo library on your iPhone.

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1. What third-party apps can I use to pause video recording on my iPhone?

Ans. Among the numerous apps that exist out there, some of the good third-party apps for you to use include PauseCam, VideoCam plus, ClipyCam and ProMovie Recorder.

2. Is there any way to pause and resume video recording on the iPhone, without having to use third-party apps?

Ans. You can always make use of iMovie to cut and paste two or more videos together in order to merge them but the iPhone simply does not allow the users to pause and resume video recording as of yet.

Final Words


The iPhone is renowned for its picture and video quality, making it well known for this among other reasons. Where iPhone falls short, third-party apps have always been around to compensate. Pausing video on iPhone should be no hassle when you always have loopholes to work around the problem at hand. I hope this guide has helped you to learn How to Pause a Video on iPhone.

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