How to Screenshot a Video on iPhone? (Best Solution)

Are you among some users who keep lurking on the Google browser or the Youtube for channels for learning how to screenshot a video on iPhone in an easy and feasible way? Hopefully, your search ends here.

Yes, you heard right, it is quite simple to capture and take a screenshot. Even if it be a still image on your iOS models like the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or even consider your Apple Watch. But, if you want to capture a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad, the process may not be as straightforward.

However, the process gets simpler once you know how to enable the screen recording feature on the iPhone or the iPad it becomes easier. As a result, the entire process gets reduced and simple.

Here’s how you record your iPhone screen and then know the tips and tricks for creating an awesome video recording on the iPhone. 

Why Should you Record your iPhone Screen?

Recording the iPhone screen can be due to the top six major reasons. Come let’s look at each of the reasons one by one.

Perform a Process Demonstration.

When my mother calls to remind me how to post a video on Instagram, I’m not going to walk her through it; instead, I’ll videotape myself doing it and email her the video.

She can then refer to the video the next time she forgets. Unless she forgets about the video I sent her. However, you too have an option of using the screen recording tab to assist your client.

At times when the client has called on the support team with a question related to the software. This usually happens specifically when are in the learning stage or are involved in some other situations.

Make a Notes to Jote Down the Errors or Any Software Bugs. 

This is perhaps a good example of showing the defect rather than speaking by yourself. When I discover an error or defect in an app, I often find it difficult to specify exactly what I am doing at the moment. I no longer have to.

Instead, I can take a video of what I’m doing when the mistake happens and send it to the app’s designer to assist them to figure out what’s going on. This is also advantageous to your development team.

Thus, simply you can assume that if you are working on any project on your iOS app, the screen recording feature can help you to show what’s happening to your entire team, and thereby you can remove the bug once your team can trace the patch and remove it as it is feasible.  

Show Off New App Features and Functionality.

Video is a terrific method to show folks the things you’re most pleased with, whether you’ve launched a new app or just updated an existing one.

You can do a series of short movies emphasizing specific features or a more comprehensive version. You can demonstrate how your software works in either case. Furthermore, iOS 11’s ability to record narration allows you to clarify what you’re doing.

Make an App Store Trailer Video.

Program Store video previews, such as videos demonstrating new features or functionality, are a terrific way to show users how your app works.

Video previews illustrate what sets your software distinct from the competition and provide a potential buyer an extra reason to hit the Buy button.

Provide Feedback.

The new screen recording function in iOS 11 lets you do even more. You may now evaluate documents and photographs from virtually anywhere and provide feedback.

You can record your ideas and adjustments while evaluating rather than typing them out in an email or text. You may be confident that your receiver will understand exactly what you mean whether you record narration or let the visuals speak for themselves.

Play a Game and Record Yourself.

Share your Pokemon Go! victories with the rest of the world. Enough is enough. I, for one, am still attempting to grasp 2048 level.

Now, as you know the top reasons behind recording the screen of your iPhone, it’s time to know how to screen capture iPhone more easily and most simply out. So, let’s look to the down for knowing all about it. So now that you know why you’d want to record your device’s screen, here’s how:

How can you Add Screen Recording to the Control Center on iPhone Screen?

Before you proceed to the next steps on how to screenshot video iPhone you need to make sure that Screen Recording is available on your Control Center screen if it isn’t already.

This is represented by a dot enclosed by a circle, essentially a record button. Further, here is how the screen recording tool can be added in the following way.

  1. In the first step, tap on the Settings application of your smartphone.
  2. In the next step, the Control Center will appear.
  3. In this step, go to the “+” symbol appearing on the left-hand side of the Screen Recording under the More Control Panel section. For making a change to your saved folder, you will need to touch the Control Center Panel to move a step back appearing at the topmost of the current screen.
  4. Once add the Screen Recording feature to your page, you need to at all move to the Screen Recording icon
  5. After you’ve added Screen Recording, last you need to move and toggle the Screen recording icon to any place you desire across the Control Center Panel. This is down either by touching or pressing the three horizontal lefts appearing on the left side of the screen.

How can you Screenshot Video iPhone? (Prior iPhone 13)


The recording method is the same on older and new iPhones, however, the Control Center is accessed differently.

  1. In the first step, scroll to the end of the current screen of the Control Panel.
  2. In the next step, you need to press and hold down for a few minutes the Screen Recording icon to record your voice to the video.
  3. Then, you need to click on the microphone and start recording your voice to give the music to your video. As you press the icon, within the time of 3 seconds your recording of the video will start. 
  4. Now, you again need to click on the Screen Recording to record the video without adding your voice to the recording, and then the recording will start within the same time as in the above steps.
  5. After that, you need to click on the red status taskbar appearing on the end of the recording icon. However, you can also stop the recording if you desire by toggling around the Control Center Panel bar and then holding the Screen Recording icon which turns to red color. 
  6. At last, the screen recording will automatically get saved in your album of the photo library.

How can you Screenshot Video iPhone? ( iPhone 13 or later)

Here’s I have discussed a simple approach for how you can easily make a screen recording on your iPhone if you have a notched display like iPhone 13 or any other later models.

  1. In the first step, you need to toggle around the right side of the display of the Control Center Panel.
  2. In the next step, you need to click and hold the Screen Recording tab appearing on the Control Center Panel, and then, you need to press the microphone button visible on the taskbar.
  3. And, in the next step, you need to Start Recording by clicking on the tab to record your voice. Gradually, within 3 seconds the screen recording will start automatically. 
  4. Now, in the next step, you again need to click on the Screen Recording Panel to record your video without any voice and in the same way, after 3 seconds the recording bar will be displayed.
  5. After that, you need to click on the red status bar appearing on the ned of the recording page. However, you can also stop the recording directly by clicking on the Control Center Panel and press for some time to the Screen Recording icon, until it turns red in color.
  6. At last, your video will be stored in your photo collection. Similarly, the edit of the video can be done in the same way as you ought to be doing for other videos. Still, you can always check our tutorial for the same. 

Suggestive Tip: How to Add Amazing Effect while you screenshot video iPhone?

To get amazing results the first time you get into iOS screencasting, follow the recommendations below.

Keep a Track of the Time and the Storage on your iPhone. 

You might have heard a saying like “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Yes, this is a true saying. Simply because your iPhone can capture nearly endless amounts of video does not mean you should.

So, it can be seen that will is no time limit on how long you can record the screen of your iPhone. The only constraint is how much free space there is on your iPhone’s hard drive.

But, do mind that if the time limit to record your phone is longer than the usual, the phone recording might stop in the middle of the whole session. 

Remove any Clutter.

If your movie will include the iOS home screen, try altering your wallpaper and establishing a new page with only one icon.

To restore your default Apple background, follow these steps: In the first step, you will need to choose between Dynamic and Stills wallpapers by going to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. 

In the last step, you will need to select a wallpaper, then go to Set > Set Home Screen to make it the new background for your home screen icons.

Turn on the Button of Do Not Disturb Mode.

This will in case stop all or specific notifications from beeping continuously on your phone thereby giving you a full-fledged system of recording the video without any interruptions on your recording.

To enable do not disturb (commonly known as “sleep mode”), follow these steps: In the first step, you need to scroll down and select Silence. Here, you to tap Always under Settings > Do Not Disturb > Do Not Disturb.

Locked Position.

Before you start with your recorder make the recording. Firstly, you need to consider looking at the position of the phone and whether it will be placed in the upward or the download motion. Perhaps, you may opt for recording the sideways.

To avoid accidentally tilting the device when recording, lock the orientation. In such a case, often it is seen that the recording of the video times stops or the content of the video gets crushed. Hold your smartphone in the direction you wish to record to lock the orientation.

Thus, for getting access to the Control Center panel, you need to google the pointer towards the upwards direction sliding from the end of the page. The padlock icon should be tapped.

Disable Display Zoom.

Sometimes the user of the new iPhone or the iPad may desire to disable or turn off the zoom mode. However, if you turn the zoom mode on you will not be able to capture the maximum resolution you opt for the video.

For understanding far better, you can take the example of capturing the video on your iPhone 6, thus, if you desire to turn on the zoom mode, you will be required to set the resolution to 1136 x 640 instead of 1334 x 750.

Tap Settings > Display and Brightness > Display Zoom | View > Standard > Set to turn off zoom mode. The gadget will reboot.

Unmute your Phone.

Sometimes, the users mute their phones, as a result of this, the audio passing through your device will not be hards in the recording you make. Thus, you need to check whether it is set to the quiet option or not.

You’ll want to unmute your device if the content you’re recording contains its audio, such as sound effects in a game.

Make all the Data and Resources Available

Perhaps, it is found that when you capture a video recording on your phone it is a time-consuming and lengthy process at times. And, it is desirable to cover a maximum amount of space in your system.

And, the problem gradually increases at times when the system storage of your device is quite low or less than the optimum capacity. Close all other apps, including operating in the background, to ensure excellent capture performance.

Make a New Webpage.

Long-press the symbol of an app, you’ll be presenting in your movie, then drag it to the right side to create a new page that appears on your home screen.

Disable or Turn off the in-app Music on your Phone.

If you opt to make a recording of any specific game or in-built app with both adding the background music and the sound effects simultaneously, it is advised to ensure that the music or the sound is turned off in the game settings section.

Why? Because your narration will be overshadowed by the music.

Thus, it is also suggested that instead of capturing a recording with music in real-time, you can preferably record the sound effects at first. And, in the next step, you can import the music later in a separate track in your video editor app.

Make a Recording in a Peaceful Area.

Remove yourself from the cacophony or at the very least isolate yourself and the microphone. Some examples of this include the heating or the cooling of the shaft, and your computer fan. closing the door or the windows are the most typical noises coming all around.  

Sometimes, the outer noise is so much that it creates a problem in giving a sound prove effect to the recording. in such a case, it is preferably opted to cover your head and the microphone speaker with a blanket.

Though it may look funny to the most, it is necessary to make a recording in a peaceful area to produce a good effect. It’s also possible to record in a closet. However, you can also purchase a tabletop recording booth for giving a sound to prove the effect. 



1. How do you clear a smudged screenshot?

Ans. To sharpen your photographs, go to the Photo Editor menu and open the image you want to sharpen. 

Here, you need to Select Edits and look for the Sharpen and Smart Sharpen sharpening choices. Now, the Sharpen Tool boosts the contrast around the image’s edges. However, to execute the step, you need to google the slider or the pointer to the right side of the screen. 

2. Why is my screenshot so pixelated?

Ans. When publishing or messaging, photos are compressed. File size reduction. When publishing or messaging, photos are compressed.

3. How to select the still image portion from the video recording of your phone? 

Ans. To do so, simply select the video from your library and hit the Camera button in the bottom-left corner.

However, for appearing the image on the screen it takes some time. Yet, there is a way out for zooming in or out a specific portion and tapping on it to select a specific area in nearer view.

4. Is screen recording available on the iPhone 12?

Ans. The screen recording feature built-in screen recorder on all iPhones makes screen recording simple and effective. 

However, it is not included in the control center by default and must be added explicitly. Once you enable the Control Center Panel on your phone, you need to start recording your video on the screen. 

5. Suggest one way out for capturing a still video from a 4K video?

Ans. To see more of the video, click the wheel icon at the bottom of the preview and drag the play head pointer left or right (or use the frame advance controls) to select the best image. 

When you’ve identified the image you want, pick ‘Capture Frame’ from the rectangle next to the wheel icon.

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Final Words


On summing up I’d like to state that here in this blog I talked about the top reason why you need to record your screen on the iPhone. Together I taught you how to screenshot your video on either an iPhone prior to 13 or later models.

Further, I also talked about how to locate the Control Panel Center on the iPhone with the tips and tricks you need to try out for an outstanding video recording on the iPhone.

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