How to Unmute iPhone/iPad?(2 Ways to Turn Off Silent Mode)

If this is your first time using an iPhone, you might be curious about how to unmute iPhone/iPad? or how to disable silent mode on iPhone?

When your iPhone is in silent mode, the majority of apps are silent. On our iPhones, we sometimes forget to turn off silent mode.

There are several ways to disable the silent mode in such circumstances. Your iPhone has a separate ringer button that you can use to toggle the sound on and off. Similar to this, you may visit the iPhone’s sound settings to toggle the sounds on and off. So, come let’s go inside the blog and know specifically in detail how to unmute iPhone.

How to Unmute iPhone? How to Turn Off Silent Mode? (2 Methods)


Rundown to the two main ways for knowing how do I unmute my iPhone easily and rightfully.

1. Turn Off Silent Mode on iPhone without a Switch (Using Settings)

Below the instructions are given for how to unmute my iPhone using the Settings of the iOS device:

  1. In the first step, open Settings.
  2. Go to Sounds and Haptics on your iPhone.
  3. In the next step, choose the volume setting you wish to change, such as the ringtone, text tone, new voicemail, new mail, etc.
  4. Then, select the desired alert type or tone by tapping on it. Slide the volume up or down.

Finally, The sound will automatically be turned up and the silent mode turned off.

Another Method is to open Control Centre and make sure that the Speaker Volume is white.

2. Turn Off Silent Mode on iPhone Using the Ring/Silent Switch

A ring/silent switch is located on the iPhone’s side. It is usually seen on the left-most part of the current page. This is usually used for regulating the sound box system of the iPhone.


So, for this, you will be required to turn the ring or the silent in the right mode for unmuting the sound. With this, you can easily play different music and sound. Simply turn the ring/silent switch such that neither the red nor the orange hue can be seen.

Your iPhone’s sounds will be activated. By adjusting the switch so that the orange or red hue is visible, you can activate the silent mode once more.

Common Reasons for iPhone Ringer Without Sound

Does the sound on your iPhone play normally, but only causes issues when a video file is being played? Yes! If so, there might be a software error. The following is a list of potential causes:

1. Software Glitch 

Although the software available through the Apple store is often reliable, viruses and bugs can nonetheless impair their functionality. These elements may cause instability and pause the audio playback.

2. Update Error 

The speed of the iPhone may be impacted if you interrupt it while it is updating or if the updates don’t properly download. Additionally, its sound modules and apps may be impacted.

3. Settings of the App

When playing a video, you frequently unintentionally select a button or option in the app settings that mute the video. You are unaware of this and assume it to be an audio playback issue.

5 Pro Tips to Prevent iPhone Ringer Without Sound

Most issues that result in iPhone videos not capturing sound and playback failures are typically caused by tiny flaws in an application or the smartphone’s hardware. They are avoidable with a little caution. The following advice will help you avoid making these mistakes:

  • To stop debris from building up in your phone’s jacks, use plugs.
  • Keep your iPhone away from regions with a lot of accumulation.
  • Before loading any videos, make sure they are all compatible with your iPhone by checking and converting them.
  • Avoid adding unnecessary apps from untrusted sources to your devices.
  • Buy only genuine iPhone covers, and make sure they fit your device before you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why won’t my iPhone come off mute?

Ans. For this, enable AssistiveTouch by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. After that, select Device and tap Unmute after tapping the white dot on your screen. As a result of this, the silent mode will automatically end at last. 

2. Why does my iPhone remain in silent mode?

Ans. To fix your phone’s quiet button issue, go to “Settings” > “Sounds & Haptics” > “Ringer & Alters” and manually mute the volume. You already know how to configure your phone’s ringtones. If the silent button is not functioning, you can achieve the same result by choosing a silent ringtone.

3. How can I mute my iPhone?

Ans. For this, you will be required to find the switch appearing towards the volume buttons on the left-most part of the screen. To expose the orange indication, press this switch. This puts your iPhone in silent mode, which prevents voice calls and text messages from being audible.

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Final Words 


That concludes the topic of unmuting the iPhone. The procedure mentioned above can also be used to unmute your iPad. The volume increase and decrease buttons can occasionally be used to change the loudness of audio outputs, including phone ringtones.

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