How to Know if Someone’s Phone Is Dead? 8 Ways to Find Out

When you’re attempting to get in touch with someone, there are instances when you want to find out how do you know someone’s phone is dead and whether their phone is off or if they’re just ignoring your calls.

Naturally, it is quite alarming and thoughtful to understand why someone’s phone is off. Perhaps, you keep on thinking about why they didn’t answer your calls or if the calls could be connected.

This can be known whether someone’s phone is off or dead by various types of sounds that beep when you are on an ongoing call. We’ll go over a few techniques in this blog post for figuring out how to know if someone’s phone is dead and how to tell if someone’s phone is off or dead effectively and easily.

How to Know if Someone’s Phone Is Dead? Here are 8 Methods to find out


Here, I have discussed pro 8 ways ad tips that will surely help you out in knowing how to tell if someone’s phone is off or dead. So, read the blog to get into detail and know at once.

1. Try Calling the Person.

Calling the person is the initial step. You will hear a message informing you that the call cannot be completed as dialed if their phone is off or if they are not accepting calls. This is a strong hint that their phone might be dead or switched off.

2. Try to send iMessages.


Send them a message, and it will only show as “Delivered” if it is successfully received by at least one of the recipients’ phones that are set up for iMessage.

Therefore, as a result, you will find that the text will not initially show up as delivered and will appear as if you have ever attempted to send the specific message to the desired person. Also, the recipient will not know if it is using only iPhone and does not hold any other devices configured to the iMessage like a MacBook or an iPad.

3. Watch the time it takes for SMS to send.

This technique can also be used to know and determine if someone’s phone is off or dead in case you are aware and know the period required for a specific message to send and receive between two phones in between.

For this, if the message does not get delivered, there is a high probability that their phone is not receiving the cellular network when you are texting them. As a result of this, you might take a longer time than the usual period for the messages to get delivered.

4. The Ringtone will be Unreachable.

You can also hear the not reachable tone if their phone is dead or turned off. For instance, when you are looking for calling a person, and you find that their phone is dead or off, many of the well-known cellular networks will automatically switch to the ringtone that the person is in a non-reachable area.

When you try to call them, a beeping noise indicates this, and you won’t even hear the phone ring or be able to leave a voicemail. Thus, based on the service provider’s network of the recipient, you can easily receive and send a text message that will let you know whether the message has been received or not.

Further, you need to know if for some instances the person’s phone is off or dead, you will alter receive a notification beeping that some other service carrier providers will send. You might also hear the phone ring once, which is fairly frequent, before the not-reachable tone.

Sometimes, you can also receive an automated message that will alert you notifying you that the person is not reachable at the moment, as a result, you will be directed to notifications that their phone is off or dead rather than hearing the non-reachable beeping alert on the device.

5. The Call can be Forwarded by you.

Sometimes, you get another option like when you look for calling someone, you can make and allow your call to make a forward call to another number, unless and until the call forwarding feature is enabled on the device. In such a case, if their phone is off or dad, you will not be able to forward the call.

Similarly, if you are trying to make a call to one of your friends, and you are wondering why the call forwarding feature is not working on your device, so if this is a case don’t be amused or startled because it is usually due to the call forwarding feature not enabled or activated on their device.

A call will typically ring once before being forwarded, and you will then have the choice to do so even if your phone is off.

6. Social Media Sites.


You can also check the person’s social media pages if you’re still unsure whether their phone is off or dead. Although it might not be as precise as using other ways, you can use this to determine whether they have recently been online.

There is a good possibility that their phone is functional if they are active on any social media sites. For instance, if you are not able to find or detect any activity from their device, their phone might be dead or off at the moment.

7. Look for Connecting to their Friends or Family.

If you’re having trouble reaching someone, consider getting in touch with their friends or relatives. They frequently will know more about the situation and whether the person is available.

Although a last resort, this can provide you with some insight into the person’s phone status.

8. Verify Whether the Current Call is Directed to the Voicemail or Rings Once.

It may be a sign that someone’s phone is off or dead if you contact them and the call instantly goes to voicemail. The fact that some phones ring a few times before going to voicemail proves that they are not dead, though.

It’s advisable to attempt another approach if you’re unsure. In the above-mentioned ways, you can surely know how do you know someone’s phone is dead.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do messages deliver when the phone is dead?

Ans. The message won’t reach the recipients if the phone is broken, dead, or off until the recipients switch on their phones. However, only iMessage will deliver messages if the recipient has an Apple device with iMessage turned on.

2. If someone’s phone dies, is it still possible to find them?

Ans. Yes, even if your friend or one of your known relative’s phone is dead or off, you do have an option of looking and knowing where they are. But keep in mind that dialing Google services or your phone service provider is the only way to find the last location the phone was at when it was turned on.

3. When it’s dead, does the phone ring?

Ans. The dead phone doesn’t ring, though. While you call a dead phone, the operator will leave the same recorded message when the phone is off.

4. If I’m blocked, can someone still read my SMS?

Ans. No, if they have blocked you, you won’t be able to view texts or get phone calls.

5. What does having someone block you on WhatsApp look like?

Ans. You can still add the contact to a WhatsApp group, but you can no longer see the contacts’ most recent location or view their updated profile image.

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Final Words


Ask those who may know more about the person’s position if all other attempts to contact them are unsuccessful, and you are still unable to do so. In such a case, you can get a helping hand from your friends and relatives eventually.

Hopefully, these pointers will enable you to determine whether a person’s phone is dead. Use one of these techniques if you’ve ever been in a position where you can’t contact someone.

We appreciate you reading this article and knowing how to know if someone phone died on iMessage. So, feel free and drop your queries in the box provided to get in touch with the right associates.

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