What is a Text Mail Subscriber? Is it a Scam?(Safety Guide)

If you’ve had the same phone number for a while, you might have gotten a variety of messages, particularly from unidentified callers. It often happens that when you try to call back that specific phone number, you instantly get a message on your phone stating that the “Text mail subscriber is not available”. 

Further, at times, you may receive no responses at all. Considering this, I thought of addressing: What is a “text mail subscriber,” and Is a mail subscription related to a scam? As these have been questions raised by many users.

Not to worry! This blog is surely going to teach you everything related to a text mail subscriber number and can a text mail subscriber receive phone calls in much detail and in a simple manner. To understand more, read this article.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber?


Users that subscribe to text-only mail are known as text mail subscribers. Instead of utilizing a traditional phone or telephone number, these messages and calls are typically made using internet phone services and sent over the Internet.

When you reply to one of these messages, the sender is notified through email. As was already established, calling a number connected to a text mail subscriber will only result in a voicemail response.

The Operation of Text Mail Services


Now the question is: why would someone use text mail subscriber and how does it function? To know this, read further. Text message services operate by making calls to applications that save your phone number for outgoing calls, such as Google Voice or TextNow.

Because your IP address is used to begin the calls, you are unable to answer. Text message subscribers are used by businesses or marketing firms to make calls or offers without necessarily requesting a callback.

Top 4 Ways to Recognize the Text Mail Subscriber


Now, to answer the question of what happens when you call a text mail subscriber, you should consider the points listed below.

Even if it is already known what a text mail subscriber is, it is still unknown who is sending the texts. After all, the phone number is the only thing you have right now. Even though it can be difficult to pinpoint a text message user, it is still feasible to gather information about their identity.

What you can do to find a text mail subscriber or text mail subscriber lookup  is as follows:

1. Search the Internet

You can look up anything using your mobile or online browser, even the identity of a text mail subscriber. If the number is listed online, using it can make the user of the number visible.

For instance, the service provider may have posted the number on their website or social media page since they are upfront about utilizing it. Enter the text mail subscriber’s number in the search area on Google, then click the search button.

If any websites display the precise number, Google should get the results. Then, you can check on the person or business that might have used the number by going to their websites or social media accounts.

2. Utilize Mobile Tracking Applications

Utilizing mobile number-tracking software is another way to monitor text mail users. Numerous phone numbers are kept in these apps’ directories, which is how they function. There’s a reasonable probability that you can find the same number that someone else has looked up in their database, along with their identification.

3. Query someone

You might also inquire whether anyone in your family or acquaintances has come across the number. They might be aware of or suspect who is texting you about transactions or subscriptions, especially if you’ve signed up for such services collectively or as a family.

4. Text or Call the Number to Respond

Texting or responding to the text mail subscriber’s number is your last option if none of the aforementioned techniques are successful. You will receive the information you need directly from the source in this manner.

However, this poses a concern because you can’t be sure their responses are accurate, especially since you can’t access search engines like Google to see them. Additionally, avoid sharing private information, such as your current location or billing details, when speaking with unknown callers.

Top 4 Signs that a Text Message Subscriber is a Scam


Speaking about text mail subscriber scam, there are warning signals that might help you recognize them right away. Knowing them is preferable to attempting to locate the sender.  Look into and be aware of these warning signs to determine whether a text message subscriber is a scam. These are the following:

1. The Text Mail is Poorly Written

A poorly written text message gives away the sender’s lack of concern for accurately communicating the message’s meaning. If that’s what you’re observing, the text mail subscriber probably has other interests.

Say, by forcing you to click the link in the text message or send a reply so they can verify your phone number is operational and deceive you further.

2. The text requests Personal Information

Do you recall when banks advised against sending personal information by text message or email? The same caution applies in case you have been asked about rendering some personal information in a text message by an unknown person including your full name, address, contact number, email address, etc.

If you fall for this trick, the knowledge can be utilized against you in more elaborate methods.

3. Offers are Alluring, however, they appear Unrealistic

Text messages that promise more than you can imagine make it easy to succumb to temptation. But resist the urge to accept those exclusive offers or gifts from unknown senders. The risk isn’t worth it for them.

Losing your hard-earned money or privacy is more disappointing than missing a chance that might not exist.

4. Is the sender requesting payment?

Asking for money is another popular scam method utilized by spam artists. This might take the form of asking you to pay for something that doesn’t exist or attempting to convince you to invest in a dubious plan.

If you receive a text message asking for money, it is undoubtedly spam and should be reported as such. You may safeguard yourself from scammers who are increasingly using text messages to trick people by being mindful of these mail subscription signals.

So don’t be afraid to report any questionable messages as spam if you ever receive one. It’s always smart to perform some online research or consult with a reliable source if you’re unsure about an offer before acting.

Quick Tip: Blocking Text Message Subscribers

The numerous messages that text-mail subscribers send to your mobile device might be annoying, whether you’ve discovered that they are a real company or a hoax. And, if you agree with the point and you are finding it difficult to ignore, consider following these instructions to block a text mail subscriber on your phone.

However, it is quite simple to block a mail subscriber directly via text message. Simply become familiar with the mobile text message blocking process. Observe these brief guidelines:

  1. In the first step, access your Messages app on iOS.
  2. In the next step, select the “All Messages” section.
  3. After opening a text message, click the sender’s phone number.
  4. Now, you will be required to type the input letter “I” key from the keyboard.
  5. Then, as a next step, you will be directed to click on the “Block This Caller” icon.
  6. Finally, select Block contact from the pop-up prompt to complete your action.

Also, the other way you have is to block the contact directly from your phone if you have initially saved the number there. All you have to do is open the contacts or messaging app on your phone, go to your contacts list, click on the contact’s details icon, and then select the block option.

If you follow the instructions in this guide, the text mail subscriber or messages won’t reach your phone number any longer.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I acquire a subscriber number for SMS messages?

Ans. Yes, the service provider will provide you with the number. If the phone number is available, you can automatically derive all the information from the number you provide to cyber security. 

2. If you text a scammer, what happens?

Ans. A spam caller will pretend to be you in email communication. He presents you with some enticing offers while obtaining your private data. He then makes the wrong use of this information after that.

3. How can I prevent my text message subscribers from receiving spam?

Ans. You can simply opt out of receiving notifications by marking their emails or messages as spam.

4. Can the SMS message number be located?

Ans. You can ask a telecommunications firm for important details about the numbers in its databases. Further, to obtain complete information on the number, you might perhaps file a lawsuit or directly obtain a court order. 

5. Can I find the real caller using caller ID?

Ans. Yes, it might aid you in learning more about unknown individuals.

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Final Words 


You will daily receive several types of text messages on your phone. Furthermore, some of them may be from unknown people, and your phone gradually fills up with spam text messages.

However, I hope that this tutorial will assist you in learning more about text mail subscriber and how to find text mail subscriber scams.

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