What is Call Waiting iPhone? How to Enable/Disable?

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Your iPhone is really intelligent. It is capable of completing many jobs at once. And, as the iPhone performs various functions, it becomes easier for the users to work well. For instance, you’re undoubtedly well aware that it will notify you if a call comes in while you’re on another call.

In other words, if you see for instance, whenever any call comes, the person’s name or phone number directly appears on your iPhone screen. Also, you can find three options being displayed on the screen. Like Decline Incoming Call, Answer & Hold Current Call, and Answer and End Current Call. All these options are visible on the screen.

This is called call waiting and this feature is offered by the iPhone to its users. It’s a useful feature if you receive an important call or want to add the caller to the conference call. So, I thought of writing all about what does call waiting means on iPhone, and much more. So, come dive down the blog and know all about it!

What is Call Waiting iPhone?


When switched on, the Call Waiting function is a fully cellular network-dependent service that requires an active SIM card placed into the phone and notifies the user of another incoming call while the current call is in progress.

In other words, call waiting is a carrier-specific feature that warns you of an incoming call via frequent tone while you are on another call.

Sometimes, you might wish to know if you have any incoming calls. For instance, if you are delayed on a lengthier phone call to schedule a doctor’s appointment while waiting for another call. If you have Call Waiting turned on, it will notify you when another call comes in while you are on the phone. As a result, you can take every call, and don’t miss it. 

Steps For Enabling Call Waiting iPhone

On the new iPhone, here’s how to enable call waiting. This method can be used to enable call waiting on other iOS devices that support cellular networks and run the same iOS version as the iPhone. Device types and cellular carriers may have different screens and menu options.

  1. Firstly, you need to go to the Home page appearing on your screen. And, thereby you need to tap on the unlocking option of your screen. After unlocking your phone, directly go to the Settings icon of the page on your device. If you do so, the main settings menu will be displayed on the following screen.
  2. The next step is that you need to scroll down and find the Phone option on your screen. After finding the option you need to tap it. On the following screen, the Phone app settings menu will appear. Here you’ll discover important settings and choices that you may use and change.
  3. The third step is that you can scroll down to the end of the page appearing on your screen. And, you need to select the CALLS section from the screen. Then, on the next screen, tap Call Waiting.what-is-call-waiting-in-iphone
  4. The Call Waiting switch opens a new window. The feature has been turned off or disabled if the switch is greyed out.
  5. Now, simply need to toggle on the switch next to Call Waiting to make the option available.
  6. After that, the Call Waiting switch will turn green. This indicates that the functionality has already been turned on your device.
  7. Lastly, I suggest that to test whether the feature is working or not, try to test it by calling someone.

That concludes our discussion. In addition, you may now use your iPhone’s call waiting for the feature.

Reasons to Use Call Waiting Feature

Call Waiting is a service that has been around for a long time. When you use a call waiting feature, you’ll hear a beep in your ear when someone else calls in while you’re on another call. As a result, you can answer the second incoming call on your phone.

This can be done, however, by putting the first call on hold. And, thereby you need to tap the Flash key on your smartphone for accepting the incoming call. Some people believe that using Call Waiting is impolite to both callers. Others don’t know what the Flash key is, so they don’t utilize it.

Also on moving further, whenever you receive a second call on your iPhone, the phone either rings or vibrates as usual at the time of the incoming call. And, the screen immediately displays either the caller’s name or contact number.

Additionally, you see there are three reasons for using the call waiting feature on iPhone. That is to say that it offers three options via buttons on the screen for the users:

1. Don’t Pay Attention to the Call.

The call waiting feature enables you to not pay any attention to the incoming call if you so desire. And, also allows you an option to send the call directly to the voicemail. Your initial caller is completely unaware of what has occurred.

2. Hold the Call and then Answer it.

This button activates the classic Call Waiting effect. You claim, “Could you please wait a moment? I’ve received another call “to the initial caller. You connect to the second caller after the iPhone puts her on wait.

As indicated above, now, you can easily switch between the two calls as needed. Or perhaps you also get an option of merging both the calls and turning them into a conference call. As stated for this you will get an option called Add Call section appearing on your screen. 

3. End the Call and Answer it.

When you press this button, the first call is hung up and the second one is picked up.

Top 3 Benefits of Call Waiting Feature on iPhone

Call waiting can be a beneficial feature when you can’t afford to miss any critical calls from your personal relatives or any other official purposes.  As for this you only need to look at the screen whenever you hear the beep on an incoming call to see who is attempting to contact you.

Here, we have underlined the top 3 benefits of using the call waiting feature on the iPhone. So, why not? You know the benefits of using the feature:

1. Getting Started is Simple.

Call waiting is a feature that provides you with an option of enabling the service. It performs the function by itself and the users are not too concerned about that. As soon as you enable the option it works automatically and you need not worry about how it will work, as it will assist you in answering the calls.   

Also, it allows you to answer important calls while you are on another call at a time. However, the process for activation of the feature of call waiting varies from device to device.

Also, at this point, you do get an option of seeking help from an assistant, if you don’t know how to activate the service on your device. The enabling of the services is usually simple to activate on your device without any problem of doing anything. 

2. Lines Sharing Between or Among Two or more People.

When any person is put on call waiting, the receiver immediately sends out an audible signal. As a result, internet connections through a dial-up modem may not work out. It will show unavailable for receiving the calls due to the current pending calls.

As a result, the modems that are used for dial-up connections for sharing the voicemail get deactivated to your original device. DSL connections, on the other hand, are unaffected by call waiting.

3. Take a Look at Who’s Calling.

Today’s phones always come with a display or a screen so ease of use. As a result, due to inserted of the call waiting feature on your device, you can easily view the person calling you and also get connected to it. By the display on the screen, you on hearing those two beeps can know the person calling during the call.

It also provides you assistance in deciding on two options, ie. whether you can connect with a new call or can continue with the current call. Using call waiting features big corporates save time and can utilize it in doing other beneficial work.  

Perhaps, you can easily connect to the person, you’ve been contacting for a while, and receive their calls by enabling the call waiting feature on the current call. By turning on this feature on your device you can avoid clashing two calls.

As call waiting feature enables you to decide which call you want to pick up and which one you are not willing. Also, if someone is calling you for some important talk you do have the option of picking up the call and answering it. And, thereby avoid picking up unwanted calls you receive at that particular time.

Disabling the Call Waiting Feature: Steps

Call Waiting is also known as a ‘beep’. It gives a beep on your screen when you are attending a call while you are receiving another incoming call. You can then check your iPhone’s screen to see the incoming caller’s number or contact information.

Although call waiting is certainly useful in a variety of situations if you’re disturbed by the beep while on a phone call, you can quickly turn it off by adjusting an iPhone setting.

If you turn off Call Waiting, incoming callers will be sent immediately to voicemail if you’re on a call with the iPhone. Here’s how you can get there:

  1. Firstly, you will need to unlock your device and go to the Settings page.
  2. Thereby, select the Phone option from your device.
  3. In the second step, after choosing Phone, the progress will take some time. As it does take time for progress to load your page after choosing the Call Waiting option from the screen.
  4. The Call Waiting switch should be turned on. Simply turn it off.
  5. Exit Settings and enjoy your phone calls without being interrupted by beeps.

As you follow the steps, the adjustment you made for enabling the call waiting feature will take place immediately. And, you can activate the features for the next incoming call you receive. Also, the call you aren’t willing to pick up will be directly sent to the voicemail of your device.

If you don’t like voicemail but want to keep your active calls quiet, you may either mark them as read without listening to them or simply delete them in bulk as they arrive.

As this feature does come with a toggle around the device, you can make the adjustment quite easily. And, the option works well in all the iOS series whether it be prior or newer versions.

Top 4 Ways to Fix if Call Waiting is not Working?

You might wish to know if you have any incoming calls. For instance, if you are delayed on a lengthier phone call to schedule a doctor’s appointment while waiting for another call. If you have Call Waiting turned on, it will notify you when another call comes in while you are on the phone.

By using the feature you can avoid missing any important calls on your device. We’ll walk you through how to fix iPhone call waiting not working step by step in this article.

1. Update iOS. 

Apple publishes iOS updates regularly to enhance the performance of your iPhone, address issues, and add new features. For this, unlock your device and go to the Settings page. Thereby, look for the General option and tap on it. Then select the Software update option to check if your device needs any update for activating the feature. 

2. Network Configuration should be Reset.

If none of the procedures above worked, the problem could be related to your network settings. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset network settings to reset these settings. Keep in mind, however, that resetting your network settings will wipe out all previously saved settings like WiFi passwords, VPN settings, and so on.

3. Restart your iPhone if Necessary.

If your iPhone call waiting still isn’t working, the next option is to force restart your smartphone. For restarting the iPhone, press the arrow keys by moving up and down over the screen. You must keep pressing until the Apple logo appears on the page. 

4. Refresh your iPhone’s Call Waiting 

Select the Settings app from the menu. Then select Phone. There, you’ll discover the call waiting option, which you may turn off by clicking Call waiting. As you refresh your iPhone call waiting feature, you will need to wait for some time. And, again move back to the page to turn it on. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to answer calls on hold?

Ans. The process is quite simple and easy, but, you first need to switch on the call waiting for a feature on your device before moving with the feature. A sound indication indicates a new call when you are on an ongoing call. To answer a new call, tap the accept call symbol.

2. What should I do if I’m waiting for a call?

Ans. To take the call that is waiting, but the current conversation is on hold. When you hear the beep, push the hang-up button (or the flash/link button) briefly to answer the call waiting. Your original caller will be placed on hold while you are connected to call waiting.

3. Explain call waiting and call forwarding?

Ans. Once you enable the call forwarding option, you get the facility of forwarding the incoming call to an alternate or different number you intend to.

Call Waiting, on the other hand, can be defined as when you’re on a call and call waiting is switched off, incoming calls go straight to voicemail. Sometimes, it does happen you’ve turned off your Caller ID, in such case the incoming call is also displayed by FaceTime calls.

4. What should you do if Call Waiting doesn’t work?

Ans. Follow the given instructions if call waiting doesn’t work:

  1. Tap the Phone when you find it.
  2. By unlocking the phone, you will need to go to the Settings page of your device and tap three dots appearing on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Additional settings for calls can be found by tapping Calls.
  4. Toggle the switch next to Call waiting to turn it on.

5. Is Call Waiting available on the iPhone 12?

Ans. Yes, you do find an option of activating or canceling the call waiting option of the iPhone 12 series.  When call waiting is enabled, you can pick up a new call without interrupting your current one.

Also, by the call waiting you can connect to a new call you so desire.  And, also, you can toggle around by pressing on or off indication appearing next to the features from your device. 

6. Where is my phone’s call waiting list?

Ans. Follow the steps underlined to find the call waiting list:

  1. Tap the Phone when you find it.
  2. The second step is that you will go to the Settings page of your device, There you will find three dots appearing on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. From the dots, you will need to select the Call option. On tapping on the Call, you will find an Additional option being displayed on the screen.
  4. Toggle the switch next to Call waiting to turn it on.

7. How to Make Your iPhone Ring When You Get a Call?

Ans. In many circumstances, looking at your iPhone’s screen to check who’s calling is simple enough, but it’s not always safe—for example if you’re driving. As long as the caller’s number is stored in your Contacts app, the Announce Calls function makes your phone pronounce the caller’s name, so you don’t have to take your eyes off what you’re doing. This isn’t a carrier-specific feature.

Tap Announce Calls on the iPhone settings page to set it up. Choose whether to announce calls always, only when your phone is linked to Headphones & Car, only when your phone is connected to Headphones, or Never.

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Concluding with a thought that the blog must certainly have provided you with what does call waiting mean iPhone and what are the steps for enabling the option. Additionally, it might have provided the top benefits of using the feature and the ways for fixing the issues if the feature isn’t working on the iPhone.

Hopefully, you liked our guidance in using the call waiting feature on an iPhone in a simple and easy way!

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