Top 7 Best Alternatives to iMessage Worth Trying

Are you looking for the Best Alternatives to iMessage? Then you are at the right place. Here are the Top 7 Best Alternatives to iMessage✅✅✅.

The iMessage app, while being a very stable and reliable messaging app, can be limiting in several areas. The Internet has so many robust and visually compelling messaging apps to choose from. While iMessage can be suitable for those who send out the occasional text, many find it plain and lacking in enthusiasm.

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to iMessage and these just might catch your fancy with their robust features and unique design.

Top 7 Best Alternatives to iMessage


  1. WhatsApp

The most popular messaging app worldwide, it comes with no surprise that WhatsApp is on top of the list of alternatives to iMessage. To understand the popularity of this messaging app, it needs to be understood that WhatsApp is currently in use in 180 of the 195 countries in the world. WhatsApp can also be accessed through the web browser on your device through the WhatsApp Web facility.

WhatsApp is completely free to use, you simply need to install the app and register with your phone number to get started. It is compatible with numerous operating systems and web browsers.


  • Send and receive messages
  • Make video calls
  • Share photos and files
  • Allows users to send voice messages
  • Location sharing
  • Emojis and GIFs to go along with your conversations
  • International messaging
  • Free to use with no additional charges


  • Changed privacy policy
  • Data sharing
  • Can only be used if the receiver of the message has the app as well
  1. Messenger

The Messenger app is closely tied with Facebook and allows users to freely converse with their Facebook friends outside the Facebook app itself. It is praised for its large variety of features and the messaging app can be availed for free. Messenger is considered to be quite similar to iMessage, thus users need not be afraid of missing out on anything.


  • Unlimited texting
  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • File and photo sharing
  • Large library of stickers, GIFs and emojis
  • Allows to boost businesses
  • Carry out payments through the app
  1. Signal

While Signal is a wonderful alternative to iMessage, it is so much more than that. What sets this messaging app apart is its instant messaging feature. Developed by the Signal Foundations, this is a secure platform to send messages which cannot be traced or read by others. Developed by one of the co-founders of the WhatsApp messaging app, the aim behind this app was to decentralize the sharing of information around the world.


  • Instant disappearing messages
  • Available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and web browsers
  • Secure messaging platform
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Audio and video calls
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free to use


  • Can only be used if the recipient of the message as Signal as well
  1. Kik

Kik is a stable alternative to iMessage, it offers all that you could possibly need of a messaging app. It is free to use and can be a wonderful way to connect with friends and family around the globe. The unique feature of Kik is that a user can register into the messaging app without the need for their phone number as well which is rare in messaging apps.


  • Large collection of stickers, emojis and GIFs
  • Group conversations
  • Photo sharing
  • Video calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Allows you to play games
  • Allows you to meet new people via your shared interest
  1. Telegram

If privacy and information security is your number one concern, then this iMessage alternative is the one for you. Telegram is considered to be one of the safest messaging apps to use as it can be trusted to safeguard your personal information. The messaging app is embedded with numerous security layers to keep your messages safe from the eyes of others.

With half a billion active users around the world, Telegram is popular, to say the least. It allows the user to create groups chats with up to 2 million members in it, which is unfathomable.


  • Symmetric AES encryption
  • RSA encryption
  • Secure key exchange
  • Super-fast texting
  • Synced functions with all your devices
  • Group chats
  • Free to use
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Supports large file size
  • Countless GIFs and stickers
  1. WeChat

While being quite famous in China, the name has not been heard more elsewhere but yet this messaging app has over a billion active users. But WeChat makes conversations fun with its numerous sticker and emoji collection while its stimulating design keeps you visually happy.

While nothing in comparison to Telegram, WeChat allows the user to make group chats with up to 500 members present in the chat. This messaging app also lets you conduct group video calls with 9 members involved in the conversation. WeChat also lets users create time capsules in the form of short video clips which disappear after 24 hours.

  1. Kakao Talk

Created by a South Korean company, this messaging app is largely famous and widely used in South Korea. But this has limited its popularity to just one country. Kakao Talk is an easy-to-use messaging app whose design and features make it fun to use while also serving the function of instant messaging and it’s completely free.

The interface is friendly and the app has all the tools essential in keeping in touch with your friends and family. The app allows for audio and video calls as well; allowing numerous individuals to join in on the video call. You can also schedule appointments and set reminders to keep the said appointments. It also has fun face and voice filters to fiddle with while you wait for your friend to text back.


1. Which messaging app is the best for security purposes?

Ans. Signal and Telegram have been developed with the sole purpose of user security in mind.

2. Which iMessage alternative allows you to make a video call with multiple participants?

Ans. Both WeChat and Kakao Talk allow for video calls with up to 10 members involved.

3. Do you need your phone number to register for Kik Messenger?

Ans. Kik’s unique feature is that it allows users to register for their app with or without their phone numbers.

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Final Words

Messaging apps have been all the craze in the past years as they help us keep in touch with our friends around the world without having to break the bank. Check out these excellent iMessage alternatives to find the right one.

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