How to Send a Voice Message on iPhone(Easy Guide)

Are you looking for the best way to send a voice message on iPhone? Here is the simple guide on how to send a voice message on iphone✅

Making or receiving an unplanned phone call seems to be a nightmare these days but maybe texting long paragraphs can be tedious as well. So how do you find something to avoid both these hassles? The voice message is the perfect solution to this as it makes it easier to talk to friends and keep up conversations with heartfelt anecdotes.

The tone and intonation of your voice add a lot to a story, it sets the scene and adds more dramatics to it if and when needed. As more and more people are connecting over text rather than in person, this seems to be causing a lot of miscommunications. Sending a voice memo on your iPhone is easy and can be done with no hassle at all; follow this little guide on how to send a voice memo on iPhone.

How to Send an Audio Message on iPhone


Step 1: Open the iMessage app for you are about to send a voice message through this app.


Step 2: Find the conversation thread with the person you intend to send a voice message to or else start a new conversation.

Step 3: You will see a tiny icon on the bottom left hand consisting of lines, right beside the text bracket. Click on this icon and hold it to record your audio message.


Step 4: Speak and record your message.

Step 5: Stop holding the icon to end recording your audio message

Step 6: To listen to the message you just recorded, click the button that will play the message back to you.


Step 7: If you find that the message you just recorded has no mistakes or disturbances, then click on send.


Step 8: In the off chance that you may have made a mistake in your audio message, you can click on ‘x’ present and redo your voice message.send-audio-message-on-iphone

Video Tutorial on How to Send a Voice Message on iPhone via iMessage

How to play a Voice Message Sent to you on iPhone

Say you and your friend are dissecting a high stakes situation unfolding in your friend group over text and suddenly they send a voice message because texting is just too much. How do you listen to the audio message your friend just sent? Follow this simple guide on how to do so.

Step 1: Open the conversation thread with the sender who just sent you the voice message.

Step 2: Click on the play button present beside the voice message you received.


Step 3: After you are done listening to the voice message, you can choose to keep it by clicking on the ‘keep’ option present.


Step 4: If you do not want to save the audio message then you can go about your texting and the message will be deleted automatically.

Did you know that you can also send audio messages to others through an app that isn’t just the iMessages app? We are now talking about the Voice Memos app and it allows the iPhone user to do the very same thing. The upside to using the Voice Memos app to send your audio messages is that you can finely craft the message and tweak it before sending it on its way.

While the Voice Memo app is traditionally used to tape conversations, lectures and important meetings; it can also come in handy this way.

How to use the Voice Memo app to send a voice message on iPhone

Step 1: Find and open the Voice Memo app on your iPhone.


Step 2: Your eye will instantly be caught by the red button present at the bottom of the screen. If you are ready to record your message, press the red button.


Step 3: Record the contents of your audio message.

Step 4: Once you have said all that needs to be said, click the same red button to stop recording.


Step 5: The audio you just recorded will appear at the top of the list of all the audios you have recorded. You can play the recorded audio over to yourself to check for any mistakes. Tap on the title given to the audio by default if you want to give it an appropriate name.

Step 6: Now that you have the audio message recorded, it is time to share the message. Click on the three dots present among the list of options of your recording.


Step 7: When you click on the three dots, you will find a ‘share’ option.


Step 8: Various sharing options will now be presented to you. You can share the audio message via various texting platforms such as iMessage, email, or through other social media apps. Either way, select the sharing option of your choice.


1. After how long does a voice message disappear?

Ans. The voice message sent through iMessages on the iPhone disappears after 2 minutes unless the recipient decides to keep it.

2. Where are the voice messages saved?

Ans. They are saved as part of the conversation you are having on the iMessage app; you would need to scroll up later to find them.

3. How do I start a new conversation on the iMessage app?

Ans. There is a ‘new message’ option present on the top right corner of the iMessage app, click on it and a new message format shows up. Type in the name of the person you wish to start a conversation with from your contact in the ‘To’ part and go ahead with the message.

4. Can I send a voice message from my iPhone if the recipient does not have an iPhone?

Ans. Unfortunately, the audio message can only be received by a fellow iPhone user.

5. How do I disable the iMessage app from deleting the voice message within two minutes of it being sent?

Ans. Go to the ‘settings’ app and click on ‘messages.’ You can find and set the voice messages limits there.

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An audio message is a fun way to keep the conversation going or to add a more human touch to the conversation. It can be a great tool to convey an instruction or to add a bit of drama to the conversation you are having. Whatever your reason to send a voice message, follow these simple steps to send your voice message now.

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