8 Awesome Tips on organising iPhone dock

The iPhone dock is the menu bar present on the bottom of the home screen on your iPhone. It is meant to help you find your most frequented apps with ease and to cut down on hassles such as looking for them among the countless other apps on your iPhone. Keeping your iPhone dock pristine and organised is your best bet on optimising your iPhone’s accessibility.

As a default, the dock consists of certain apps that the creators consider to be of priority to most users and most do not mind this. But if you are someone who uses your iPhone in different ways and for unconventional purposes, then organising the dock is your best way to efficiency. This can also apply to those who simply want to go to their social media account with ease.

Organising the iPhone dock

If you wish to move some apps around on the dock by either removing or adding some apps, click and hold the app you wish to change. This will cause the action menu to pop up and when this does, click on the ‘edit home screen’ option. Doing so will cause your dock to enter a mode where all the apps are in motion and you can now freely drag them around.

You can now move the apps around to your liking, from the dock to the home screen and vice versa. Feel free to use a folder on the iPhone dock to be able to fit more than the standard four apps that the iPhone allows. Once you have moved the apps to your satisfaction, click on ‘done’ and you have just successfully organised your iPhone dock.

Tips on organising iPhone dock


  1. App management

We often install an app and either forget about it or we dislike the app and then let it sit in a corner as we go about our business. What this does is that it simply occupies space on your iPhone, you could rather make better use of this space for a more useful app.

Hence, it would be a great idea to go through all your apps and delete the ones you do not require or even use. This will help free up space and allow you to explore new apps that could catch your fancy.

  1. App Library

Now there also exist certain apps that you use once in a fortnight but cannot get yourself to delete for you still need it. Such apps can be hidden in the app library on your iPhone rather than being put on display. Whenever the need for the app arises, you can safely find it in the app library.

  1. Widgets

Widgets are an excellent tool for when you wish to make your iPhone dock pop and make it more appealing to the eyes. You can use as many widgets as you want but if space is a problem, feel free to opt for widget stacks to save on space. You can either opt for the widgets provided by the creators on the iPhone or you can pick from a range of third-party widget apps.

  1. Folders

Not only do folders help to save space, but they are also a godsend for organisation. Since the iPhone restricts the user to choosing only four apps to be memorialised on the dock, using a folder can help you bring the other apps you feel are just as important. The folders can be characterised on the basis of the functions of the app; such as social media apps, entertainment apps, fitness apps, etc.

  1. Home pages

The number of home pages you have definitely depends on the number of apps your iPhone has. But you can also hide the home pages along with the apps present on them to fit your needs. You can also unhide the same pages for when you require the apps.

  1. App icons

Each app has a unique icon of its own to help it stand out in the crowd of other apps but sometimes this isn’t enough. You can customize and create new and improved app icons for all the apps of your choice. This would mean creating a relatable icon that you can instantly find when you need it.

You can customize your own app icons either by creating a shortcut on your iPhone or through third-party apps that allow you to use your creative juices as you see fit.

  1. Home screen background

The default home screen background can often come off as being impersonal and tacky. So, feel free to go ahead and look for a background image that perfectly encapsulates you as a person. It could be about your favourite film, person, place or even book; the sky is the limit.

Customising not only the home screen but also the lock screen background helps make it more appealing to your eyes and can help in the overall organization.

  1. Reset

If things seem to have gotten too out of hand with all the apps on your iPhone, you can always hit a reset on the home page layout to start afresh. To do so head to the ‘settings’ app and under ‘general’, click on ‘reset’. Hit ‘reset home screen layout’ and you are good to go and start on your fresh canvas.


1. How do I place more than four apps on the iPhone docks?

Ans. Unfortunately, all iPhone users are limited to four apps on the iPhone dock but if you wish to find a solution around that, you can always use a folder to place multiple apps on the dock.

2. How to change the home screen background on my iPhone?

Ans. Open the ‘settings’ app on your iPhone and tap on ‘wallpapers’. Then, click on ‘choose a new wallpaper’ and this will allow you to change your home screen background.

3. How to reset the home screen layout?

Ans. To reset the home screen layout, follow the path of settings < general < reset < reset home screen layout.


Organising your iPhone dock would help you kick your efficiency to a whole new level, moving these apps around can make it easier to access them. Follow these simple organising tips and tricks to help you achieve this.

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