How to Edit Memoji on iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch

Are you looking to edit memoji on your iphone? Here is a simple guide on how to edit memoji on iphone or iPad or apple watch✅. This method works for iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15.

Using this method, you can edit memoji on iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14.

The Memoji makes texting through the iMessage app all the more fun and interactive. It is an Apple inclusive feature which is basically the animated version of the user. It is meant to look like a more life-like emoji based on the user’s face and features.

The Memoji was initially preceded by the Animoji which was simply an animated version of the generic emojis. Seeing the popularity of the Animojis, the creators at Apple took it one step further to customize the experience to each user and give their customers only the best, as expected of Apple.

These advanced emojis, if you will, are completely customizable to the user’s taste. These are unique to each user and can be seen doing different things as the Apple device provides a variety of actions that the Memoji is going through.

All in all, the Memoji was introduced as a way to introduce more fun into the texting experience on the iPhone.

Say you have already created your Memoji but wish to make certain tweaks to it, you must be wondering how do I edit Memoji on my iPhone?

It must be noted that in order to be able to create and edit Memoji, you need to have an iOS 13 powered device which includes the iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone XS and XR. Only then can you access the in-built Memoji creator and editor. Follow this simple guide on how to edit Memoji on your iPhone.

How to Edit Memoji on iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch


Step 1: Open the iMessage app on your iPhone.


Step 2: Open a pre-existing conversation thread or if you are not comfortable with that, open a new message.


Step 3: Click on the ‘App store’ icon present on the screen. This should cause the app bar to pop up.


Step 4: You will see an icon consisting of three heads or an icon with a single head, click on it.


Step 5: Numerous Memojis will come up on the screen, select the one(swipe left or right) you wish to edit.

Step 6: Once you have selected the Memoji you wish to make changes to, locate and tap the three dots present at the bottom left.


Step 7: A dialogue box will show up on the screen, select ‘edit’ in the box.


Step 8: Numerous options for the features of the Memoji will be displayed for you to select from in order to edit Memoji; this includes skin, hair, hair colour and brows. You can also add special accessories such as glasses, Air Pods, earrings and so much more. Make your selections to customize your Memoji to look as you want it to.

Step 9: Click on ‘done’ to finalise the changes you made to your Memoji.


Video Tutorial on How to Edit Memoji?

What changes can be done to the Memoji?

As the Memoji is meant to be an animated version of the user, the Memoji focuses on the features of the face along with accessories that go with it. First, the editing process focuses on the aspect of the skin. This ranges from skin colour to beauty marks such as freckles, moles and even the ability to add blush to the cheeks.

Change/Edit Hair on Memoji

Next, we focus on the hair, a very important aspect of facing the shape. In the hair section, we focus on length, colours and even on different styles such as braids, curls and more.

We then move on to the eyebrows; you get to choose the colour, thickness, shape. As part of the eyebrows section, the user can also select piercings and other forehead features.

Change/Edit Eyes on Memoji

You now get to move on to the eyes. Here you can scroll through options for eye shape and the colour of your eye. But this is taken one step further by allowing the user to customize on eyelash length and thickness along with any makeup to be added to the eyelids.

Change/Edit Head on Memoji

The head section is up next which is separated into two sections. The first would be regarding age where you select how old the Memoji will appear; this also extends to head size and the wrinkles that appear on the face. The next would be selecting the shape of the head along with customizing on the jaw, chin and cheeks.

Change/Edit Nose on Memoji

This is followed by the nose where the user selects the size and if they wish to add a piercing, they can do so. The mouth follows; this involves the colour of the lips, the shape and size of the lips and any additional piercings as well. The mouth section also extends to the teeth.

Change/Edit Ears on Memoji

The ears are next; the user gets to choose the size of the ears and add earrings, Air Pods or even hearing aids, how inclusive! Then comes facial hair for men; this also includes sideburns and moustaches or beards. Then comes accessories, how exciting.

Change/Edit Eyewear on Memoji

In the eyewear tab, you can give your Memoji glasses or a fun little eyepatch with options to customize the frame colour and size of your glasses as well. The final section consists of head accessories such as hats, scarves, helmets and more so deck your Memoji out.

FAQs on How to Edit Memoji


1. What version of iPhone does the Memoji feature on?

Ans. The Memoji works only on the Apple devices that are on the iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15. This includes  iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14.

2. What changes can I make to edit Memoji?

Ans. You can change features such as hair, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, eyewear, headwear and so much more.

3. Can you use multiple accessories on your Memoji?

Ans. Yes, you can use multiple accessories at the same time for your Memoji. You can even use multiple in the same section such as an eyepatch along with glasses or a classic glasses, earring and Air Pods combo too.

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Final Words


The Memoji is all about having fun and making texting and carrying out conversations more engaging and fun. Have as much fun as you want with editing your Memoji, make sure to go all the way to ensure that your Memoji not only looks exactly like you but also represents you as a person. Hopefully, this little how-to guide on how to edit memoji on iPhone can be all that you need to be able to do so.

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