How to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to iPhone/iPad? (3 Methods)

Are you looking to connect Xbox 360 Controller to your iPhone or iPad? Here are 3 easy methods on how to connect xbox 360 controller to iPhone or iPad✅✅✅.

Wireless controllers are useful, but they can be difficult to set up. Perhaps, you do find difficulty concerning how to connect your Xbox controller to your iPhone device? I must say, you are, undoubtedly reading the right blog. Here’s how to connect your Xbox 360 controller to your iPhone device, as well as some pro tips in fixing if you face any issues!

Connecting your Xbox 360 controller is easy, whether you purchased another controller and have to adjust it to your 360 Xbox Controller or you brought your controller over to play with your friend’s Xbox.

So, why not? You plunge through the blog and know how to connect an Xbox 360 Controller to your iPhone in three different yet simple methods. Additionally, you can get to know the key tips in effectively connecting your wireless controller.

How Can You Connect an Xbox Controller to your iPhone?


Here, we have explained three methods for connecting an Xbox 360 Controller to your iPhone device in an easy and simple manner. I believe perhaps by diving through three different methods you can certainly connect your Xbox 360 controller to your iPhone device.

Method 1: Connect your Xbox 360 Controller to iPhone through Settings?

The primary thing to guarantee is whether the 360 controllers and iPhone have Bluetooth support with one another. Whenever that is checked, the following steps are basic and should be possible by the actual client.

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Press Bluetooth. Bluetooth is moreover turned on, however in the event that it isn’t, turn the Bluetooth switch at the highest point of the following page to green.
  3. While the Bluetooth menu is as yet open, till the time take your Xbox 360 controller and ensure it’s charged. Presently, you want to turn it on by clicking on the Xbox logo button.
  4. In the next step, press the wireless enrollment button which is available at the backside of your Xbox 360 controller, and holds it down for a couple of moments by the time.
  5. The light on the Xbox button should begin blazing rapidly (If your Xbox 360 controller is as of now unpaired from another gadget, you can ordinarily avoid this progression).
  6. Pressing and holding down the Xbox controller button will be at the point where it is shown in pairing mode.
  7. On your iPhone or iPad gadget, you should see “Xbox Wireless Controller” poping under Other Devices in the Bluetooth menu. You need to press that option.
  8. The light on your Xbox controller ought to quickly stop flashing and thus remain lit. Your Xbox 360 controller is now connected.

Method 2: Connect your Xbox 360 Controller to iPhone through the Xbox app

  1. Allow a personal hotspot to function. On your iPhone, you must try to configure a personal hotspot. To start, explore the Settings menu and pick Personal Hotspot. Then, by tapping the toggle, enable Personal Hotspot.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your device. To enable Bluetooth, go to the Settings app and then select Bluetooth.
  3. Install the Xbox App as the third step. Instructions to Connect an Xbox 360 Controller to the Xbox application can be downloaded from the App Store. You should sign in to your Xbox account thereafter to introduce the application.
  4. Set up the control center. In the event of setting up of the app, go to System Settings > Console Settings on the first page of the Xbox console. At last, download and install the Xbox 360 app for iPhone. Therefore, the iPhone should be recorded under Connected Devices. Select iPhone from the list to connect this.
  5. You must download and install the Xbox 360 app on your iPhone in the fifth step. As a result, the iPhone will be visible in the screen’s Connected Devices section. Now, to connect, select the iPhone from the given list.
  6. In the final step, you can now connect the iPhone and Xbox 360 with the app. Alternatively,  if you will see it on the Xbox  App, you need to tap on the left corner of the app.  And, choose “Console” from the drop-down menu. 
  7. As a result of this, you will be directed to a hotspot-enabled Xbox if your iPhone detects one nearby.
  8. Finally, click “Connect to Your Xbox 360″ to connect your Xbox to the Xbox 360.

Method 3: Connect the Xbox 360 controller to the iPhone with USB cord?


An old yet extremely straightforward strategy for connecting your iPhone to an Xbox 360 controller is to utilize a USB cable.

Then again, music must be played utilizing an Xbox controller. However, Apple iPhones can be connected to the Xbox 360 controller through the USB cable, and music can be played in ACC format ( Advanced Audio Coding).

You can undergo the following procedure for connecting an iPhone to an Xbox 360 controller through a USB cable:

Create an Account and Activate it

  1. In the first step, create an account and activate it. Then, follow the steps for signing and updating.
  2. Your Xbox 360 controller must be turned on and connected to your Xbox Live account. You can do this either by hitting the “X” button on your 360 controller box or selecting “Sign in to Profile.”
  3. Now, in the third step, press “A” to enter your user name and password. With the left stick dragged, you need to select  “Game Marketplace” from the controller.
  4. In the fourth step, press “A” on the Xbox regulator, and select the letter “O” from the sequential order list.
  5. Finally, Select “Optional Media Update” by pressing “A” once more.

Re-enter your Apple ID and Password

  1. In the second step, re-enter your Apple ID and password. After you’ve rebooted your Xbox 360 controller,  you need to log in again to your Xbox Live profile.
  2. Then, connect your iPhone to the Xbox 360 controller using the USB cable to the lightning connector.
  3. In the next step, connect your Xbox 360 controller box to your computer with the USB end of this cable and charge your iPhone device with the Lightning end.
  4. When you connect your iPhone to your Xbox 360, it will instantly recognize it. However, the lightning cord from Syncwire is recommended since it can resist more than 12000 bends.

Start Listening to the Music

  1. In the third step, start listening to the music. For this, select “Music” with the left stick on the 360 controllers.
  2. Then, press “A” once you’ve chosen your song. By selecting the “Portable Device,” you can listen to a variety of AAC audio files more simply.
  3. By selecting and hitting “A” on your iPhone, you can choose the music you want to hear.
  4. You may easily connect your Xbox 360 controller to your iPhone using a USB cord in this manner.

Top 9 Pro Tips to Connect a 360 Xbox Controller to an iPhone


A few important tips you need to remember consistently while connecting your 360 Xbox Controller to an iPhone:

  1. To connect the Xbox 360 controller to your iPhone, you’ll have to have updated your smartphone to iOS 13 or above.
  2. If you’ve moved up to iOS 13, you can now connect the Xbox 360 controller to your iPhone like some other Bluetooth gadget.
  3. Apple’s iOS 13 update, a few iOS gadgets including iPhone, presently permit clients to utilize the Xbox controller to play specific games, for example, “Fortnite”.
  4. Not all Xbox controller functions admirably with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. To work with the Xbox controller, you’ll need to update your device.
  5. A model 1708, also known as the one that comes with the Xbox One S, is the one you desire. Updated Xbox One and Xbox One X controllers, as well as the new Elite Series 2 controller, should all work.
  6. Ensure about the model so you can interface your gadget with the Xbox controller without any problem.To find out the model number, you first need to remove the batteries from the battery compartment on your controller.
  7. The model number is written immediately beneath Redmond, Washington on the inside of the name.
  8. The last tip, you want to take note of is that your iPhone and Xbox won’t connect except if they are both associated with a similar Wi-Fi organization and both have adequate web speed.
  9. Also, slow network speeds make personal hotspot connections weaker in connecting your controller.



1. Can You Connect Xbox 360 Controllers to iPhones?

Ans. The capacity to connect Xbox 360 controllers to an iPhone or iPad is officially now supported in the device iOS 13 and up. To connect an Xbox 360 controller with a gadget running iOS 12 or a prior form of the Apple working version, you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, then, at that point, you need to install the Cydia application, which adds the usefulness.

Since iOS 13 is a free update for most iPhone and iPad proprietors, it’s highly suggested you just update your gadget’s working version and connect an Xbox 360 controller as previously described in the above steps.

You can jailbreak the iPhone model to help 360 Xbox controllers, however, the gadget may not be sufficiently strong to play the computer games that help controllers. Several well-known iPhone games require probably the most recent adaptation of iOS to try and run.

2. How do you activate Bluetooth on the Xbox 360 controller?

Ans. You must drag and as a result, hold down the power button on your headset for two seconds. Then turn on the Bluetooth device you want to use to connect to your headset or gadget. Finally, switch the mode switch on your headset to Bluetooth. When the Bluetooth mode is on in the headset, the light on the headset will turn blue. By this method, you can now easily connect Bluetooth to your Xbox 360 Controller

3. Why can’t I Connect Xbox 360 controller to iPhone?

Ans. Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth on your Apple device. Then check that Bluetooth is turned on. You can now easily turn on the button of your Xbox Wireless Controller by clicking the Xbox button available on the top. On the page that it’s now combined with an Xbox, switch it off and squeeze it and hold the Pair button for a couple of moments. You’ll be able to figure out why your Xbox 360 controller won’t connect to your iPhone this method.

4. What does the Bluetooth Xbox Controller look like?

Ans. Right off the bat, you really want to decide if your Xbox controller is a Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth controller. You can take a gander at this by the plastic encompassing the Guide button. If the controller and the pad do not have any seams and are made of the same plastic, then you can assume that you have a  Bluetooth gamepad.

5. What is the procedure for connecting the Xbox 360 controller to the iPhone device? 

Ans. For associating the Xbox 360 controller to the iPhone gadget, you might fire it up by holding down the focal Guide button on your Xbox 360 controller. In the subsequent stage, when you press the sync button, the remote beneficiary and the controller will synchronize. 

Finally, once you get connected to the 360 box controller, both the receiver and the controller will blink for a few seconds, and here you can now hear songs and play games.

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Final Words


Summing up it is to say that the next time you try to connect your Xbox 360 controller to your iPhone device, you won’t be facing any issues or interference in connection. You can easily and securely connect your controller in the above three methods given. Also, through settings, using an Xbox or either an USB cable you can make sure that you have connected your controller to an iPhone.

Nonetheless, if you still find any difficulty concerning your controller isn’t connecting to an iPhone, you can simply return to the Bluetooth list in Control Center and tap the controller name to reconnect. Thus, you can undoubtedly connect your Xbox controller with your iPhone.

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